National Forecast for Tuesday as Cyclone Gita makes landfall tonight in NZ

Cyclone Gita approaches fast today with its centre moving over the upper South Island later this evening / overnight. Please check MetService for latest warnings for your area. This remains a serious storm, especially for the South Island and lower half of the North Island.

Northland, Auckland, Waikato & Bay Of Plenty
Areas of cloud and the odd shower, some rain for a time in the evening. Humid northerlies picking up a bit becoming blustery at times this afternoon.
Highs: 24-27

Western North Island (including Central North Island)
Mostly cloudy with a few showers, rain south of Palmerston North with heavy falls possible, especially about Kapiti then easing overnight. Northerlies strengthen rising to gale about Taranaki in the afternoon, severe gales near the coast then easing overnight as winds tend a little more northwest. DAMAGING WINDS POSSIBLE.
Highs: 23-26

Eastern North Island
Sunny areas and some high cloud, rain for southern Wairarapa. Winds gusty from the northwest although tending more southeast about Wairarapa.
Highs: 20-30

Rain with heavy falls, rain may be torrential at times then easing this afternoon. Gusty southeasterly winds change gale to severe gale northerly this evening. DAMAGING WINDS POSSIBLE. FLOODING POSSIBLE.
High: 20

Marlborough & Nelson
Rain with heavy, even torrential falls at times then easing overnight. Strong east to southeasterly winds may gust to gale at times from afternoon then winds change gale northerly this evening. Severe gales this evening about places like the Marlborough Sounds and northern parts of Tasman. DAMAGING WINDS POSSIBLE. FLOODING POSSIBLE.
Highs: 17-21

Rain with heavy falls, especially in the evening where rain could be torrential for a time then easing a tad overnight. Gusty southeasterly winds possibly rising to gale at times Banks Peninsula northwards from late afternoon then changing strong southwest this evening, winds rising to severe gale about coastal areas. While high up very heavy snow develops over 1000m for Mid and South Canterbury, above 1400m for northern parts of North Canterbury. DAMAGNG WINDS POSSIBLE. FLOODING POSSIBLE.
Highs: 10-15

West Coast
Rain develops for North Westland this morning with heavy falls, rain spreads southwards in the afternoon. Rain south of the Glaciers not as heavy. Rain eases for most later in the evening or overnight. Winds strengthen from the southeast rising to gale in the afternoon north of the Glaciers, winds may gust to severe gale at times then easing overnight. DAMAGING WINDS POSSIBLE. 
Highs: 16-18

Southland & Otago
Cloudy with some patchy drizzle or the odd shower for Southland and southern Otago, more so from afternoon. Otago sees areas of rain especially Otago Peninsula northwards, rain may become heavy for parts of northern Otago. Southeasterly winds freshen.
Highs: 13-15

- Tracking map issued by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center this morning. Severe weather most likely within the solid red line.

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Any updates for Auckland? Do I need my rubbish bins inside?

Keep an eye on our Auckland

Keep an eye on our Auckland forecast, if we think anything is about to change we'll be updating that. Winds will become blustery this afternoon with gales in marine areas and some exposed places. Easing back gradually again tonight.


Has it shifted a bit further

Has it shifted a bit further south overnight? Will that lessen the impact in Wellington?

Hi Anthony, there is still no

Hi Anthony, there is still no change in the forecast for Wellington at this stage - a shift to the south or north at this point may not make a huge difference. Both WeatherWatch and MetService will be monitoring this all day and will update if things change.


Hi Phil Has Cyclone Gita

Hi Phil Has Cyclone Gita dropped a bit lower into the South Island from yesterday’s tract. I see that you think Wellington is in for possible severe / damaging winds. Yesterday I noticed wellington was only a wind watch with metservice. How exposed will North wellington be. Thanks for your great updates as always. Thankfully all prepared here. Stay safe everyone .

Hi there, a watch is issued

Hi there, a watch is issued by MetService before a warning - warnings are usually issued within 24 hours so there hasn't been any real change - it's just confidence levels are increasing as the cyclone moves closer. Wellington still exposed to the main storm.