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My partner and I saw a ball of flames heading across the sky at about 11pm last night, in Horowhenua region. just before that were a couple of fast lights darting across the sky.... was awesome to see

meteor (meteorite) above Kapiti 6pm ish Sat 15/12/18

we were driving onto the expressway at round 6pm coming from Palmerston, heading towards Wellington, and saw what seemed to be some form of meteor. I cant think what else it could be as it had a long tail (almost like a plane vapour trail) that slowly shortened til it looked like a short tailed comet. It had a slight orange/pink colour to it and was heading in a downward trajectory. It was very cool and we saw for a few mins. My son managed to get a pic but hasnt emailed it to me yet,. Happy to forward to you. Not a great pic but you can see its not a plane Wondering if its part ofthe shower

Ok so I'm night person who

Ok so I'm night person who loves star gazing...14 -15 dec last night and early hours this morning here out in the country side in South Taranaki I've been watching shooting stars (if that's what they were) galore, one after the other from one area in the sky heading in the same direction 2-4 at a time, then some from a different part of the sky ...some a second or so and some going further and longer.... Bright light flares going off, some flashing and then satellites like I've never seen them before, some circling, some crisscrossing, some in pairs, lots single bright and big and small and hard to track....crazy action going on above my place I've lived on my block for nearly 9 years now, I've always been a night person looking up at the sky most nights, especially when it's clear, but I have never seen so much action in one night sky before...was amazing to watch. Also lightening every now and then but no thunder and no rain.

Christmas meteorite

AWESOME! That's what we seen too and one as fast as a shooting star made a 90 degree left turn in a L shape which to us was ufo confirmation! Then the huge meteorite in slow motion flying by right in front off us !!!! Incredible!!!! Cheers !

unidetified flying objects

I have seen the same action in Arizona recently.. satellite size objects flying in pairs... sometimes triple, zigzagging, flashing in and out then disappearing .. many of them. If you get a laser and flash at them.. they will flash back. Amsizing how satellites and meteors have evolved. :)

Massive meteor shower

Good morning. I have, as well as about 6 other people, in the last hour, just witnessed one of the most impressive meteor shower s of my nearly 40 years on the planet. At exactly 2am, a huge super bright flash, associated with huge thump emerged from the northwest quandrant directly up, and burnt a long vapor trail to the southeast in to, I guess our stratosphere. A trail that remained in the night sky for the next 3 to 4 mins and measured, if you can imagine pointing your index fingers to the sky about 2 feet apart! Over the next half hour we estimated to have seen around 40 to 50 other smaller meteorites with 5 other very bright vapor trails being left in the sky for mins! I am writing this from 10km south of methven, mid Canterbury, and I will struggle to sleep after that show. Cheers and good morning. Andy

Heaps of movement tonight over nz

Sat 15th Dec here on the westcoast of nz in the last 30mins iv just watched over 30 moving objects fly threz the sky at first I thought was shooting star but then they kept continuing these all headed in the same direction with seconds and minutes between them. Would literally appear out of nowhere then with a burst of light would shoot what looks like 10/20cm across the sky then just vanish also a few that I watched go across the sky like a satellite but was to fast to be one. As I looked what looked like more and more stars have appeared above the hill in front of my house wtf is going on. Spooking me out.

strange lights in auckland city

Hi everyone , so its 14/12/218 10:45pm in Auckland city. So ive been up taking photos of the lighting & i came across some lights in the sky that look like the police helicoptor , i stay in northcote point so i have a clear view , did anybody else see a red flashing light around devonport point ? it was a red flashing light going up towards the sky & it stopped everytime a lighting striked and halfway it was blue and red and then it stopped for 2 minutes and then lighitening striked again but very big and then it slowly was going towards the sea & disappered by mission bays water it was a red ball ! my 8 year old daughter witnessed with me aswell and also around 10:30pm tonight there was a bright light east of the sky tower was so bright n was getting brighter snd then it turned and went towards the sky and disappered i dont know what is happening but there is alot of weird stuff happening . And i did also notice there wasnt much clods in the sky tonight but there is so much lighting even off the small patch of clouds like what is hapening in our city ! i hope no alien invasion :( HELP

strange lights spotted in auckland

Ohh wow thats incredible I have to say... My sister and I viewed the strangest thing from our deck in Kawakawa bay in east auckland at about 11:58pm 14/12/2018 we saw the lightning and thunder was heard rather loud. What was freaky about this is a ball of light was very dim in a very near distance which became brighter and brighter, all of a sudden it appeared that another ball of light showed itself and joined to the first ball and created what looked like a quarter of a moon. It was so bright and seen through out each strike of lightning. We only had one phone with us and we were unable to take a photo showing the light from this "thing" we the videoed it aswell which came up blank even though we usually have no problem getting photos of the moon with this phone. It was as bright as a initial strike of light from lightning and we wittnessed this for about 2 whole minutes before it faded away. We could not believe what we had seen and wanted to capture it... we tried our best and got nothing it then appeared in the same spot three times over the following 30 minutes. We then didnt see it again. We were convinced whatever we saw was a rare sighting and may or may not be ball lightning but we cant be sure with the movements and showtime this occurance gave off. All I can say is I agree that something was very strange about it and I hope some reports come in about a sighting of what we saw..Id like to think some one else sighted this also

Christmas meteorite C

Hello, yes we had seen the same stuff unbelievable!!!! Flashing orbs ,stars dancing around the sky like children playing, then at the end a huge massive meteorite ! They were following it as it entered making sure everything was ok ! Thanks.

Bright Green Ball of Light

around 8 o’clock, Premont Texas, I was driving to my home in the country, when a bright light in the sky caught my attention. At first I thought it was a falling star, but as I did a double take I realized that it was much much bigger. It was was a very large ball of light, the outer part was green in color and the center of it was much brighter. As I’m looking at it and trying to figure out what it is, it suddenly looks like it exploded. As it was going down i lost sight of it behind the tree line.

Huge shooting star

8:15 pm Killeen Texas I witnessed a bright light appear that looked like a star just lit up then it turned into an enormous shooting star. It was 10 times larger than any SS I’ve ever seen. The shooting star streatched across the sky for a very unbelievable distance and it stayed large for roughly three Mississippi seconds then it appeared to explode into a tiny firework display. It was awesome

strange explosion

on December 9th early morning between 3am-4am AEST in Ipswich Queensland. I seen a huge bright light that was shaped similar to a bullet that would have been a similar size to about 100 stars combined, fly through the sky coming from the east heading west. It then appeared to hit something and exploded leaving an enormous cloud of what looked like dust that covered a large area of the sky. The dust lasted in the sky for no longer then 2 minutes, there were no trails left behind after the dust cleared.I have done a little research on meteor's. From the meteor's that I have seen online this thing would have easily been 20-50 times the size of most meteor's. I can't find anything at all that looks similar to the size of what I seen at all. Has anyone else ever seen something similar.

I saw one too

I seen one at night December 6th walking home from work. Sioux City Iowa

Two shooting stars within a couple of minutes

On December 6, last night I had seen two shooting stars approximately 6:50pm north of Duncan BC it had looked like fireball falling slowly , was amazing

Explosion - meteor

6:05 approximately in stoneville NC USA I saw an explosion of a meteror. Completely circular. Very bright not traveling. Two bright flashes but at the same time it was fully lite.

Flying moon?

I saw something really weird in the sky today, the only way I can describe it is in that split second I thought "is the moon flying?!" It came out of nowhere, it was a circle, but not a full circle, looked like the moon, but it was slanted; it literally came out out of nowhere and flew into the clouds/sky; it had a really bright like following it. If it wasn't a circle I'd think it was a shooting star. It was around 10:10pm, the sky wasn't too dark today and it lasted probably not even 3 seconds. I'm so stumped. What could it have been?

I saw the same kinda thing

I saw the same kinda thing around the same time between 10/11. I was heading out the back door and I closed it behind me, turn around to see a misshapen ball of light glide through the sky. Luckily for me the sky was clear. I thought it was far too big to be a shooting star. Had a huge tail. And disappeared after a few seconds. I was in awe really -Oamaru, Nz

Meteor in iowa

I saw a ball of fire with a long fiery "tail" it looked like it dissolved after a few seconds, I was in Adel, Iowa


Saw a great ball of fire a meteor perhaps? At 7 pm Bolivia

Green light falling

I live in Houston, TX. It was about 7:30pm when I was heading out the door from my apartment when I looked up in the night sky ahead of me not to far in the distance I seen a green shimmering light falling to earth. I was wondering if anybody had found any remains if any were left to find.

Green globe

My husband and I are driving into the mountains from Denver, CO af approximate 5:15AM. We saw a green glove fall directly down from the sky at a very fast pace, and we both were kind of like “did you just see that”. He told me to see if anyone had posted about anything like it, and low and behold, the last few days people have been experiencing the same thing!

Re: Meteor

Wednesday 0325, saw what looked like a burning coal flying horizontally from East to West. No sound noted.

2 bright lights

My husband and I just saw 2 bright lites in the sky NW of Mesquite, Nv. They did not move but seemed to merge into one and then disappear. Very strange. Aprox :5:50 pm our time.

Green and red flashing lights in sky outside of Dallas

Last night me and my husband Bill were driving home from our friends ranch just outside of Dallas TX. I had been 'sleeping' in Bills lap while he drove us home, and just before he... well, ya know.. he told me to look into the sky! And there in the sky, were green and red flashing lights, it was like nothing I had ever seen before. This was definitely not standard night sky activity, and we weren't under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I was just wandering if anyone else saw the green and red lights too? Possibly Santa's sleigh given time of year? Anyway, Bill and I got home safe and sound. He's a great husband. Thanks. David

On November 27, 2018, about

On November 27, 2018, about 11pm CST, I was driving south on highway 75 from Bartlesville, OK to Owasso, OK. Not to far from me, I saw a green ball of light falling from the sky in the direction of SE. It looked to me to be very close and seemed to land in Oklahoma, but just my opinion.

Green ball of light falling from the sky

Last night, November 27, 2018, my cousin and I were driving between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA, USA. At 11:06 pm a huge green ball of light fell from the sky and disappeared into the tree line. I just read the post from the couple in Houston who saw the same thing at approximately the same time

Green ball and trailing green blaze

Hello All, I wasn’t sure what myself and my wife saw tonight, but we live on the 29th floor of an apartment tower, just inside the 610 loop, in, looking North over Houston. Approximately 11:10pm on the 27th November, 2018 we saw a bright green ball with trail behind it traveling towards the ground at a very fast pace, distance probably around 500-600 yards away and we watched it travel to the ground, amongst some houses. I think someone will have a nice gift with a meteor in their back garden somewhere! First time I ever saw anything like this. Good luck if you are the one that finds it!

I saw the same thing a few mins ago

I saw the same thing. A ball of green light that fell on a neighbour's rooftop. Who knows what they are!

Saw the same thing

That’s interesting my mom and I saw the exact same thing in Toronto, Ontario around 9:20pm. It was amazing and fast!

I literally saw the exact

I literally saw the exact same thing on 27th November 2018 with my friend outside our house but all the way In Kigali Rwanda! This is so crazy

Green ball of light

Was sitting outside and approximately 2:48am my sister and i were sitting outside and something to my right caught my eye, just witnessed a green orb or light shoot from the sky towards the ground. The light only lasted seconds 4 tops. What is this?? Im seeing other post of the same thing around the same area im in?

My girlfriend and I literally

My girlfriend and I literally saw the same thing in Mineoka, TX. Tonight, November 28th, about the same distance Away from us that it was from your wife and you. Amazing!! It's an invasion hahaha.


Hi Carl here from billington clitheroe England I came out the house to go to work this morning and something made me turn round it wall a ball of light with a trail behind coming down from right to left it looked like it was in next street so clear it was about 630 635 27 November 2018 I'm guessing meteor I was a lot bigger than a shooting star it looked the size of a planet or moon just a bit smaller amazing

Yellow and white flashes in the Eastern Sky - NZ

looking east we saw flashes in the sky, they were around 2-3s apart. The flashes were not lightning but they were very bright. They seemed to come from a central point and only happened behind a very long cloud (which happened to be the only cloud in the sky last night at that time).... THese flashes had no sound after them. Also the moon was egg shaped whn it finally reared out of the cloud and orange... the left top (corner) area was shadowed off... not round.. anyone see this??

that something in the sky

hey maddy here, i’m in Houston, Texas and it’s the end of the thanksgiving holiday weekend, so it was normal to see lights in the sky from airplanes taking people back home! (it’s around 6:30 at this time btw) But i saw something else in the sky, not really close to the airplanes, and something bigger.- and beautiful may i add lol. but it stayed in one place almost and was this egniting , golden yellow ball, almost V shaped , glowing in the sky. i couldn’t take my eyes off of it! if anyone believes in angels and demons and such...just know this makes me wonder . lmfao the end is near! fr! the floods and fires are also a sign!

Bright yellow meteor

I was just enjoying a night drive with my boyfriend in southern West Virginia and saw a huge yellow comet/meteor flying down towards Earth. It was 2am, so just an hour ago.

I saw something white floating in the sky

I saw something pure white burning outside my airplane window. It was at the same level as the airplane. It was whiter than paper and moving like fire moves and then it just disappeared. I was flying Spirit traveling from Atlanta GA to Detroit Mi on Nov 6. I'm from Pontiac mi.

I saw something last night/early morning

I believe it was between 3-430am and I saw the sky outside light up with green for a moment. I went to look and just saw a faint stream spiral. Im in southern california

I saw it too

Hey, I'm from San Diego and I went outside for a smoke last night around 4, was staring at the sky, and uh, wow!!! My number is 619 760 4341, dunno if yer down here in SD but itd be cool to swap stories


Saw one in South taranaki around 9.20pm tonight :)

Orange stream shot down the

Orange stream shot down the sky then skipped with burst of blue at the end. Las Colinas, Texas. USA. lasted about 4 seconds? About 11:00pm central 11/18/2018

Blue light flash and power outage

Bethlehem tauranga had a blue light flash very huge about 15 minutes ago and the power went out for about 5 seconds then came back on. It surged our lights in Brookfield at the time I was standing outside having a cigarette

Orange light in Northland syou over Bream Bay

We saw 4 mysterious orange lights travel North to South over Bream Bay last night between 8:45 and 9:30.they came over the horizon between Whangarei heads and the Chick Islands. They traveled the same path around about 5 to 10mins apart. The weird thing is as they went past they turned into a black blob that changed shape but continued over the horizon towards Auckland. We have a recording.

Edmonton meteor

4:52 I just seen a orange beam that got thinner near the end flow threw the sky for at least 2-3 minutes until it was out of site. It was nearly 80km above ground with a orange tail


Saw what appeared to be a fairly large meteor heading south west over Chch, NZ at around 9:25pm. Was visible for about 1 second and it had no sound, so it must have been quite high in our atmosphere, It was pretty large, and was emitting a bright green colour from its tail. Keen to see if it landed somewhere south of Australia, or if it just scraped our atmosphere?


Huge white full moon size ball travelling from zenith to western horizon, blue haze around the ball, then appeared to actually catch on fire as it appears to fall all the way to the ground.

Green light fallen from sky

I just saw a huge green ball like figure fall from the sky to the ground in the distance. It got smaller as it was falling towards the ground. Around 9:45pm in Dallas Texas -Nov.15th2018. I’ve never seen anything like that before!

Green fireball

Yes we were on 75 south by SMU we witnessed the same thing. Huge falling star green in color!

Meteor over Christchurch

Seen a meteor or comet shooting through the night sky was blue green over Christchurch 13th November around 10pm was clear as day then vanished