Special Weather Video: Detailed sub-tropical low update

WeatherWatch.co.nz continues to closely monitor the incoming low, which is expected to track directly over Auckland City just after midnight tonight (early hours of Weds).

As with lows like this, the severe weather is mostly around the centre of the low - but the actual centre itself is often calm.

It's a tricky one to pin down but here's the latest, recorded Tues AM.



wind and stormy

We are elevated up one of Auckland's volcanoes and the wind is very strong now roaring outside

Te aroha

Winds are picking up now getting some decent gusts coming though, prob around 12 mm rain so far though. in the last hour the fire siren has gone off three times, Can now definitely hear the wind gusts rumbling along the mountain ranges.

i'm on Pauanui beachfront and

i'm on Pauanui beachfront and there are some very strong gusts starting to come through (2:20pm) rain is steady and there is plenty of flooding around