So who is in for what?

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This map below clearly shows which regions are in for thunder activity today and who will receive possible tornadoes, damaging winds, heavy rain and severe thunderstorms.

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Map provided by NZ Govt, Metservice



Lighting tracker

Hi there, Looking at the live lighting tracker, it seems to be all over? is that right? or is there more on the way? is it the calm before the storm?


Hi Brendan - thunderstorms

Hi Brendan - thunderstorms tend to come and go, grow and die, over several hours.  More may come back.  The current Watch by Metservice means we have all the ingredients. believes all thunder activity today will be ISOLATED and not widespread, however the area that they will form in IS widespread.  Hope that makes sense!

- WW

Yes Thanks

Thanks for the information. will keep a look out the window.... Keep up the good work.


West Auckland

Weather in Massey West Auckland Currantly Fine, Alittle cloud, No wind, Where and when is this storm coming. As the weather plays huge role in my line of work