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Meteor or satelite

Just now across the sky... bright white light shooting across the sky trailing a tail with a long trail right across the sky. 9.00 pm 5th January,2019


Saw a high burning meteor running north to south past Whangamata at 8:55pm on Jan 5th 2019. Very bright and looked like it broke up as it tracked south

Light across the sky

Just out walking the dog in Avondale and saw a huge meteor/falling star/starlight burning up white hot in the atmosphere all across the sky. Was travelling extremely fast and was probably visible for about 40 secs. My wife and I could see bits falling off the main body as it went. Any idea what it was?

Comet broken up over

Just saw a large comet broke up over Auckland heading from north to south, spotted from ponsonby, 8:45pm. The comet split into two, one piece burnt out while the second continued over the horizon.


Just saw a beautiful bright streak across the sky from Milford, North shore, Auckland, NZ

Meteor above pokeno , 9:02pm

Just seen something bright flew across the sky, left a Jetstream behind it which I can still see, red hot fragments we're coming off behind it.

Meteor showers sighting

Just saw a meteor passing east over the coromandel in whitisnga. Passed over for ages and we heard a bang about 5 minutes later.


Just saw a beautiful bright streak across the sky from Milford, North shore, Auckland, NZ


Did anyone see a meteor flying West above Pakuranga approx 20h55?


commet in the south sky from central auckland just now!? anyone else see it? left a trail

Meteor over Napier

We are at the out door theatre in Havelock North. Was that a meteor that just went over? Everyone here in the ampitheatre saw it. It was amazing.

Meteor matarangi

Just saw what looks like a broken up start flying across the sky from Matarangi at 9pm. Anyone else see it? What was it?

Meteor matarangi

Just saw what looks like a broken up start flying across the sky from Matarangi at 9pm. Anyone else see it? What was it?

Meteorite in Howick New Zealand

A very bright object with a long tail just streaked across the sky, visible from Howick, Auckland. It. Must've been within the atmosphere to have formed its tail. It disappeared behind a cloud, and when it emerged, it apoeared to have fragmented, but was still a cluster.


Viewed for 30+ seconds off tokerau beach northland, heading from northwest to southeast

Whangamata Burning Object

Saw a burning object that left a large trail across sky above Whangamata around 9pm tonight.

We saw two

With the clear sky today we was observing stars movment from hilton room, we saw two meteros in 10 minutes.


We saw one come over Warkworth north of Auckland at dusk sunlight. It was so bright and truly amazing to see. It had a long smoking trail and parts of the comet breaking apart with a bright blue white flashing light. So cool to see :)

Meteor Auckland 5/1/19

@Ebrahim, was that in Auckland?

Shooting star

In Brighton Michigan going west to east I saw a beautiful shooting star at 6:30 p.m.

Unidentified flying sphere, Approximately 11/15/2018 @ 10:10 pm

An Orange Red Sphere ( in the sky it was as big and round as a stoplight, so you know the UFO was huge !) came up right over the mountains east of Coachella Valley ( Indio, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, CA) and it flashed it's Orange roundness on and off at about 2 second intervals. That's what makes it eerie, our IFO'S don't pulse that way. Thank You.

shooting star seen from san diego

Happy new year to all in 2019!!! 1:30 am 1/1/2019 leaving new year's party in san diego area. The brightest shooting star with green tail streaked across the north northwest sky. Was it a meteor? Did anyone else witness this amazing site!

metorite or ufo?

saw exactly same thing before 9pm 5 jan,2019, travelling at speed across sky with while tail behind at Pukehina Beach, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. was it a metorite? neighbours were all out watching it too. i videoed on my cellphone but it didn't show, only the white tail, weird... never seen anything like it before...

Unidentified burning? Object

Aproximately 7:45am US Mountain time Jan 2, 2019 Park City, Utah Viewing direction East South East I witnessed something that at first looked like a vertical white cloud in the morning sky but as it traveled downwards it was clearly moving, changing color and getting brighter. I was able to shoot a short video just before it fell below the horizon.


Sitting on deck in New Lynn at approx 9.30pm tonight, when a bright orange light sped towards us; obviously very high; went over us and could see what looked like a white shield around it.


New years 230am Tues 01/01/2019 we were sitting on deck at taieri mouth looking up at sky my daughter spotted very large bright blue/green we think meteour passing threw fast may have hit the sea looking east incredible haven't seen anything like this before did anyone else see this please? And what was it? Taieri mouth Dunedin nz

Yes! We had seen it too just

Yes! We had seen it too just near ashburton, seen the sky light up then dimmed then lit up heaps looked up to sky and looked like a massive fire work. Was insane

Dunedin 2am New Years Day

Hi Tracy My brother and friend both saw a very sudden bright blue ish light in the sky and it dropped out of sight. Same time as you, when going over 3 mile Hill.Both thought no way a firework.

Meteorite in Northern sky

Waikawa Valley Southland New Zealand.At 2am 01/01/2019Blue green ,lit up the night sky and dived to our right at NEEast at a speed similar to a shooting star with a tail.

Meteorite sighting

Driving north on Waikawa Valley Road .Southland ,New Zealand at 2am this morning 01/01/2019.Blue green in colour and long tail it lit up the night sky around it.Slower than a shooting star,closer and larger.

Very bright shooting stat

Last night at approx 2am I saw a very bright ball streak through the sky, fleetingly. I'm located in dunedin and saw it while looking North/ north east. Still not sure if I saw a 'shooting star' or just an unusual firework, it is new years after all.

White meteor explodes blue flash

Along Jackson highway in Sacramento, Ca. White meteor came down and exploded as a large blue flash at 6:50 a m. This was far larger than any meteor I've ever seen.

I just seen a ball of fire

I just seen a ball of fire cut through the atmosphere in antioch ca at 5:44 PM today 12/29/18 I've seen before but this one lasted awhile. Very amusing .. can anyone tell me what it was ?

Twin Meteor/Re-entering Satellite

Hello, Seen while walking the dog down Madill Rd in Saint Andrews, Hamilton at 9.32pm (Dusk) 29/12/18: Two "burning lights" one above the other by perhaps a finger-width, with the lower one brighter than the other. Travelling left to right which must've been NW to SE (approx) at maybe 35-45 deg. First noticed them at around the region of Orions belt & they didn't "burn out" like other meteor's I've seen but continued until disappearing behind the roofs of houses. Slower than other "shooting stars" I've seen but quicker than the Int. Space Station. My guess is must've been an old rocket body or disused satellite headed for that region of the South Pacific Ocean that NASA calls "The Graveyard"! Hence the two parts, a bit that broke off... & the main bit. Any sightings corroborating mine (or even what it was) much appreciated.


About 10x brighter than any shooting star we have seen before around 10-11 pm fri 28th sh1 Pakaraka (near Kerikeri) in the south sky towards Kawakawa. Travelling west to east about 20-30 deg above the horizon clear fireball, much much brighter than any star or planet in the night sky

I saw this too

At about 10.40pm Saturday out on our little sailing boat in the Coromandel Hauraki Gulf, I was looking out of the open hatch when a huge orange fireball with a long wide flaming tail trailing it flew past like it was in slow motion. It looked so close. I have seen many shooting stars in my 61 years but never anything like this!

Ufo ?

Last night after 11pm was lying in bed looking at the stars out my window. At first i thought it was a shooting star but it lasted much longer and started fireballing then seemed to slowly disintegrate into nothing. Really cool ....tauranga nz

fire ball

I possibly saw the same thing. It was around 11pm. A large bright fire ball with a very long tail. It was in the northern sky, travelling east to west. Awesome. ... Hamilton NZ


I also saw this, started just to the right of Orion’s Belt and lasted for ages. Very intense and bright with an increasing brightness/size at the leading point until is dissapeard. Assumed it was a meteorite, I’ve seen a few shooting stars and this was much brighter and closer. Seemed to be within our atmosphere.

Meteorite 28 dec 2018

I also saw this, was on an island in Hauraki gulf and managed (by complete fluke) to catch it in a photo I was trying to take of the milky (just on my phone) - it seemed super close and I could hear a sort of sizzling sound too! First time ice seen something like this. Can't seem to add a photo here sorry :)

Fireball Friday 28 Dec

3 of us saw this. It was going roughly East to west. Quite slow. Slow enough to alert the other stargazers. Very close with a tail. Fiery oval ball. Absolutely amazing. Thought it must've hit here on the Coromandel. It was so close.

Christmas meteorite

Hello, Christmas night. I was in Auckland from Queenstown visiting old friends, as I was at their home I walked outside and seen a bright light flashing on and off ,slowly and fast ,stopping then starting again as if something was signaling so I yelled to my friends (come here! quick! Come here) afraid they would miss it and not believe me , there came out and could see it to, brighter than any star ! And that's when the show began, next thing (for the next 10 mins )(in the same spot , looking direction of the sky ,not very starry from city light pollution we watched stars in all directions dancing across the sky, so at first you think (yeah satellites) but no sorry their were lots sometimes 3 at the same time moving In different directions then one as fast as a shooting star shoot across then maded a 90 degree left turn in a L shape in the sky which was ufo confirmation and a big WOW ! that we had seen at the same time which is Awesome because it sucks seeing it by yourself because no one believes you, more of this keeped happening to our amazement ,and for the EPIC FINALE a bloody Massive! Like nobody in the history of man kind has ever seen before Meteorite in slow motion with massive long orange on fire tail at low altitude fight went right across in front of us , we were jumping up and down! And the bro said Wow that was the Business! What a show ! It was like the UFOs were surveying the meteor as it was coming in to earth's atmosphere to make sure everything was ok . After that everything Stopped. Thank you . Your sincerely Phillip Currie.


Seen something like a meteor with a tail type thing heading upwards tho above invercargill Southland nz around 3.45am this morning the. Disappeared slowly wth a smoke trail cloud left.can we see rockets from here in nz.maybe something heading to the space station???

Blue light flashing to the ground

I am coming from back from Texas to Alabama and when we got to new Orleans my son in law seen a blue light flash come down from the sky to the ground then smoke. .

Light falling from sky

Hi, This morning, December 19th, 2018, I was a having coffee around 5:15 am on my deck in Richland, Wa. when I was looking at a star to the northwest toward Hanford and saw a white type of light fall directly straight down from what seemed to be under the star. There were no sounds at all. I did not see any more after that. Wondering if anyone else saw this.

I saw 9 flashes in the sky

I saw 9 flashes in the sky around 7:20am. I live off of Ruppert Road. I saw them in the northern sky.

Meteor or space Junk?

object followed by long red tail falling through the sky in the daytime , we live on table land in North Taranaki (Ahititi) disappeared behind the hill-appeared close

Huge white flashes in the

Huge white flashes in the South - Southwest area of sky of the West side of South Island at approximately 23:15pm Saturday 15/12/18. A massive flash of light, then moving downwards towards the horizon changing from super bright white flashes and longer glowing periods. During the glow of this object I observed it to be about a1-2cm sized ball in the sky. About 4 - 6 bright flashes then it disappeared behind trees which were obscuring my view. Never seen anything like this ever in my life. Possible meteorite I presume? Looked incredible. I see other people have sighted lots onthis evening also. Ollie :)

Christmas meteorite

Hello I seen the flashes too in one spot on and off ,slow and fast like something was signaling ,then small star like Dots dancing across the sky in that same spot sometimes three at a time for 10 mins then the bloody massive meteorite went across right in front off us ! Wow ! couldn't believe what we had just witnessed , what a show ,magic! Cheers!