Sunday's national forecast - plus a couple of maps

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The forecast for New Zealand today isn't too tricky - we have a lot of high pressure dominating both islands.

There will be a little more cloud in western regions today, especially coastal areas. Fiordland has the chance of a few showers and later in the day a downpour may develop in eastern Otago around the hills/ranges.

Today will be warmer than average in every single part of NZ.

Highs: 17 to 27



17 to 27? Your forecast

17 to 27? Your forecast temps for the far south are always under the actual. Not as bad as NIWA though - a high of only 14 today according to them. I don't know why they bother.


TVNZ always over read on the days maximums,ie Auckland yesterday was 20.2 officially,yet gave 23c degrees.