Track Hurricane Dorian here via CNN's live storm tracker

The eye of Category 2 Hurricane Dorian is now brushing North Carolina USA and could make landfall. Even if no landfall it's a bad set up with the eye of the storm brushing the coastline as it tracks NE.

The storm was Category 5 as it came into The Bahamas on Monday and has weakened back slowly in the past day to Category 2, but yesterday it strengthened back to a Cat 3. Now, it remains a Category 2 as it closely hugs the eastern coastline.

One positive is that the storm is moving faster - meaning rainfall and time of damaging winds is more restricted.

Click here to view CNN's Live Storm Tracker with numerous maps and current observations inside the hurricane itself.




Eye wall replacement

Hi Phil, its a pretty impressive hurricane this one, do you think while it is stalled over the Bahamas it might be going through an eye wall replacement cycle? Keen to hear your comment on that!! Gary