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Meteor Sighting

About 12.50am this morning (24th October) saw a white ball scream accross the sky (didnt look that high and was waiting for the boom but it didnt come), was looking from Waikanae out towards the west. Lasted about 5 seconds and seemed to go from horizon to horizon.

Giant shooting star

12.45am 24th October 2019 Me and my beautiful sister just watched a giant bludy fire ball in the sky it was going really fast it was orangey yellow in colour while my sister thought it was the most beautiful shooting star watching it fly by I was praying it would go past Us

Falling light burst

Literally this may sound weird But I was just outside walking my wife to the car and I glanced across the street. I seen what looked like a spark falling from sky not high at all like right in front of the house across the street. almost looked like how a fire work does when its falling and fades. it was there then nothing. and nothing on the ground. I have no idea what it was. but It was a little freaky because there was no one outside as its 1:30am

Orange ball falling

Macclesfield, cheshire, UK. A perfect orange circle falling at speed from the sky in the distance, smoke trail following perfectly vertical. Then it vanished mid air nothing the smoke slowly merged with the clouds like it was never there. Such a perfect circle and bold orange to dissapear into thin air really freaked me. Looked like it was a large distance away so probably not above this town but could be seen from.

Blue flashing light

Tonight, at 7:45 pm, heading to Maryland in I95, I saw a blue flash in the sky. There were two bursts. One was bright with a bluish glow. Then there was a red glow as well. Anyone else see this? Explanation please!

Meteor sighting

Last night October 19th my grandson and I were outside looking for the ISS when this bright light flew over quite low from east to west only taking seconds before disappearing. We were viewing from Macandrew Bay on the Otago Peninsula.

Something out of the sky.

I've just witnessed something fall from the sky only lasted between 3-8 seconds. It was like the size of a tennis ball it was like white see through colour. With glowing dots on it. It landed inches away from me with a little whole in the ground. Then it bounced high enough to go over a house.. so strange this has never happend to me. I know where it has landed but I can not enter the property as I do not own it. Nath... from the UK BROMSGROVE

Meteorite over manawatu last night heading to towards Wellington

Saw the meteor heading from manawatu to Wellington. Red then green then nothing. 845ish 16th

Fireball or meteor?

I saw a fireball shoot across the Wellington sky towards Mount Victoria. It was about 8.45pm last night (16/10). Yellow at the centre and perhaps blue and green at the edges. Quite low as though it would burn into Mt Vic. It was a flash that moved at pace, but I saw it clearly for about 2 or 3 seconds. Anyone know what it was? Tone

Meteorite over Manawatu 16th

I witnessed the meteor , turned green then blinked out towards Wellington, first time I 've seen a coloured meteor. 845 ish.

Meteorite low in the night sky

October 15, 2019 around 7:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time I saw a red flame streak across the sky low in South New Berlin, New York. Assume it was a meteorite.

Green light flying across sky

Saw green light flying across sky in southern Wellington. 8.45pm Thurs 16 Oct.

Low flying light

*wednesday 16/10/19 8.45pm We also saw the light behind the hills to the east of raumati, New Zealand

Around 1.35am Sunday 13/10 I

Around 1.35am Sunday 13/10 I saw a bright red flash in the sky, looked like a meteorite.


Just seen the most amazing comet fall over Wakatipu lake

Something on camera

I was doing some night sky photography and caught something on camera. This was in Christchurch on the 1/10/2019 at approx 20:01 p.m

Blue meteor

Downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. I looked out the window and saw a blue meteor come down and burn out right in front of my eyes.

Saw the same thing this

Saw the same thing this morning around 6am in Central hawkea bay.

Hawkes bay flash

Yep saw that to at 558 am was looking at sky bright flash that lit up the sky then a wiggly line of smoke? that lasted about 3- 5 seconds

Meteorite over Masterton

6am this morning I saw a massive flash in the sky and looked up to see a white light fire ball in the sky, with a tail of smoke. Wow, I've never seen anything like that before. I am wondering if it was a meteorite?


I saw the same thing! Whether it was a meteor or comet I wouldn’t have a clue, but it was far too big and bright to be a shooting star. It was only a couple of mins before 6am this morn (8/10/19). Glad someone else saw it, was beginning to think I was going mad!


Just spotted a beautiful Meteor over New Zealand, Heading from Cambridge spotted towards the coast, Taranaki direction.


Saw it this morning from the coast in Marlborough, New Zealand, 5.55am. Fantastic, what a sight!!

Blue streak

I just say a bright light blue streak shoot across the memorial area of Houston. Wondering if anyone else say it?

Something brilliant! (correction)

I was on Hwy 12 between Bristol and Greensboro, Florida at 6:30 eastern time. All of a sudden, in the sky just over the tree line, I saw a huge brilliant yellow green ball streak past. It had a huge red/orange flaming tail. It happened so fast I couldn't believe it! It traveled so fast, I only got to look at it a couple of seconds. It went behind the trees the forest, so I couldn't tell if it kept going or burned out. It was so exciting!! I have NEVER seen anything like that in my entire 63 years of life! It was 6:30 eastern time, in the morning.

Green Meteor

Green Meteor around 6:30 AM, A1A and Pineda (404).

Ball of fire in front of me about 2 story high

Saw a ball of light blue green orange yellow tail pass by me as I was going to enter high way north east of Ivan hoe near colonial Orlando Florida 20 min ago fell inside pond about 20 feet


I saw something falling from sky on way to work in Inverness Fl. Not sure what it was but the colors coming from it were very pretty.

Meteor shower

Saw big meteor then lots of smaller ones every few minutes in North Canterbury facing due North


I have just seen what appeared to be a ball of bright fire fall from the sky . Approx 21.10hrs. Location - Onamalutu Valled. Blenheim. Marlborough. Zero light pollution and no moonlight.

I saw it last night too above

I saw it last night too above tokoroa, it was huge and incredible! 2nd one like that I've seen in the last 2 months

Bright Flashes

I was walking my dog around 4am today in Troutdale, Oregon, and the Western sky suddenly lit up brighter than lightning with a flash. I had enough time to think, what the heck, then suddenly another bright flash coming from the same area lit the sky up and this one was more fluttery like a light bulb flickering. I didn't hear anything or see anything else. I was behind some houses in the neighborhood and was unable to see the open sky to determine if something streaked across the sky.

meteor air burst caught on skyline camera over mount etna

I was watching skyline a live camera that watches the volcanoes on 25 sept i saw a streak and then a puff of smoke at first i thought it was just a lava projectile that was emitted but the angle wasn't right it was to straight the smoke trail, I checked the reply and although it was speeded up considerably i could clearly see it again i am not sure whether the footage will be stored on the camera so i tried to report it to skyline and any public body that deals with meteor air bursts i realised that theirs nowhere to report such thing i saw your public news observation site so i am reporting it.maybe you can find out yourself if its been reported by others,I am a keen astronomer so regularly see shooting stars and a occasional entry of meteor but this is my first airburst observation i am amazed that their,s nowhere intergovernmental body to report such things


We just witnessed a large fiery green ball falling out of the sky ,looks to be over Marlborough sounds, we are in the North West Nelson Ranges. Time approx 21.00, 25/09/2019.

I saw it too

The bright green flash. Except for me it was around 9:45-10pm I believe and that is CST. It was in Round Rock, TX, same day. I could not believe it. It didn’t even look like a shooting star. Just like a bright green ball that just fell from the sky and disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. Never seen anything like it in my entire life.

Falling Star

Falling star sighted approximately 8:02 p.m. just southwest of Pioneer Ridge subdivision, Waynesville, MO. It was falling, then I saw an orange streak above it as it came down eventually burning out a couple of miles or so, maybe closer, above the ground.

Anderson, California very close shooting star

On September 22 at 11:50pm in Anderson California i saw a huge and very close to earth, detailed 5 point shooting star. I saw each point with its own fire trail. It was approximately at a south east direction of my location.

Flashes in sky and light trail

Elliot bay east coast northland NZ At about 5.45am Sunday 22nd September we were up watching the sunrise and saw a bright trail in the sky lasting a minute or so then quickly fading and also about 6 or 8 bright tiny flashes. Never seen anything like it before so thought I'd pop this post up.

White dot speeding through blue sky

A white dot sped through the blue sky above our house in Mt Albert, Auckland. It was too fast to be a plane and too high to be a bird. It came into view directly above us in the sky and then sped down to the horizon. Total sighting approx 4 seconds.

White Bright Dot

Saw a very fast object in sky around 9:40 PM EST on September 22nd 2019 in North GA that came from the South heading North that was White and Bright. Higher than the Airplanes heading toward Atlanta Airport that you could watch as they came overhead but the Object was so fast that it was gone in 5 seconds. Fast as looking South and turning your head to the North and gone. Have not seen it again and as fast as it was it would have circle the Earth within seconds but didn't.

Bright lights in sky

last night 21/9.19 3 x bright light at about minutes apart going right over my place in Red Beach heading west to east I have poor but videos lol each one took 2 min from horizon to horizon approx 8.53pm second one 9pm and the thrid one I got was approx 905pm anyone know??

Red glow in sky

Going west to east 854pm

Meteor, cooks beach new zealand

About 1.45 am on 21 September, a huge glowing ore with flaming tail. Watched enter the atmosphere and burn out. Lasted a good 6-7 seconds! Anybody else witness?


Sure did, was just watching the rugby when I spotted a big light zooming across the sky. Christchurch

Comet 20/09/2019

I seen a comet with burning flames at the back for a goood 4 seconds. Anyone else. Spotted from kelston between 12.45-1.30am 21 sep 2019

Flash in the sky

Yes we seen it driving from Freeport ILL towards Shannon ILL. unbelievable never seen anything likei it!!

19.09.2019 - Auckland city - 4 bright lights in the sky

19.09.2019 - 4 bright lights seen moving randomly around each other above the clouds in Auckland city (upper queen st) approx 7.30pm 20.09.2019 - The same lights appear although higher in the sky in a cross formation (not moving), approx 9.15pm

What was it ?

I witnessed a white fiery ball shot across the sky around 10:45pm.. this would be in the area of Menlo Park, California

UFO Over Queenstown 19 Sept 2019 @ 2147hrs

Looking at the night skies from area near Break Free The Point Motel last night. Looking at the stars but noticed that one was moving haphazardly - up/down/fast from an imaginary point A and an imaginary point B, then stay there for a while then move again in the same strange pattern. For orientation, we were looking across the Lake from the Frankston Drive (Break Free Point) side towards the mountains. Object must have been a long, long way from us as it appeared the same size as a very distant star.

shooting star/meteor

Saw a flash of white light traveling east to west over Seatoun/Miramar Wellington on 17th September, after 9pm, very low in the sky & very bright.