Out of season tropical cyclone forms in Coral Sea, poses some threat to Queensland but not NZ

As WeatherWatch.co.nz forecast back in early April the cyclone season this year would likely extend into May due to the warmer than normal air and sea temperatures in our part of the world.

Today Australia's Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed the formation of Tropical Cyclone Ann, which formed nearly two weeks after the official Cyclone Season finished (April 30). 

WeatherWatch.co.nz head forecaster Philip Duncan says he's not at all surprised by the late season tropical storm. "Mother Nature doesn't check the calendar to see if she can still make a cyclone still, basically all the ingredients for warmth remain north of NZ both in the atmosphere and sea so tropical cyclones may form as late as winter this year in the South Pacific but they will likely be weak and short lived".

Cyclone Ann isn't likely to grow beyond the low end Category 1 level and is forecast to reach northern Queensland next week, not as a tropical cyclone but as a system one step weaker - a Tropical Depression. This means wind is less of an issue, but rain may still cause flooding for parts of Queensland next week.

- WeatherWatch.co.nz 



see its been a dud season for cyclones in NZ no wonder its dry in many places and you people said one could still come

Yeah this year NZ simply has

Yeah this year NZ simply has had too much high pressure around us. We actually had three (like last year) that tried to come our way but all were blocked or torn apart by high pressure.

Cyclone Ann won't be impacting NZ either as once again there is too much high pressure in our part of the world.


Phil D

Cyclone Ann

Is this likely to impact Fiji or the seas North of NZ. Thanks.

Hi there, no Ann is tracking

Hi there, no Ann is tracking westwards towards Queensland, the opposite direction to Fiji and north of NZ.

Cheers :)
- WW