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Fireball or meteor

I saw a very bright fireball or meteor, east of Fort Collins, Colorado, at 6:48 PM, on February 15, 2019.

Meteorite Hokitika

Sitting around fire tonight stargazing. . Saw amazing shooting star / meteorite shot across the sky heading south towards Haast.. Huge ball and then blazing tail. . Did anyone else see it.??

Shooting star

I seen a shooting star but it was going on for ages, most of the sky... Hinckley Leicestershire

Orange lights

Sitting on the deck, my husband and I just saw 5 orange lights, one after the other coming from the south over a space of 3 or 4 minutes. We often see planes and other air crafts but this was not the same. Have a video of the last one before it disappears...


I saw and reported those 5 orbs 2 weeks ago. Was in Auckland. Got video as well.

Shooting star? Nope.

Almost 5 years ago I was in a park looking for shooting stars because there was supposed to be a meteor shower that night visible to us. Delaware USA. I seen a red streak come down super fast no trail left behind it other than light and it looped back upward and dissapeared into the sky again. I remember it clear as day always think about it when I’m out using the telescope. Anyone ever seen somthing similar ?

Object slowly drive in sky

Today i whas standing in the garden in my mother her house me searching some planets. than i landed with my eyes to planet miram sun look like planet close to centaurus and gecrux location whare one star slowly start moving if it ofcourse whas a star? i have done some research in the past 17 years and i cant realy believe it whas a falling star but it is posible the speed it did have whas sick i know many people believe that on that location are other humens live i look to that location evry single day perseus i think it came from but not totaly 100% sure thats whare i see it moving miram/hassaleh/aldebaran but most weird of it all is i did check the stars between it a few days befor atlas alcyone merope electra maia did get my attention becus thare whas so many activity and lights shooting on and off if it whas a star i think one thare moved if not what else can it be greeting patrick van der vliet


That Might be satellites, I have seen a double yesterday.

Star Gaze

Hi, I have been working in Karangahake Gorge for couple of days. Sky at midnight here is extraordinary. I have seen stars like stuff moves very faster and disappears within a second, I googled about that and I found it was shooting stars, I dont know whats that actually, If you guys need to watch the phenomena, you have to watch the sky between 10:00 P.M. and 4:00 A.M. specifically near Albert Street, you will definitely see atleast 3’ in 30 minutes.

Object slowly drive in sky

Whas not a second 1 a 2 min


Saw one, white, streaking, (from inside house, out window), caught my eye while watching tv, then looked directly and got a full view, there's nothing out in that direction but sky, actually 2nd one I have seen from inside my house, have seen quite a few outside while star watching. Dunedin to the East, out above the ocean. 9:53pm, 10/2/19

Meteor spotted

We caught a glimpse of it around the same time while sitting outside in a hot tub just outside of Queenstown. It was a bright white streaking light moving very fast. An amazing sight to see!

Ufo sighting - light

Spotted just above Dunedin and towards Mornington an object glowing and fast moving on a decent. At about 9.50pm on Feb 10th 2019 Was sitting in lounge on clear sky night with no wind or noise when saw a fast moving object go through the sky. Object appeared on a decreasing angle and fast moving, more than a plane or similar object the object was sound and had a green glow around it and was small similar to a car perhaps? We have helicopters going to the hospital and small person planes fly over during day and this was certainly not any of them. As this was to quick

Asteroid looking things!!!!

I don’t know if me and my partner are going nuts lol but last night and the night before we were hanging out at a lookout and looked at the sky and seen 2 big red bright orange like massive stars one was bigger than the other, anyways I freaked out and keep looking up asteroids on there way too earth and its weird because it keeps coming up with asteroid warnings and shit but then they get deleted and it’s so scary because now people are seeing meteors all over the world we have had so many near misses within the last month and it’s just nuts because to be realistic would anyone even tell us or would they just keep the days as it is until a giant asteroid hits earth haha lol I don’t know I’ve just never seen these massive star things in my life and since we first seen them on the first night they look bigger but still I just don’t know but there is heaps of talk about asteroids lately it wouldn’t surprise me also when we were looking at these star things we seen a small orange star thing moving around in the sky going down like a meteor what if all these meteor sightings are signs that the legit dooms day thing is happening lol I don’t know ya hear about this shot all the time but maby go for a drive and have a look I’m scared but idk if it’s for nothing and just in my head or if there’s something bad about to happen...

6th feburary

06/02/19- Dannevirke New Zealand (rural) My boyfriend and I were outside from about 1am till 3.30 am. One 'star' got our attention at first as it was bright and had an orange glow about it. we watched this for some time as it gradually appeared to go up. While it was moving up it appeared as though it was hovering, it then might go side to side and drop down, to then go back up- so on and so forth. We then watched as it slowly got less bright until it disappeared however would come back in a split second just as bright (it was a clear night so no chance of clouds). While watching this three more 'stars' caught our attention )further to the right of this), it was as if they were lined up in a small arrow/funnel shape- with the brightest star being in the middle. I kid you not, we watched all three 'stars' disappear together at the same time and then all three stars re appear within like 20 seconds (so if it was a cloud blocking the view it can have moved that fast). My bloody hairs stood up! Following this, a 'star' appeared to be only just rising just underneath the group of three stars (if that makes sense). It was that bright that it could have been used as a street light it had a huge light ring around it - to the point I actually rubbed my eyes to see if it was me! We watched this 'star' for roughly 30 minutes- in this time it had travelled so high while dipping a little bit/ going off to the side etc. How I describe them to look would be like someone sitting in the sky holding a torch to earth and slowly moving it around- up and down. However at times it had a orange gas like glow around it. What I also found weird was that these 'stars' were not grouped with the rest of the milky way, they were off to the side. They could easily be classed as stars though if you didn't pay attention to them. So weird, I certainly couldn't explain it.

Entire fleet of starlike lights...

At approx 2am last nite i was lying submerged in a spa pool,on my back looking up at the night sky.i was very still. I was sure i saw what appeared to be a group of stars,moving accross the sky, so i kept my eyes fixed,noting the objects were moving from far left, it didnt take very long at all before they were right above ,then to the right.i had not moved position in the pool. Then i noted not just a small group but they were ALL heading accross and UP . I was not the only one who saw it. Its like we are lining up with the center of a funnel...,

Oval shaped object glowing fluorescent green in sky

While driving at around 3:50am 6/2/19 in North East England my fiance Aaron saw a bright fluorescent green light in the shape. His intial thought was “UFO”. I’ve googled & seen reports about green fireballs etc. He said it swooped down then off again really really fast. Sounds incredible.

Bizarre light Auckland

At 10.20pm NZT FEB 4th I went outside in Whitford, Auckland. I was looking up my at the Southern Cross stars and saw a star moving from the sth cross going east. After about 2-3 minutes it just faded out. It was not a plane, meteor or shooting star. It was moving fast but also in soft jagged line. Too slow for a shooting star, too fast for a satellite. Very bizarre sighting.

Light in Auckland Sky

Interesting at approximately 10.20pm I was outside enjoying the clear night sky in Flat Bush, Auckland. When I noticed a white light moving from the South towards the North East. I thought it may have been the Space Station as I like to follow this. When I check my app on my phone the Space Station was in the Northern Hemisphere no where near New Zealand. On reflection this light moved across the night sky like a satellite, however I have watched many satellite's and this was going much faster than any satellite around three to four times as fast. Also this light seemed a lot brighter than the Space Station approximately two and half times as bright. It didn't change colour or change in any intensity it was solid and white all the way across the sky. It came and went within 20 second just fading into the distance. We may have seen the same thing! It's just another object in the night sky that cannot be identified. But it sure how the wow factor for me.


10pm I was standing on my front porch and witness a meteor heading from the north east to the south west. It was very bright white and broke into two pieces. Lasted for around 4 seconds.


Awesome I'm sure I seen the some meteor same time same direction I'm in Dunedin

Strange light in the sky

I was outside tonight it is kinda cloudy but you can still see the night sky hear and there. I saw a super bright light that I thought was a star. Until it moved kinda in a swerving pattern a couple times and the bright white turned to green and it shot off toward the south west and disappear completely.

Blue light

I live in Norlina, North Carolina,.I was walking across the street to my familys house,and i always look up to the sky,and i look to the left and there was this huge,big,blueish ball of light falling frm the sky got bigger the closer it was to hitting ground .was no wasnt round ..was edgy looking . ..still in happened so fast..never seen somthing like that bright too

What I witnessed in the sky tonight from Wanaka

Approximately 10.10 pm Saturday 2 February 2019 from Wanaka township looking West I noticed a large deep golden / orange ball in the sky . It was stationary , glowing , too big for a star and larger than other planets so I thought it must be close . As I stood watching and trying to fathom what on earth it was a small red glow appeared from within the sphere as it was opening up . Then a fine red oval line was visible around it next it looked like flames , then it slowly seem to drift down . It completely burnt out .As it went down I could see the black remains against the sky until it descended behind the mountains . Was this a meteor ? Very curious .

SAW IT TOO, and I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I saw it before last nov/dec. for 3 days!(night) Then today i saw it just now around 10pm local time So bright and low, thought it was some kind of a satellite

I am in Scotland at

I am in Scotland at approximately at 11pm i also seem a Big red/orange ball shooting down a cross the way

Glowing Organge Ball

So strange cause we saw the same thing but at around 6.45pm from the glacier lagoon in Iceland. It was a big bright burst of orange in a large had a feeling of being closer than other stars. It appeared to stay pretty stationary and ended up just buring out. It was North West of the plow. Would love to know what it was as never seen anything quite like it

Ocean Beach Hawke’s Bay

We saw the green meteor go that fast above the water it made it to Motu o Kura in 42 seconds flashed red & green lights & disappered.... Amazing witnessed by at least 8 of us in seperate houses....


Saw what looked like a shooting star float slowly across sky very bright and got quite low until it disappeared. Swanon west auckland. Was seen also by niece and nephew who i was talking to on phone and they live up notth


Western Colorado, 7:10 p.m. roughly. East, south eastern sky, long lasting, not much tail and bright green large ball. Seen by two of us from two locales.


Seen a bright flash in sky then a bright light in sky was right over sky tower. Me and a friend watched it till sun rise. There was small clouds that were breaking off the beam off light. At one stage we actually saw dark figures in the sky breaking away from the beam of light. The moon kept disappearing (not behind clouds) literally disappearing!!! This post probably sounds crazy but I caught some of it on my phone PHOTOS and a few videos, did anyone else see anything last night? THURSDAY 29 January. The scariest site there was something going on up there last night!!!

Jist saw bright green orb

Jist saw bright green orb flash from se to nw across lower sky then up instead of over horizon! At 1032pm


Saw a large object travel the whole sky on jan 24 or 25.over grenada. 1030 at night. It grazed the atmosphere and either burned out or shot back in to space.

Light over grenada

We saw this too. Very bright and travelled right across the sky! Grande Anse Grenada. Glad weren’t the only ones. Beginning to think that we’d gone crazy! Fri 25th or Sat 26th.Not sure now. Anyone any idea what it was?

Lights over Hunua ranges

Just got up at almost 4am to pee and I’ve seen the strangest lights in the sky above Hunua Quarry, South Auckland. Never seen anything like it and I’m currently unable to get back to sleep! Three lights, ranging in altitude. Just hovering. They’re positioned in a straight vertical line. So bright, there is no way they are stars. And they haven’t moved for well over ten mins so they are definitely not aircraft. I sure hope someone else is seeing this!

Hunua Light

OP if the "lights" were to the east of you and low down. Probably from the bottom up, Venus, Jupiter, Antares. Antares will have had a reddish colour.

Saw this also. Was Mercury

Saw this also. Was Mercury and Venus aligned.

Meteors or space scraft or star ?

Yesterday at around 11.30 at TIRUPATI ,ANDRAPRADESH ,INDIA . I have seen a thing in sky near to the moon as seen with naked eye there was a fast moving white shining object with dense red fumes at back as if it leaving some some also I don't know what it is but when I was about to take a picture it wanished . hopefully I got only star like image and it made me qurious to know what it is thats why I keep on searched in google about those things and at last I found this web page pls let me know what it is thank you .


At 11:06pm tonight, saw a meteor in the sky heading east to west from Matapouri in Northland.

What color

What color

Large bright white Shooting star like thing.

East coast in Newfoundland Canada. Sometimes between 4am/5am What I saw was slightly slower then shootings stars and much larger. It was white in colour and VERY bright. It looked big and low to the naked eye. (One of the things that had me curious) -The best example of the colour: a very bright white moon brighten the night itself. The kind that shine bright enough to allow one to see more of their surroundings then on most nights.

Meteor ? Aliens ? Want answers !

11.01PM - Thomastown Victoria, My partner and I saw what seems to be a shooting star, it was very very fast (normal speed for shooting star) but went longer than normal and instead of dissapearing it just stopped. We were very curious so kept watching it and it was flashing VEY VERY bright, reds oranges and blue lights . It was way too fast for any man made object (plane etc ) I want to know if it was a unique shooting star? Everything I have researched tells me otherwise. Was this a UFO/aliens? I have not normally believed in them but always been open to the idea. If anyone knows anything / has seen similar sights please comment / email! I’d love to know more..

Im in texas and my brother

Im in texas and my brother told me and my mom to come out side in look at something. We seen the exact same thing! A bright light star looking thing shoot across the sky really fast then stop. Then it was repeated, then it would move really slow then fast again and stop. I am wondering what it could have been also!!!! Im in texas and never seen anything like it!!

Where in Texas? I saw same

Where in Texas? I saw same thing! What time?


9:20ish saw what I assume to be meteor heading east on downward trajectory over Tauranga direction. Observed from Matamata

Flaming object

Friday night in Te Anau saw a big flaming object fly over us made a noise like a fireworks but much bigger and higher than one.


Yesterday at midnight I could see a light that changed colors It moved and stopped and sometimes went up and down at a very high speed, this was about 5 minutes and it was lost in the sky, I saw it from Highland Park in Manukau and not It's the first time I see something like it

Orange Orbs

At least 5 or more bright orange orbs silently glided over my house at 9.30 till 10.30 last night. Changed direction and just followed each other. Glen Eden, Auckland. Just beautiful. see them often around here. Got videos of them.

Huge Meteor over Hamilton

Driving home this evening on Waiters Drive at approx 9.30 pm I looked towards Te Rapa and watched a huge incandescent bright white object in an angled trajectory heading towards the ground. It was a solid mass with no sharp tail and no other trailing bits. Just a massive tear shaped White mass hurtling 45 degree downwards. It was in my view for roughly 2 seconds. From my angle of view it looked like it would hit over by Whatawhata, Te Kowhai or surrounding area.


Driving north just past Levin at 9.30 pm. Description of your sighting smack on. Would say north easterly sky.