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I was out tonight at about 6:30pm and looked up to see a very large ball of flame moving across the sky. It had a large fiery trail behind it. Im in Southland.

Asteroid to the south/west of Wellington

About 7.50AM this morning i saw a flash and bright blue tail burn out, in the sky out towards the south island when driving west on Wellington's Cobham Drive. Any further reports or known info on this?

Saw something enter the atmosphere and burn up

I saw something enter the atmosphere and burn up after briefly coursing down with a tail of hot gas and color. It was over in a few seconds. I was driving in Taieri Mouth, 45 mins South of Dunedin in the South Island of NZ, facing northwest when I saw it about 7:40 or 7:45 this morning.

Hi Anne, I indeed saw the

Hi Anne, I indeed saw the same thing, from Wellington. Was impressive!

I saw this too. I was just

I saw this too. I was just out of Picton driving south towards Blenheim. Very impressive dawn display. I’ve never seen something like this before so thanks everyone for sharing your views on here. What I saw was super fast, large with a wide tail of lights trailing off it. White.

3 red lights seen in the sky from West Auckland

Saw 3 red lights in the sky apart from each other but slowly disappeared towards the ground.

3 red lights

I see them often out west here in Glen Eden. Best was they actually flew around each other was quite a display. I estimate them about the size of basketballs. I call them orbs.


Slow moving, bright, presumed meteor seen around 6.05pm on the 11th July in Oxford, Canterbury.

Hawke’s Bay

Bright meteor seen very low in the sky over Napier (seen from South of Napier.


I saw the same meteor in Thames valley over the Coromandel ranges heading East.

Meteorite Massey Auckland

I was standing in the bottom carpark of Massey Leisure Centre, facing the centre while talking to someone, when at approx 19.35 I saw what appeared to be a very large ember burning up as it travelled toward the horizon at approx 30°. Definitely not fireworks, and definitely not an ember, considering the angle of flight, the lack of noise, and the size of it. So exciting!

Saw this one also from Browns

Saw this one also from Browns bay.

? Meteor over western north canterbury

Tonight, 08:07:19, about 2200hours, I saw a large blue light fall across the low western sky. About Mt Grey. It was about the size of a street lamp, and had a white/blue tail, which was not very long


We saw the blue streak across the sky last night too. We were heading to Rangiora down Lineside road and it shot across the sky in front of us. Amazing blue green colour. Had like a fireball with a long tail.

light / meteorite? Nelson

approximately 6.30pm Bright white light, like a bright meteorite or big bright planet, caught it moving north for a second before it was blocked behind trees. it had no tail and was going in a straight line. Much too fast for a plane or helicopter, it had no tail and it struck me as just odd.

Bright Shooting Star Nelson

Just seen at 10.10pm a bright shooting star (brightest, biggest one i've ever seen) looking west from Nelson falling and burning out on the horizon.

Hamilton, 5 July 2019

My son and I saw what we believe was a meteorite from Dinsdale, Hamilton NZ around 5pm on Saturday, 6th July. Was bright white and appeared quite small, appeared in the sky for a couple of minutes and when we turned back to look it had gone. I got a photo too.

Orange streak on July 3rd 2019

We saw 3 shooting stars that night and one of them was much larger and longer than others and the color was orange. Never seen something like that. It was around 10:45pm PST and we were in White Salmon city, Washington.

fire in the sky

im drell from thomaston ga , on july 7 2019 around 3 am to 4 am i took my dog out to bathroom break and when i looked up into the sky i seen this ball of fire with a very long firey tail fallowing it , i was in aw at the size of it and the fact that i watched it for atleast what seemed like ten minutes or so until it dissapeared in the horrizon and behond the trees , it was beautiful by far one of the best things ive ever seen in life ....


20:51 7 July 2019 viewed from Johnsonville, Wellington, a strong orange tinged meteor heading south/southeast came from over my head and burnt out with a smatter of sparks. I was out walking the dog and looking for Pleiades and got a heavenly display!

Last night in Taupo, I

Last night in Taupo, I spotted a trio of what I think may have been meteors (shooting star like figures with an orange trail) lined up like this: >. It was around 6:40-7pm and only appeared for a split second.


Seen 6 meteor on July 6 2019 2 am to around 345am this morning from weirton wv

Shooting star NZ 6 July 2019

Seen over Castle Hill, Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand, 9.42pm 6 July 2019. Very bright yellowish shooting star moving towards South West.


I saw a meteor burning over my city Siroki Brijeg in Bosnia and Herzegovina tonight around 3:25 a.m. It was flying above us all accross the sky until it disappeared on the horizon. Direction was from SW to NE.


At about 9:20 pm, I saw a bright yellow fireball (meteor) streaking across the sky to the southeast of us (we live in Acacia Bay, Taupo). I heard a sound like a low frequency double thud that I think may have been a sonic boom after the meteor had disappeared behind the roof of our house. The fireball was unusually bright and long.


I saw a meteor hit earth at 5:46 pm on the 3/7/19 we were playing out side and we saw it hit the earth atmospheric

Meteor/ shooting star 03/07/19

Yeah I saw that too it was I thought it was at 5:43pm but I could be wrong I was waiting for a bus in CHCH. It was at a high point North. Huge fireball but only for a second. Everyone seemed to of missed it cause they were on phones lol. Really cool, never seen anything like it and neither has my family. =D

Meteor Spotted on 6/27/2019

Spotted this Meteor Early Morning Around 3:30 PST on 06/27/2019. Hit Atmosphere. Where I'm located is quite a ways from where it ended up. I'm in United States in the State of Oregon!

Meteor Spotted on 6/27/2019

Spotted this Meteor Early Morning Around 3:30 PST on 06/27/2019. Hit Atmosphere. Where I'm located is quite a ways from where it ended up. I'm in United States in the State of Oregon!

Lights in sky

So this morning (2nd July, in Waikato - at 6:30am) I saw 3 lights in the sky. All a similar size and colour to a regular star. One was flashing (when it was not a flash, you couldn't see it). Two others looked like satellites (we get a lot travelling over our place). BUT they were very close together and in close proximity to the flashing light. The two then moved away from the flash and in single file they tracked across the sky. The flash stopped when the other two moved away. The two moved from being close-ish to each other to being more of a distance from one another. In this format they tracked, looking much more like one satellite following another, in the exact same path. Finally they faded away (the same way satellites do). My husband and I do a lot of sky watching but this was particularly strange and nothing I've ever seen before. It was especially weird that one was flashing, that they began together and then then moved apart AND followed the exact same track. There may be a usual explanation, but it was definitely unusual and I felt worth reporting...

Lights in sky moving together

Hi, we saw this also, would be very keen to know what they were doing as we have never seen satellites moving together like that! Interesting.

I think meteorite over the Chatham Islands -

On our way home this afternoon- around 5.20pm we saw a grey Pume - heading in a north westerly direction, we watched it for about 15min before it went out of sight, and into cloud. I took some photos, perhaps someone can tell us exactly what it was..

i dont remember the date but

i dont remember the date but i saw like something was falling from the sky for like 3 to 4 seconds then turned a flame on it..i wonder what that was and where it hit

Green Streak across NZ skies

9.10pm on Sunday 30th June, Gulf Harbour. Ball of Green streaking across the skies northbound.

I saw and filmed what looked

I saw and filmed what looked like a meteor or comet over the nelson ridgeline on thursday night. There were two of them visible for several minutes. Can send footage


Hi steve, I'm in nelson, would be interested to see the footage

Orange streak through the sky

From Glenview Hamilton we saw an orange streak in the sky at about 5:30pm on Thursday 27/june

Meteor South Canterbury

Was driving home at about 11.30pm last night and saw a streak flash across the sky and then an orange burst like fireworks in the sky above TImaru.

Meteor South Canterbury

Was driving home at about 11.30pm last night and saw a streak flash across the sky and then an orange burst like fireworks in the sky above TImaru.

Bright meteor-like streak in Dunedin eastern sky

Standing in Prospect Park on Maori Hill looking northeast, about 8:45pm this evening, I saw a bright streak, slightly greenish in color, move across the sky from right to left. Larger than any meteor I’ve ever seen, I initially mistook it for an airplane, but there was no noise and it then disappeared from view after a second or two.

Bright streak in night sky

Saw the same thing in Southland as we were heading towards Mataura. It was very bright then disappeared. A friend saw it in Balclutha about the same time. Very impressive.

Standing up by Christchurch

Standing up by Christchurch communication tower on Sugarloaf hill looking over Governors Bay at 8:50/9pm and saw a falling star/meteor. Big white light falling with tail and all, watched it fizzle out as it fell.


around 8.30pm 27.6.2019 i heard very loud bang top story roof of my house in Christchurch NZ and which sounded like heavy object falling on the iron then bounced onto lower story roof. Will see if bits of rock are outside when sun comes up!

White Streak across the Sky

Around 9 PM CST saw a white streak across the SE sky fairly high up. I live in Oklahoma not sure how far away it was. I saw it through my window. It was far enough away I didn't hear any noise.

Burning object seen from South Coast Wellington NZ

Just spotted a bright red burning object with large sparks trailing from it travelling from west to east to the south of Wellington harbour entrance. Possibly space junk burning on reentry?


Tonight around 5.20pm over the sky above Greenhithe. We initially thought it was s plane but the light was very bright & with a vapour trail - too bright for a plane


I just witnessed what I think was a fireball? I live in Brant Rock, MA, on the ocean. I was sitting on my porch after 11:30pm watching the sky, thinking there was yet another plane (as this happens often due to Logan Airport in Boston), but soon realized it certainly was not! I watched as a fairly large, bright orange (resembling fire!) ball moved across the dark night sky! It traveled for a distance, then just vanished!! I have never seen anything like this before, and came into the house to look up any information I could find! This happened around 11:40pm, on the south coast of MA, June 26th.


Was driving down Lower Styx Road heading westbound from Spencerville at around 8:20 last night when I saw a huge meteor drop out of the sky. It was visible through a layer of fog! Was in a WSW direction, fizzling out towards the direction of Mt Hutt.

Meteor sighting?

Last night 26/06/19 at around 8.30pm I saw something go across the sky. It had two white 'tails' to an orange ball. I watched it go across the sky then heard a faint whine sound and then a 'poof' like an explosion and it disappeared.