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NEW POLL – How much do you need rain?

With a high pressure system moving slowly away from the country and another in the Tasman, mainly dry conditions are prevailing over much of the country.

As we head into the new week, it’s looking like a bit more of the same for the next few days – and we’re asking our readers – how much do you need rain?

Sunny and hot is looking like the weather pattern in the immediate future – which will come as welcome news for those in the deep south, but less than welcome in parts of Northland and the Waikato, in particular.

So have your say in the poll below, and let us know where you’re from in the comments – and we’ll publish the results next week!

<a href=””>How much do you need rain?</a>


Matt on 10/02/2014 3:41am

What about a poll for Northern, Central and Southern NZ to get a better picture

WW Forecast Team on 10/02/2014 3:57am

HI Matt – funny you say that, I was just this minute thinking we need more details on who needs rain the most and who is over it!  Will try and get something up this week.  Thanks for the idea!

Phil D 

Guest on 10/02/2014 12:28am

You said recently that the tropics were starting to crank up, any chance a low will make its way down to the waikato (over northland preferably) anytime soon? Could definitely do with a decent drop – and fast!

WW Forecast Team on 10/02/2014 4:02am

Hi there – the tropics were very active late Jan and start of Feb but they’re now calming down just a little north of us (often comes in waves of activity).  We still see plenty of easterlies for northern areas and a few showers…but sadly we aren’t seeing much rain.  We’re addressing this each night on CountryTV (Sky Channel 81) now – as some farmers are telling us it is now drier than this time last year.  We’re not expecting any drought declarations anytime soon but that doesnt mean some individuals aren’t facing drought conditions already. Still some showers and small areas of rain in the forecast in the next 14 days – but nothing widespread and heavy like a tropical low at this stage sorry…fingers crossed, at least things are a bit active around us atm (higher chance of a low hitting us).



Daivd on 9/02/2014 9:56pm

I checked our tanks yesterday and we are looking good, the main house tank (8,000 gall) is 85% full. It’s the water table that looks abysmal. We need at least 3 long nights of 50 mill a night (in a perfect world). Got good clover coming through but to take off it really needs to get it’s roots wet.

Anne on 9/02/2014 8:46am

While we have some good rain over the weekend could do with some more.  Save us watering the garden. Those on tank water wouldwelcome more I’m sure. The wind drys the garden out a bit  but the breeze is welcome on these humid nights

Dane Hawker on 9/02/2014 5:00am

The winds have been worse this year making it drier but really we are low on rain like last year. If we didnt get that rain last weekend we would have been toast on the golf course

sw on 9/02/2014 2:33am

Its not how much rain is a problem here,if only the wind would give it a miss for a few weeks,even means an increase in rain.

RW on 9/02/2014 1:36am

Far too much rainfall already, January almost double the average. I’d like to see 5-6 weeks of dry conditions.

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