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Possible meteorite sighting

I briefly saw what looked like a ball of fire pass overhead tonight around 8.45pm. I only saw it for a second as it soon disappeared over the roofline of my house. It appeared to be low in the sky and was orange in colour. I live in Whangaparaoa, Auckland.

Flash of light

Was outside at 9.40pm when l saw a bright light for a few seconds assumed it was wildfire....been reading reports of others seeing this and at different times.....interesting

Late last night, around

Late last night, around 12.45-50am I was outside calling my cat in, when I saw a bright white streak across the sky, sort of a downward arc. I didn't see any great detail but my attention was drawn to it because the light was bright enough to create shadows in my yard which shifted direction quite quickly, maybe meteorite? I'm in the bishopdale kind of area of Chch

Bright green flash in sky last night over Dunedin and Christchur

Please would you have any idea what this was? My husband was quite startled by it on his way back from Christchurch last night and was expecting an explosion sound but just a brilliant green flash lighting up entire sky. Lots of people on Facebook reporting having witnessing this at 10.30pm to 1am so not entirely sure what exact time of incident except that it was very unusual and frightened people witnessing it. Nothing on any news websites about which I find strange.

I saw the green light falling

I saw the green light falling like a 'sky rocket/fireworks' on the 14th July at approximately 12.30am from here too in Hastings

Ship over Motorway Kaiapoi

Thursday night me and my Brother thought we were seeing a drone hovering over the Christchurch motorway but as it slowly got closer it was a what I would call a “ship” it was triangular approx 1000 m up and able to hover and fly it had 2 good size jets or afterburners which weren’t very loud but could certainly hear it I took a photo on my ph I would put it up but I can’t see where to add an attachment. I’m not crazy trust me and my Brother has been in shock since. Either government or someone extremely wealthy very futuristic I’m holding back on saying ET but definitely something that I’ve never seen before I’m surprised others havnt mentioned it but I’m not a Facebook person so wouldn’t know if they are all talking about it. Has anybody else seen this “ship” or aircraft?

Meteorite travelling NE to SW Christchurch 12:50 am 14/7/18

Saw a very bright Green Meteorite? Travelling NE to SW Christchurch around 12:50 am 14 July 2018 decided it was time to go to bed

Shooting star about 50m awau from us in broad daylight. ZA

Hi. I am from South Africa. I was driving at about 10:30am in Sunninghill Kyalami in Johannesburg. Myself and mo passenger both saw a shooting star head directly towards us, we thought it was going to hit our car. It literally evaporated about 50m from us. We could both not beleive it and I pulled over to recover from what we just saw. It was beautiful and scary at the same time. We could not stop thinking about it the entire day. It was broad daylight. It was insane. I tried to search weather channels and Twitter posts and have not managed to find anything. Colleen


heading to bed last night at 12:50 a.m. , was distracted by a strong light outside the upstairs bathroom window. immediately saw a streaking, multi-coloured meteor passing very low in the sky to the south, from East to West. At very first , i thought it was a neighbour launching fireworks, but quickly realized i was witnessing possibly a meteor at very close proximity. we are in Avoca Valley in Christchurch. this fireball , with it's multi-coloured tail lit up the entire valley- it was spectacular! i would venture to guess, based upon how low in the sky it appeared( for me just above the port hills at the end of our valley) that it would have made landfall SW of here? not an expert , just seemed very low in the sky. Amazing!!

Bright green meteor light

Tonight, Friday 13th July 2018, I arrive home to our home in Coootown, Little River, Banks Peninsula, about 12.50am. As I drove in, I stopped In front of the house to unload all my bags before driving to the shed undercover. So as I looked out to the right, over the top of the garage towards the truck yard next door, in the sky.. Suddenly I saw the hugest hugest neon emerald green light.. Comet shape with a small light trail in its wake... And it was heading sooo fast through the sky towards the ground! It went right down but the top of the trees blocked my final view. But it SEEMED as tho it was over the truck yard next door.. In other words VERY close! So I got back into my car and backed down the drive and drove back down the road!! I was wondering if it might be someone having fire crackers (but I've never seen that kind before).. But saw absolutely nothing.. So home I came.. Drove car under cover, and took all my many groceries inside. I've been googling and realise it's a meteor ... And others see these too! I'm hoping someone else saw this one, but it was very late and the whole country village were lights out! Tucked up in bed!

Green meteor

I saw it too in Amsterdam NY. It burned out over the field across from my house.

I seen this to as I was

I seen this to as I was traveling down Lincoln road to my home in halswell at same time it came shooting over the port hills

Flash of light

1am 14 July 2018 Travelling north from Dunedin to Waitati, a sudden flash of light, illuminated the entire sky.. I can't explain the phenomenon as anything less as extra terrestrial. I wasn't even smoking the electric kakariki


12:45am saw a blinding flash, lit up the sky like daylight. Saw a blue streak falling to earth fade to nothing. Not more than 100 feet up, above the south Brook rugby club in rangiora.

shooting star from Mt. Hutt

on 14/7/18 @ 1 am I saw shooting star from Mt. Hutt ski-field down to Canterbury plains, direction was NE to SW. Blue - green tail with significantly orange burning front and sparks all over ... It was so close that it nearly lit up mountain. The most intensive shooting star I have ever seen. waauw

Bright green trail culverden

At 12.55am I was driving my truck south bound to culverden. Around mouse point I got startled as an extremely bright light was to my right and very low. At first I thought spot lighters but when I looked it was a massive green ball with a long tail shooting over the back of some farm land

Green light

At 12.45am in makerewa invercargill a large green light went past our patio doors in the sky. Very large and heading horizontal and down then disappeared. My partner saw it too. No noise just a large green ball.

Meteor Dunedin

At about 10:15pm in Dunedin, NZ looking East, I saw a green/blue light fall from the sky with orange sparks flying off it. It only lasted a second and it quickly faded out.

Green flame...

On Sunday July 8 at about 5:45 pm in Sugar Creek Missouri,I looked to the northern sky and seen a green flame traveling at a extreme rate of speed traveling from West to east at a very low altitude,about 2500-3000 feet maybe,really hard to say because it was a mile or two away. Really couldn't see anything ahead of the green flame for it was moving so swiftly... It was amazing!!!

Green flame...

On Sunday July 8 at about 5:45 pm in Sugar Creek Missouri,I looked to the northern sky and seen a green flame traveling at a extreme rate of speed traveling from West to east at a very low altitude,about 2500-3000 feet maybe,really hard to say because it was a mile or two away. Really couldn't see anything ahead of the green flame for it was moving so swiftly... It was amazing!!!

Bright orange light 9pm 11/07/2018

Happened to look up and see a very bright, deep orange 'round' ball in the sky(about 60* elevation) just before 9pm. Looking in a South- West from Kaitaia township to 90 Mile beach. Light did not appear to move. Was visible for a few minutes and then vanished from sight.

I also saw a huge shooting

I also saw a huge shooting star looking north from Pukekohe

I saw this in Dunedin about

I saw this in Dunedin about 5.30pmish Thursday and took a video i zoomed right in and could not see a plane at the front of it. I don't have good sight maybe there was but it didn't look like it. Long pink/orange trail. I got it on video too.


I just saw a comet or something heading home in dunedin to brockville from North east Valley. Pink trail can still see it now heading mosgiel way looks out of it took video


Yes I saw it too as I was walking home from the bus stop in Tainui. I got home in time to get the binoculars out and it appeared to be two dark objects with black smoke trailling off behind them which then turned white the further back the smoke was. When I first spotted it, it looked like a really long double vapour trail from an airplane however the trail was bright pink/red in colour.

Plane Chem trail?

I saw this in Dunedin at 5.30pm thinking it was a meteor too but had seen the Santiago flight to Sydney the week before. Looked so striking!


Lastnight at about 9pm my husband and I saw from our bedroom window a very large what I assume is a comet/meteor.It was very low and fast coming down over Manly, Whangaparaoa. We could clearly see it! It was firey red and orange coloured with a long “tail” it was amazing to see. It almost seemed “sparkly”. I’m sure I could hear it aswell. I thought it was going to hit! Lovely to see. Never seen this before.

Speeding light

Im in Panmure Auckland saw this big bluish white streaking light blazing along with like a big curved horeshoe shaped curve coming of it like a speeding bullet out of one set of clouds into the next super low heading diagonally down from east to west was waiting for a boom! Glad to read others saw it was at 8.50 pm

I saw this one as well

I saw the meteor at 8.50pm Wednesay as well. Was amazing, the biggest I have seen and looked like bright green flames at one point. Was half expecting to see it on the news. Would love to see footage if any exist?

Bright Orange Light

I’m in Southern California, I watched this orange light slowly move across the sky starting at approximately 10:30pm 07/10/18. I just came out front and watched it slowly disappear upwards into the sky it seemed until it was no longer visible. It’s now 3:55am here. What was it? Anyone know?

Huge Shooting Star

About 8pm tonight 11th July 2018 saw huge shooting star in Albany NZ. Seen a few in the past but this was huge, bright and white!


I live on Waiheke Island, NZ, and tonight around 8.50pm whilst out walking the dog I managed to catch an awesome meteorite streaking across the sky. Travelling east to west, across approximately the last 1/3rd of the sky down to the horizon, starting white and turning green / blue and far brighter than anything else in the sky. Amazing.

Gorgeous Green Meteorite

Was such a nice surprise last night, watching television here in Pokeno just before 2100 when I watch a green color long tail Meteorite shooting across the sky from east to west, just over the Bombay Hills.

Very bright indeed

I saw it too (same neighborhood) - the start made me speechless, then half way through I wondered if it was firework because it seemed so close and bright and then it kept whizzing down turning bigger and lighter with an aextraordinary green shine as it almost "touched" the ground. Very remarkable indeed on this beautiful starry night.


I live on Waiheke Island, and tonight around 8.50pm whilst out walking the dog I managed to catch an awesome meteorite streaking across the sky. Travelling east to west, across approximately the last 1/3rd of the sky down to the horizon, starting white and turning green / blue and far brighter than anything else in the sky. Amazing.

I saw it im in in Panmure it

I saw it im in in Panmure it was at it was like a big curved horseshoe shape from the speed of it through the air I was waiting for a boom it was super low out of one cloud then into the next in a second was wondering if anyone else saw it too .wow!

Shooting star

We live in Tauranga...My son and I saw this too heading down Grenada street...exactly how you explained it

Green light with a tail

We live in Hawera, New Zealand and we were just coming back into town tonight, at about 8.50pm, and there was this large greeny blue light with a tail heading down out of the northern sky, then disappeared. Never seen the likes! Anyone else see it?!

Bright light

I live in the country outside of Bethany Missouri and this evening about 8:45 I was standing in my driveway waiting for my husband and son to get home from a four wheeler ride and just about 15 feet in the sky I seen a greenish blue glowing light with a tail soaring slowly from the west to east until it just vanished above our hog barn. It made no noise at all and all I could do was just stare. It was so low and so bright. We have no close neighbors and it was so silent so I know for a fact it wasn’t a fire work

I've just seen the identical

I've just seen the identical thing tonight!! We're from Hawera, New Zealand......and 2 nights later.....hmmm.....wonder if its the same thing?!

Saw it to

Dawn, me and my wife both saw it as well. We live in Nebraska and was heading home from Fremont and wife spotted it first and I saw the trail end of it.


So weird I'm in New Zealand and saw the same thing this evening... Was googling to find out what it was

Space junk?

I saw it too! I was standing at a bus stop on the East side of Christchurch New Zealand and looked to the sky at approx. 6pm local time to see this blue/green streak across the sky. It had a tail, yes and then (once it hit the earths atmosphere?) fizzled out. Amazing! Perhaps space junk, an old satellite or something?

So happy to find this site

So happy to find this site and comments. Thank you.

Bright meteor last night

I can't believe that the meteor I saw last night hasn't been on the news. It was just after midnight on Friday, July 6th and was huge. Saw it from near Taupo looking south.

There must be a meteorite from this one

Super bright meteor woke me with bright flash even through my eyes were closed. Was able open eyes to see an incredibly bright meteor streaking across the horizon pitched down to the east. Lit up the bedroom almost like daylight. I live just north of Turangi, and saw the meteor through a south facing window. The meteor was so huge and bright that there must be remnant meteorites somewhere. It would be great to see what security camera footage there might be of this meteor.

Meteor in Christchurch

Was driving home heading north on Anzac drive. Over to the NE I saw a bright ball of light trailed by a burning orange tail, turned bright green then disappeared. Was around 12.10am. Was so beautiful!!! Never seen anything like it!!!

I also saw this, was

I also saw this, was extremely beautiful. Blessed to have seen it.

Green flare

Just saw a green flare burn out to red and yellow above te horo/ otaki Wellington 12.08am

Bright yellow star eastern skies and lights on ground west

Anyone seen that activity? It was noticeable and be good if someone could explain what this phenomenal sky invasion is?