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Wisconsin 04.18.2019

Driving east on Hwy 29 at approx 1230 am. Between the small town of Marathon and Wausau I saw a large blue rock like ball fall to the earth. It appeared to have landed in a remote area. Any tips on how to find the object? I received a falling star as a small child and this would be Fantastic!!!

Beautiful green meteor

April 5 around 22:00 a green meteor with a big tail in North Greece heading East

Large green fireball

I saw I fast moving very large neon green fire ball over West Virginia at 10:55 pm on 03/17/19

Meteorite in Maryland 4/17/2019

Around 1045 pm Coming down low in the sky was a rather large Greenish / white ball with a long white tail streaming across the the sky near the capital center parking lot not for from central ave and the 495 beltway in md.

Flaming green fireball in Baltimore Maryland

5 minutes ago at 10:57 eastern standard time I saw a fast moving green and blue fireball moving to the ground in Baltimore Maryland zip code 21237 that was very large and now there is the smell of ozone in the air. Wtf did I just see?

Green fire ball with tail

I live in West Virginia by Winchester VA. I think I saw the same last night at around 10:55 pm. Large very bright neon green fire ball with a tail. I’m glad some one else saw this too.

Flaming Green Fireball in Maryland

I should also mention I saw this fireball just before 11 PM, and the zip code is 21234 - Parkville, MD. What did I see?

Green fireball

I saw the same fast moving green fireball tonight (it also had touches of orange in color). It was very large in size, and appeared to be heading to the earth's surface. I've never seen anything quite like this before. It was surreal.

White falling object Australia, Queensland, gympie

I was laying in bed and looking out my window when I realise that there are two flashing things in the sky. One was an aeroplane and the other thing was much brighter and bigger to be a plane. The plane was moving slow like a normal plane in the sky but the other thing was going down alot faster. I stared at it until it was completely out of my sight. I was going to jump out of my bed and into the yard to watch it but it's too cold and all my doors are locked. The thing was completely white, like a headlight but not that bright, it was not flashing any other color where the plane was small and flashing green. This thing was a very large thing in the sky, much larger than a star but not too big. The time was about 11:50pm. It was quite concerning and strange as I've never seen anything like it. I am unsure of what this may be. I can only imagine it to be a large plane very close by and falling as it was too fast to be landing and there is no airports around, a UFO as I have been told weird things by my family, a missile as my dad keep traumatising me about wars or a random thing falling as my dad also tells me that the government does weird things, my dad is crazy and brainwashing me even into thinking the earth is flat. However, I don't exactly think this is a meteorite as I have never seen one and can only imagine if having green, blue or red flames. I am wondering if anyone else has seen it.

green ball in the sky

this morning (it would be late monday into tuesday morning) at 2:35am aprox I noticed a large green ball shoot across the sky. I have seen shooting stars before many times, and this was rather extraordinary..I was more like a slow moving comet with a tail and a pastel to bright green!! It also moved slower than shooting stars do as from my vantage point it moved left to right as I was looking at the northern sky! It was so kool!!!

Green fire ball falling from the sky

I am from International falls, Mn my cousin and I were driving home and all of a sudden we seen a green ball that looked like it was on fire falling from the sky it was kinda crazy. If I was alone and or if my didn’t see it I would have thought I was seeing things but she seen it. What could it be?

Suspected Sighting: Sunday 14th April around 9.50pm, Waikato

Last night while I was driving down Gordonton Road, in Hamilton Waikato, I saw a bright orange light in the sky at around 9.50pm which I thought might have been a meteorite. It seemed to disappear quite quickly to the North West/Left passengers seat side of the sky, and appeared quite low and close rather than distant. I only visibly saw it for about 2 seconds before I started questioning my sanity

Meteor sighted while travelling south west Sydney 14 April 2019

A Meteor is what my grandson and I thought we sighted in the lower sky while travelling by car south west of Sydney, Australia on Sunday 14 April 2019. I am just searching online to see if anyone else spotted it besides ourselves? It was incredibly fast and bright. It definitely was not a plane. May have been a shooting star and I am not sure of the difference between that and a meteor?

Same Description

EP , your description of this objects color is exactly what i saw however our estimated time may been off. I feel sure that we saw the same thing and by judging the direction you said it was going. Kinda cool knowing someone else witness this object. I have seen many shooting Stars and a Comet even and the odd meteor but this was different possibly space junk but who really knows. From VJ in Whangarei

Updated Timing

Hey VJ, my car clock is approximately 16 minutes behind, so I usually add 20 minutes onto the time I see on the clock and sometimes don't minus the extra 4 minutes because eh, time is relative and I tend to concentrate more on my driving and the radio than figuring out the correct time haha. The time I saw on my car clock after witnessing the orange flash said 9.30pm, so reviewing my time, it definitely would've been around 9.46pm in correct timing on my end, which is closer to your estimated time and makes a lot more sense. So awesome how we both experienced this. Pretty neat feeling. I'm gonna read up on space junk now. Have a good one. - EP Hamilton, Waikato

Something moving in the sky.

Last night 14 th April 2019, Just after a the Rescue Helicopter landed at Whangarei Hospital a object traveled across the Sky from South to North it was bright and slow moving seen from my deck at about 9.45 pm . The object was rather low in the sky as in below the cloud level small in size, I wonder if the Helicopter pilot saw it as they land on the roof top of the Hospital also I wonder if anyone else saw this object.

That's why I'm here!!!! Saw it too

The second time in the last two years I've seen this... Last night around 7:30pm I saw a bright green light shooting across the sky (N/E) from Kareponia, Awanui. It was definitely low and large, too low and too big to be a shooting star! Bright green and lasted a few seconds. Just came here to see if many others saw it too. GLAD I WASN'T THE ONLY ONE!!! An amazing sight for sure!!!

That's why I'm here!!!! Saw it too

The second time in the last two years I've seen this... Last night around 7:30pm I saw a bright green light shooting across the sky (N/W) from Kareponia, Awanui. It was definitely low and large, too low and too big to be a shooting star! Bright green and lasted a few seconds. Just came here to see if many others saw it too. GLAD I WASN'T THE ONLY ONE!!! An amazing sight for sure!!!

North Dallas/Plano

Wed 10 April 2019 around 10pm. Driving northbound on Dallas North Tollway. Northeasterly night sky suddenly lit up, intensified bright white and yellow in the rapidly glowing shape of the sun setting; and with another sudden burst of intense glow radiating as staring into a mammoth flashlight; it didn’t dissipate, fade or explode. It went out as quickly as it came. I don’t know what I saw, but it wasn’t lightening, bad weather or a was too grand a brightness scale to fabricate. Did anyone else see it?

meteorite Wed 10th Apr'19 west Auckland

Yes I saw this too driving along the North Western Motorway towards Whenuapai around 8pm on Wed 10th Apr'19, a huge meteorite with a tail was travelling hard & fast across the sky in a downwards direction, I was expecting a loud bang waiting for it to hit earth it was so large! Anyone driving along the motorway at that time would've seen it, you couldn't miss it!

Yes I saw the same one when I

Yes I saw the same one when I was walking towards west on Royal Road, Massey Auckland at about 7:40pm. It was shining with green light and falling N/W, not far away from the earth. I thought someone was playing firework but nothing going on. A friend of mine told me he saw a meteor and I just realized what I saw! So amazing it was!

Green Light Falling over Whatawhata

Standing at my dad's new graveside tonight, about 7.30pm, just west of Hamilton. I watched a beautiful green shooting star fall low in the sky, towards Raglan way. It was much closer than others I've seen before & seemed a decent size too. It disappeared behind a small hill not far away. Did anyone else see this tonight?

Yes in Pukepoto Ahipara. It

Yes in Pukepoto Ahipara. It was very low and bright green with a tail. Gave me a fright!

Green light towards Ahipara

Yes! I saw it too. Driving from Kaitaia to Ahipara around 7.40lm Weds 10th April. Was so bright green, so much bigger and slower than a shooting star. What was it?!

Bright green light flash with

Bright green light flash with orange tail over Wellington Eastern sky about the same time. Flash was so bright at end when it fizzled out I was expecting a sonic boom like the one in Russia.

Comet with tail

Between 7.15pm and 7.40pm was by Burger King Manukau and looking North west towards Papatoetoe, noticed what seemed like a big comet coming down quite fast. It seemed soooo close and really big! Never seen a fire tail like that! and just as it came close to house roofs (what it looked like) The tail disappeared and it turned into what looked like a small shooting star..... So amazed and always a first for everything!

I saw the same thing but in

I saw the same thing but in Pukepoto Ahipara at 7:40. Very low and fast. Gave me a fright! Bright green tail! Couldn’t see where it went due to trees in the way. But it was low!!

Shooting star?

Saw what I'd call a shooting star at 7.59pm, Newtown, Wellington. Seen with backdrop of Southern Cross, looking like it was on a trajectory E88° approx.


I was outside having a ciggy when out nowhere in the sky, a bright yellow light flashed. Far it was out of it haven't seen anything like it! I went inside told my brother & sis, they came back out with me & a couple mins later it flashed they freaked out & started questioning if that was a sign of something thats going to happen?? Im am positive that motorists & people around Puketaha road & surrounding areas would have seen that light too..happened after 9pm tonight around Puketaha road & surrounding areas. Contacted police to see if they had received any reports but they haven't.

Trippy lights

Hey, we were sitting on our deck out of Taupiri watching those light flashes too. There was multiple deep orange flashes out on the horizon toward Gordonton/North Hamilton way, they looked a bit like a large fire burning but only in brief flashes. We put them down to lightning, but was rather unusual lightning though.

Need explanation

There’s sightings but what was it ??? We need answers or an explanation

object with green trailing light, meteor I think

My wife and I saw what I think was a meteor this morning, 4-4-19, around 645am when we were on our walk. We are in the Mt Pleasant SC area. it was going west to east towards the ocean. We saw it fly across the sky quickly with a trailing green glow to it. I have never seen anything like it. Spectacular. I went online to see if there were any reports and I guess there may have been. It looked like it was about as big as a bird from my distance, but I assume it was much bigger.

Ball of light

Driving to work this morning I saw a white ball of light falling to the sky. It was pretty large. This was between Athens & Decatur, Tennessee.


I was driving to work this morning 4-4-19, hwy 220S Asheboro NC and saw, what I think was a comet. Going very fast, long tail, had a greenish color. I think it was going west to east. It was about 6:50am. It seemed low, but I'm sure it was higher than what I thought.

Falling light

I was driving to work between 6:30 & 7am & saw a huge light falling from the sky.

Beautiful white glowing ball

I am located in Georgia and was driving to work this morning and looked up around 6:50am to see a white ball of light falling down from the sky. I kept waiting for it to disappear like a shooting star but it continued to spiral down until it disappeared over the tree tops. It was incredible and I am thankful to have seen it.

Orange ball

Just saw an orange object shooting from west to east at 858pm. Location matamata

Orange ball

Seen orange ball fly across sky and then disappear was about 8 pm Taumarunui was moving faster then a shooting star or airplane didn’t think anything off it till there were other sightings

I was driving on the highway

I was driving on the highway and off to the distance I saw a small blue light falling from the sky. It just disappeared out of no where. I was shocked and wondered what it was. I came to google of course and saw many people have seen something similar.

Saw meteorite in Feilding

Saw large shooting star one the 2 biggest i have ever seen tonight around 7.30 in Feilding tonight. Seemed quite low travelled from east to west and appeared to rise slightly in the middle of its flight. And the end appeared to have a smaller piece come off. Before flashing and blinking out.

Bright possible meteorite in Bunnythorpe

I saw that too. I was walking north down Raymond Street in Bunnythorpe at that time. It seemed very low in the sky, moving extremely quietly and fast ona downward descent then vanished.

Saw this as well pulling into

Saw this as well pulling into the supermarket. Looked like a fire ball then fizzled out.

I'm in matata, saw it too

I'm in matata, saw it too about the same time, just saw it like drop stright down from where I was,


Seen it too Taumarunui orange light fly across sky around 8

Saw a bright ball of light shoot by in front of me

On March 24, 2019 at roughly 11:30 pm I took my dog out to go to the bathroom and on the other side of the tree line where I live is the neighbors property. I was standing facing his property when a very bright white ball of light shot by right in front of me and it was no higher than a two story house. The ball of light shot by between the right side of my neighbors house and the tree line of the property where I live in New Cumberland Pennsylvania. As the bright white ball of light neared closer to ground level I saw that it started to have bright white sparks trailing close to the ball of light all while I was making my wish. After the ball of light vanished I brought my dog home and went back outside to look where that ball of light had landed thinking that it was hot in temperature and the ground being wet I would be able to see steam. I never heard any impact noises when the ball of light disappeared nor did I hear any noise as it flew by in front of me. never seen anything like this in my life. After I gave up looking for any signs I went back home and never heard any sirens from the fire department that is up the road. The next day at daylight I did a thorough search of the path of the ball of light and found nothing. So weird if you ask me.

Big shooting star ?

Saw a large green shooting orb, very bright. Seemed amazingly close. South Island NZ 1st April 2019 5.07AM

I saw the same thing in

I saw the same thing in Palmerston north at around 1:40am seemed to be travelling from north west to south east

Glowing orb

My friend and I were standing in her property in the middle of Okeechobee Florida, and a green round orb looking thinking with a orange tail just slowly passed us towards the ground and disappeared. It was amazing


My husband and I are driving home, northbound on US 19 in Pinellas Park, FL. Right after driving past the Mercedes dealership we froze in our conversation seeing a bright light shooting down from the sky looking like it hit the ground maybe 5 miles away from us NE. I would say this happened at 11:55 pm. I can only describe it being bright large shooting star. Oh my goodness we were expecting a big boom or something, craziest thing we have ever seen! Did anyone else see this?

Last night around 10.40pm I

Last night around 10.40pm I saw a shooting star with a flame trail. I am in Gore New Zealand.