RainWatch - The next 72 hours across NZ

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We have a cold front, a low, a southerly change and patchy rain and showers affecting both islands over the next few days. Some areas will have just a little drizzle or a few spits, others will have heavier more set-in soaking rain.

The low clears away by Tuesday night and should lie just off East Cape and may bring in another day of rain or showers on Wednesday just around Mahia Peninsula to East Cape/Gisborne area.

While not captured in the rain map below, another cold front reaches the SW corner of the South Island on Thursday and is likely to bring more heavy rain to the West Coast and some patchy rain spilling over again into Southland, Otago and parts of Canterbury.

The map below covers all of SUNDAY, MONDAY & TUESDAY and shows total expected rainfall accumulation:

- GFS (US Govt)

- WeatherWatch.co.nz