STORM UPDATE as of 2:30 am

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OK, so here's what we know for sure; winds have already picked up a lot in various NI places. Sharalee in Stratford and Ross in South Taranaki are both reporting strong winds. We've also received a report on our website of 120km/h winds on Manukau Heads.

Over the next few hours, the strong winds will spread across the rest of the North Island. Given the pressure falls I am seeing, I think we are still on track to see some severe gales, especially about the lower NI and upper SI. But, as we've already seen this morning, those severe gales may extend all the way up to Auckland.

Rain will be heavy at times in some places. One band should be moving through Pirongia, Te Awamutu and Otorohanga over the next hour. Heavier rains will also continue around Palmerston North, the Hutt Valley and well as the upper SI.

That's what to look for between now and sunrise. We will continue to keep you up to date.

And keep those reports coming!! They are very, very helpful!

Cheers, HJ



Hamilton......10.00 am
Blue sky,wind about 30knots and occasional rain showers
Nothing out of the ordinary yet
I am quite disapointed really I was looking for a little bit of exitement as far as the weather was concerned.BUT it might still come

Oncoming storm

Its quite bizare weather in Hawkes Bay this morning. We are all ready for what may come but it seems we might be completely missed. There is no wind or rain here so far and its very warm this morning.

0339 / new Plymouth

Strongest gusts of the night over the last hour. NWerly house shaking (1 on the ricter scale!)... Can hear light rain from time to time. She's a big un alright!

Very very windy in New

Very very windy in New Plymouth. Front gate already broken :-( Don't remember it like this for a while.

10 mile east of hen an

10 mile east of hen an chickens..wind has backed to west nor'west, strengthened and bought first resonable shower..gusts of 40 - 45 knots..full tide been, now wind against ebb flow..sea state becomming very rough