New Poll: Do you have allergies / hay fever right now?

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Sneezing fits? Red eyes? Itchy nose, eyes or throat? Blocked nose? Sore nasal passages? Headaches? Chances are you have spring allergies or hay fever.

With an early start to the spring pattern (windier westerlies and fluctuating weather) plus the warmer than average conditions lately it's the perfect recipe for hay fever. Warmth encourages some trees to pollinate, the wind then shakes the trees and blows that pollen long distances. Many people across New Zealand have noticed the yellow/green pollen on their cars, windows and outdoor furniture in recent weeks - you can thank the pine forests for that.

Not everyone is affected by hay fever season - and even if you are, you may not be affected by pine pollen.

The peak of the allergy season is usually around October to January when a lot of flowers are in bloom and grasses dry out and also seed. Because of New Zealand's climate (mild) it can also be an issue in the depths of winter, as some have noticed in recent weeks.

Do you have allergies / hay fever right now?


Hay fever

Having a terrible time this month with this, itchy eyes and ears, stuffy nose. Being an asthmatic this is also worse but under control with meds. I also found using Loratadine they certainly didn't keep the symptoms away and were back in about 10hrs, some days a bit longer. Roll on summer hope all this goes by then.


I live out west auckland close to waitakere ranges.. my car most days this week has had yellow pollen all over it..