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Green meteor

Perhaps 6.45pm 19 September - sighted from Levin - heading NE direction.


Onslow WA around 8pm looking south-south/west I saw a big fire ball moving east west quite flat on the orizon approximatly 10 degree. it lasted at least 5 seconds

forgot to say that was on

forgot to say that was on 19-Sep


Saw a bright meteor at about 7pm tonight, was facing southeast and saw it fall quickly straight down past the horizon

This may be the one I saw but

This may be the one I saw but I am not certain of the time. Definitely close to 7pm. Piscids meteor shower peak was last night :)

Faint light moving very fast

About 5:45am 9/18/2018 a very faint light very quickly moved across Orion and Gemini traveling to the eastish prolly 20 or so seconds in sight. Gerald, MO 63037 My husband and I have been watching the morning sky before work. Thank you for any answers, cheri

Very bright & large streak seen from Orange County, CA.

At around 7:32 pm, on Sept 17, 2018, I went out to my backyard to water some plants. It was not yet pitch dark. It was maybe 95% dark. As I was facing South, I noticed a very bright light go from "behind my right shoulder" toward the South. The streak was not straight above me. It was a little toward the West, but was heading due South. I have seen hundreds of meteor flashes during my long life. This was one of the biggest and brightest I have ever seen. The main ball of light was large. It moved rather quickly across the sky, yet it was in sight for about 4 seconds. It did not explode. It simply burned-out rather quickly, with no sound. It was VERY impressive.

Glowing object

Just witnessed a glowing white, failrly large object streak across Santa Barbara, looked like it may have hit earth.

Green Streak over Dallas,Texas 9/16/2018 10:15pm

I witness a lime green fireball moving from east to west . Seemed to be lower in the sky and appeared to be falling at on arch. Happen really fast. Visible in the city lights. East Dallas (Garland, Tx.)

Dark green light

Royse City Tx. Driving past waterscape neighborhood a new neighborhood noticed a huge light that was dark green a it blew up before hitting the ground.

Orange light in Canterbury sky

I saw an orange light traveling across the Canterbury sky heading south just before 9pm tonight . It was travelling quite quickly, didn't look like a plane and there was no navigation lights. I managed to film it but you can't make out what it is. Anyone else see anything?

Hit in Arkansas

We had a mysterious hole in the ground full of fire in the early morning after that. It happened in Midway Arkansas. If you look on KY3 Facebook page you can see the pics.

Falling sky

I live in Jonesboro Arkansas US. Last night around 12:30 I seen a bright orange ball of fire falling from the south heading north! It was the brightest thing in the sky and so large!

Midway Arkansas

My brother in law was called out to Midway, AR to investigate a volleyball size crater shooting flames 15 ft into the air the hole measured over 700 degrees.

Hit in AR

Look at KY3 news Facebook page because they had a fire and hole in the ground in the early morning


Bright red balls of light seen going from West to East around 9 in Upper Hutt. I’m sure there was two initially but by the time I went outside first one had faded, second one faded as it travelled towards Mt Climie

Astriod lower then hills Wellington

Whilst driving up a hill off state highway 2 both my son and I witnessed an astriod come firing down from sky at approximately below hill level at approximately 7.40pm.. it’s looked large and I believe I have an idea of where it could of possibly landed


I was with Adele (below) and I’m glad she saw it too - I thought I was seeing things.


We saw the same comet too. Incredibly low and big. Coming from the south... We were in the CBD in Wellington. 7.31.


So glad someone else saw it too! I can’t see any news about it, so it’s awesome to have confirmation from another local. Did you hear a boom afterwards?


At 7.31pm this evening in my Wellington NZ backyard I saw what I thought was the biggest shooting star i’ve ever seen... it travelled downwards in an arc from south west to west south west and had a bright blue tail and clear gold and orange halo around it. It only passed my field of vision for a second, but it was unmissable- huge, bright and unlike any other stellar phenomena i’ve Seen with the naked eye. I heard a muffled boom, like a distant cannon, from a westerly direction a few seconds after I saw it (probably unrelated, but what do I know?) Was this a comet? An asteroid? There’s no breaking news on either right now, so maybe I’m just excited to have seen a relatively commonplace cosmic phenomena for myself. Stoked!


Sitting here on my chair in Fredericton NB. Canada talking to a friend on the phone when i see a bright green ball streak across the sky through my south facing window. Time is 10:05 I hve only seen 1 other this bright in my life in 1989! It was very fast, but not nearly as fast as most meteorites we see. I lost it behind the trees.

Bright moving light

At 7:20 am, on September 13th 2018 in the Western sky. We were North of Colorado City, Texas, on a jobsite. My crew and I witnessed a very bright light with a long tail moving in the Western sky, moving from the South towards the North.

Bright Light

Sooo this be interesting I am going to get to the point although the story is interesting iv never believed in ufos alien shit another source of live in the universe! Me 2 mates at the beach tonight me and another seen a bright light flash (this is out far in ocean) and then it go to regular light so we thought probably boat maybe? We all watched and then all 3 of us realised it was coming down slowly from the sky then a fast zigzag movement and then dimmer n dimmer light and then gone!!!!! We all seen it! Another form of life? A UFO? Or maybe it was a boat? I dunno anyone else see it it was around 12am lasted round 2 mins and then gone we were at lake ferry beach wairarapa nz! If u didn’t see ur thoughts anyone?

Similar sighting

I've seen a similar event located on the matata straights towards Whakatane from Tauranga NZ. family farm over looking sea I constantly look for and see interesting lights in the sky and at sea level. One night I thought I saw a boat light getting brighter and brighter to then fade almost like a boat in rough shape, but then all of a sudden a massive ball of light like a fire bomb go off. This was spotted between White Island, Whakatane and Mare Island, Tauranga closer to make island from my view. What I saw wasn't normal it kinda scared me I didn't hear a sound by the look of it why no sound or buffer..? Fukt! But I'm constantly seeing amazing things as an avid star gazer looking for my own truth noone I know believes. Nasa's rocket burial crash ground's are in the middle of the South Pacific ocean between New Zealand and Brazil.


September 9 th at 1:30 am I saw a orange with blue on the front shoot across the sky Eugene Oregon

Burst of light in Maryland

Did anybody else see the burst of light in the sky over Carroll County, MD just few minutes ago? I heard what sounded like a large airplane flying unusually really low, then a few seconds later there was a flash of light follow by a burst of explosion but no sound, from my point of reference, I'd say it was over Liberty Reservoir

Burst of light in Maryland

Did anybody else see the burst of light in the sky over Carroll County, MD just few minutes ago? I heard what sounded like a large airplane flying unusually really low, then a few seconds later there was a flash of light follow by a burst of explosion but no sound, from my point of reference, I'd say it was over Liberty Reservoir


Around 9:45pm CST over the town of Mascoutah Illinois in st.clair county seen a green glowing fireball falling twoard the earth had a small trail behind it lasted around 3 seconds before it burned out it was slightly arching as it fell

Bright orange light

September 3rd 2018. 22.15pm Gillingham Dorset UK. I saw a bright orange light travel horizontally for a few minutes going east to west, then it turned south and travelled away out of sight.

Huge blue Meteor or meteorite???

Date: 3 Sept.2018 Time: Appx: 1:00-1:30am PST Location: Driving SW on gravel roads off badger canyon rd in Tri-cities, WA Appearance: Massive Blue meteor (appearing as the same size we can observe the sun from land with the naked eye) with a long brilliantly bright blue/green tail. Presentation: sudden appearance from nothing to a massive blue ball of fire searing directly at us as if to be barreling into our atmosphere Appx. 3 seconds before disappearing at the horizon. Note: It was so massive and spectacular and appeared so very close we pulled over to see if there were any indications it made contact with the ground. We didn't observe anything more. I'm really hoping to see more about this one, I have never seen anything so breathtaking in my lifetime...2nd to my children, that is.


I’m driving towards the west side of Big Island Hawaii & as I’m driving, in front of me, I see a bright green ball just fall from the sky like a falling star & it disappears...what is that?

Huge Green fireball with trail behind it.

This morning at aproximately 3:20 am i was heading north towards Plano Illinois from Millbrook Illinois and seen a huge green fireball with orange trailing flames Behind it in the NW horizon. It was coming down nearly vertically. I have seen many shooting stars but have never seen anything this big and bright in the sky.

Meteor Mon 27/8/18

We saw a bright light with a tail descending to the North West. Approx 730pm Monday evening - Bethlehem, Tauranga

monday 27 august 2018 meteor

Friends of mine were strolling home after dinner on Monday 27/8 and one looking up to the sky saw a bright flash of light, perhaps reddish in colour, streak across the sky momentarily. Must have been this meteor everyone has spotted. The other friend was looking down at the pavement and missed it.

Green meteor?

Was travelling in South Waikato on Sunday night about 8.30pm or there abouts 26th August when saw a green burning light falling from sky north of me - came down close to earth like a large green single firework ball and looked like it was going to land somewhere south east of Te Kuiti.


Hi I live in Te Awamutu and I glimpsed a meteor last night (27/8/18) at around 7 or 8pm I was looking into the direction of Cambridge (which is NE). It had a long yellow tail and I thought i seen some orange or red colours also at the head of it. So glad someone else seen it!

Waikato sighting

Driving home last night (Monday 27th August) at approx 7.25-7.30pm along the Hamilton motorway, between Cambridge and Hamilton, spotted a meteor falling to the North-East / East of the motorway. It had a long bright white/yellowish tail that burned out before reaching the horizon. Thought it was a shooting star for a split second until I realised it was too bright to be that.

Green Fireball over Whangaroa Harbour

On Sunday evening 26/8/2018 (earlier evening) I observed a large Green ball, (travelling slower at first) and then increasing in speed and disappearing from Totara North over the Whangaroa Harbour.

Shooting star or Satellite Re-entry?

My wife and I were driving across the Desert Road at around 7.30pm on a beautifulLY clear, moonlit evening when a bright object (looking like a giant white firework) shot across the sky in a east to westerly direction. It appeared to be breaking up, showering shards of light as it descended toward the horizon level. Not even having seen a shooting star prior, I found this celestial performance quite exhillerating

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At around 7.20-7.25pm today

At around 7.20-7.25pm today in the Panmure/Ellerslie area in Auckland, I was driving and saw a lit-up object moving at speed towards the ground. It had a tail and the whole thing looked like it was on fire. I thought it was a firework at first, but the shape and size of it was wrong, and also the direction and speed of it shooting towards the ground was definitely not a firework... pretty amazing! It burnt out as it got quite close to the earth. Such a cool thing to see!

Yes! Saw this too.

I saw it - also in Panmure during an ultimate frisbee game. I thought it was a firework, but thought it was pretty quiet for one!

I was driving north from

I was driving north from matamata and saw this too. Was very impressive.


I saw a meteor while i was walking home monday night. It would have been around 730. It was about as bright as a bright planet, maybe a little brigher. Would have only been visible for a second or 2. I was on Wallace rd in Papatoetoe and it was in the sky in a ENE direction. It was moving away from me, more towards NE. Elevation would have been around 20-30deg from horizontal. Ben.

Saw green meteor or comet

Last night on Aug the 28th around 8:30 I saw a large green meteor falling slowly in the West. It had a long tail. I live in Murray Ky. Was wondering if anyone else saw it.


Suspected meteor this evening in North Canterbury around 6pm. Please follow the link below for more info, if you are a member of the forum you will see the images and the source.

At CHC airport looking

At CHC airport looking towards the alps just after 6pm A trail of what looked like smoke and at the front end colours of red and orange. Was had to capture colours on camera due sun setting Don’t know how to attract photo on here


In Stillwater, Auckland 7.30pm. A star like heavenly body shot across the sky then burnt up.

Meteor over Waikato area 830pm, August 26

I was driving north on SH1 near Hamilton. At around 830pm saw a really bright streak of green, light up the sky directly in front of me in the sky, ended with several flashes of bright sparks. Direction of the green light was directly down towards the horizon. Clearly seen through my windscreen so probably around 60-30degrees up from the horizon.