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Meteors - Your Eyewitness Reports!

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something falling from the sky

hey there guys I'm not very experienced in meteors or asteroids and what not but I was on a school camp and we were standing outside looking at the stars in pohara (a few km's North of takaka in golden bay new Zealand) and we saw a what looked like a massive shooting star that pretty much went from the top of the hills over top of terakohe right over the sky to just above the southern horizon and later for roughly for 10 seconds in which it split in two then burned up. we were wondering what it was. the occurred on the 4th of July at 6am

Brights lights in sky

My husband saw these two bright lights passing across temuka, South canterbury about 6.30 this morning. The front one was larger than the one following behind.


Hi Judy, I saw those too at the same time. I was driving past Waihi School and they past above me. They were travelling relatively slow from east to west and I could see them very clearly. They were not very high and it appeared they could land somewhere around Geraldine way. Was very cool to see!

2 bright lights shooting across the sky in Kaiapoi

Was leaving for work this morning about 6.20am and saw 2 bright distinct lights shooting across the sky 1 behind the other. Initially thought it was a very fast plane but it was moving way to fast. 1 appeared to have a flaming tail. It was very impressive and something I guess I will never see again. Pretty cool.


Hi i was in nelson hanging watching at 625am before work, from north heading south, i seen and faintly heard these two objects following each other they were bright white.could anyone tell me what it could off being please...

Two ufos draging for pink

Two ufos draging for pink slips the white one lost lol

2x meteor above Kaiapoi?

Saw two bright lights following low trajectory through the sky this morning while we were on the Waimak river for rowing training... 6:20-30ish. The brightest one looked like it had a jetstream and was being followed by the other which was a bit dimmer. Came from the north and was heading south.


Out walking the dog this morning in New Plymouth New Zealand at 6.20am saw a meteor shoot across the southern sky quite low trajectory from east to west. Amazing.


i dont think it was a meteor i was driving to hawera just before Normandy it appeared to be just above hawera going from east to west for about 8 sec at 6:20am 04/07/2018 it looked like a ballistic missile or a jet-planes engine using its afterburner or a blown engine

Early morning above Christchurch

The time was probably around 6:20am (04/07/2018). While cycling to work I looked up and saw two lights at same altitude (one following the other) moving very fast toward the west. I though it was an early morning airliner coming in but there was no noise and they were travelling too fast. Time of observation was about 4-5 seconds. Seemed very low and unusual.

Fabulous way to start the day

Spotted a moving light out of the corner of my eye, looked up and saw two lights that looked joined together with a smoky haze, with a tail on the end. Watched them trail E to W for what seemed like ages. Very special experience

I also saw these two lights

I also saw these two lights this morning!! Not to mention all the street lights went out at the same time for 2mins, which made the event even more odd or coincidentall.. Did look pretty :)

Green meteor

I’m from Denton,Texas And I was driving home. All of a sudden I look up to the sky and I see this green flame shooting across the sky. Seemed to be a meteor that is burning copper. So cool!


So i went to the hallway and i have a big window in the hallway through the window you can see the backyard and all i see in the sky is and orange circle and it's not moving at all and i tell my brother and he said it's just a helicopter

Bright light Southern California

I seen this more than once a long bright light going up and a few days later coming down each time around 8pm i lose sight of it when it comes down because of all the houses i know its not a plane because of the angle in which it is flying or falling. Any one else seen this?

I just seen this 2 hours

I just seen this 2 hours ago.. falling from the sky very quickly a long white figure... I'm in Ontario

29th June 2018

About 5pm 29/06/18 My son and I saw two objects falling from the sky on an angle. ( they looked like they had a trail behind them like an areoplane but the trail was all jaggered ). We are in Nelson NZ and we saw it looking out over the ocean.

10-12 Orange balls in the sky

I think I forgot to tell you were in Hamilton Ohio

10-12 Orange balls in the sky

On August 31st,2018 at approximately 10:45 PM My husband was sitting outside and yelled in to me I wish you could see what im seeing right now in the sky! So I went out and there was 10-12 Brilliant Orange balls like a neon orangish Red balls in the sky! It was amazing! They were all about the same size and oddly seemed to be for the most part lined up like they were following eachother . There was a couple of them off to the side and a couple falling a bit behind the others. They was not descending at all , made no noise and didnt have a tail like a meteor at all. They slowly flew across the sky and then just seemed to disappear around the same area. Possibly there may have been a cloud they went behind I dont know. It was a starry night for the most part though so I really have no other explanation. It was an amazing site and I didnt have a camera UGH! First time in my life seeing anything like this it was exciting!

red object flying in the sky in arnold mo

Did anyone see anything strange in the sky lastnight about 9:30 p.m. I was sitting on the deck watching fireworks and I see this red oblong thing it was blinking changing from bright red to a dimmer red. It was definitely not fireworks. Of all times I didn't have my camera. I know it wasn't a lantern balloon or an airplane. I watched it go over my house it looked like it was moving slow but it was really high in the sky. Just curious if anyone saw anything like this lastnight

Meteor sighting probablity

I too saw some red light..we had a power cut off at around 1 am.I was in my room windows were closed..suddenly a red light appeared and remained for like 10 to 15 seconds.I still wonder it was some meteorite.


I just saw a meteor in Hamilton approximately 10.20 pm 1 July. It lit up like a big orange fireball out of nowhere and blazed towards the ground with a long tail. Wowsers

I saw something similar last

I saw something similar last week im in christchurch

I just saw a huge green

I just saw a huge green object shooting through the sky with what appeared to be orange sparks coming off its tail as it travelled south to north just after midnight. I was marvelling at the huge full moon we have tonight and this object just shot in front of it and was comparable in size to the moon from my perspective. Very cool watching it go through the cloud layers. I’m in Calgary, Canada.

Possible meteor in Wanaka

I saw what looked like a shooting star in Wanaka on Thursday 28 June 2018; it wasn’t any normal shooting star though; it had a flaming tail and was very bright and close; any thoughts?

flaming object dropping to earth

Today 30th June 2018 at 1 pm we saw a white streak in the northern sky from Kaiwaka Northland. NZ 0573. With binoculars we could see an orange nose, it was heading west to east, then changed direction to down and left behind 2 static white clouds of its tail then turned to head to west direction. It must have headed away from us as we lost sight of it before it went below the horizon. I did take some photos but not extremely clear or close. Can you advise us if it was space junk or metoer or what. We are very interested. Marilyn.

Falling object

I saw what looked like a star falling at an angle but most of the falling stars i seen in past disappear instantly. This did not it was like a bright green/blue colour. It had no trail was very strange . Was concerned as i thought what ever it was it was gonna crash. This was approx 10:30pm gmt. In Tamworth,staffordshire,england

Bright yellow ball blazing

Bright yellow ball blazing downwards with a trailing glow at 11.50pm GMT, on 30/6/18 over Barton Seagrave, England. Much brighter, bigger and lasted longer than the usual 'shooting stars' I've witnessed.

Something on fire fall out of

Something on fire fall out of sky , 12:45, asbury park New Jersey . Scary as hell right now

Meteorite Over Pennsylvania

Just saw a meteorite flash across the sky approximately at 12:32 brightly colored white reddish looked farely large. I live in Dover Pennsylvania.

Meteor 6/ 28

I saw it too in east York, it was big, heading south .


Approx 7.10on 28/6/18 Driving towards Cheviot from the Hundalee saw a bright white light falling towards what looked like the Waiau region

Bright Orange Lights in sky

Posting from Cottingham in the United Kingdom. We saw at 22:04 a long line of orange which appeared to have energy at both ends and nothing in the middle. It did not move however it slowly disappeared from the centre outwards.


Saw bright fireball drop out of sky in the north about 6 50 in Lovells flat

Possible meteor seen from Cust

I noticed a bright light fall in the sky tonight at approx 7.08 pm. It appeared to the south west direction from the Cust, North Canterbury township.


I saw this one last week, I had just landed from a flight from Wellington, walking to my car park I saw a huge bright light fall from the sky, being at the airport I thought the worst but no one seemed to have noticed. I put it down to being a long day and I was seeing things. Glad it was real!!

I saw this i was in wainoni

I saw this i was in wainoni it was crazy

I also saw this, driving from

I also saw this, driving from Rangiora into Christchurch whilst on the Northern Motorway. Amazing!


Saw amazing green meteorite this evening at approx. 7.10pm looking North towards Dunedin. Biggest, brightest and greenest I've ever seen :)

Possible meteor

Approx 1850 large bright green light fell quickly from the sky it developed it an orange tail as it fell then was gone from view - viewed from Christhcurch in a south easterly direction.

green lights

saw a green blue light in the sky falling in the south east direction in christchurch. more thinking it was a ufo. really weird gave me a fright. any one else see it ??

Saw the same thing!! But Im in Los Angeles!

Yes a blue green BRIGHT light fell from the sky and seemed to explode twice- what a sight!!!

Green light over Matata

Approx 8.20pm green light fell through the sky, just off the coast near White Island!

Yes I saw this!!!

I saw this!! At 8:24 pm in Los Angeles!!

This was in NZ so doubt

This was in NZ so doubt whether it was the same meteor...

Rotorua sighting

Driving to Rotorua Airport from the city and saw meteor low in the sky, appearing large and white with yellow/orange pieces breaking off as it descended. This was at 8:20 pm so could be the same one reported near Rotoiti.

Rotorua sighting 27/6/18

Yes I saw that also, as you describe. Amazing sight! Very low in sky, travelling SW to NE


Bright, whitish ballish thing with tail streaking over Auckland sky for 1-2 seconds at about 8.15 pm. Anyone else see this?

Fireball with tail

We saw a fireball bright orange with a tail that fell over Auckland CBD at 8.20pm!

Auckland 27 june 2018 @ 20:15

travelling between auckland and whitford, same as others described, long range tail, seemed to even turn light green/white as it disappeared ... amazing sight !!!