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Opinion: Sceptical about climate change? Or the cost of it?

Judged by the feedback I got from my last climate change blog, and from others I’ve written this year, a clear pattern is emerging.

Is it global hysteria we’re fearing – or the global cost?

Time after time again comments are posted about the cost of the world’s governments backing the IPCC and with so much mention of the carbon taxes it’s no wonder many are getting concerned.

Now I’m not a sceptic of manmade induced climate change – I do believe humans are contributing to the polluting and heating of the earth. However, and remember I’m not a scientist, this is only from articles and arguments I’ve researched, I am still sceptical about a) how much of an impact it will have on earth and humans and b) how certain we are of these climate change projections.

I think there is definitely a place for scepticism and definitely a forum for the scientific community to be challenged – but ultimately I believe, as part of a democracy, we should have faith in their findings – we elected out governments in and they own/fund our scientific organisations – such as NIWA.

One of the concerns I have doesn’t actually boil down to which “side” is right or wrong.

My main concern is with taxing industry and therefore people when we still have so many questions left unanswered.

If our goal is to lower our atmosphere of CO2 then why would we allow business to on sell their carbon credits to other polluting industry. To me the only good that comes out of that is somewhere, someone, is making money.

What will the government do with that tax money? Will it go directly into environment issues (a good thing) or will it go to pay for our MPs to have

unlimited taxi rides and an “accommodation allowance” on top of their 6 figure salary? Will it go towards businesses that have been quick enough to realise they can profit out of this.

I think when I question climate change I’m not really questioning the scientific facts too much… I do believe the earth is warming. I do believe humans have contributed (although I don’t know to what extent). I do believe cleaner and greener industry is the future. But I don’t believe in the current “doom and gloom” theories out there. I don’t believe the scientific community is “conning the world”. I don’t believe that taxing business is the way to move forward either. The rich can afford taxes. The poor, who will most likely be affected by any significant climate change, can not.

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