Monday's Weather Video - Flooding risks this week

A storm that is connected in part to the deadly system that hit Queensland at the weekend is heading our way – with torrential rain over the West Coast, especially late Tuesday and into Wednesday.

There could be as much as 400mm of rain which could cause flooding and slips for the West Coast.

The rain band weakens on Thursday then crosses the North Island ...but we're not out of the woods yet, with a rough set of weather set to continue into next week too.


Hi Phil, what is the

Hi Phil, what is the likelihood of warm westerly air ex Queensland meeting cold Southern Ocean air? Just on the lookout for potential ice storms and violent fronts forming here. Here the warm westerly air overrides the very cold Southern Ocean air, causing ice storms. If it is a westerly then the reverse applies; brrr Southern Alps mountain top air into warmed Southern Ocean air which happened last year and ice stormed us as multiple fronts formed here.