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Saw same orange balls of light in Philippines night sky (2/5)...

Saw two very similar orange flares/balls of light in the night sky over the Philippines on Saturday night (5 February 2011). Was in Cebu (Mactan Island) specifically; both flares/balls of lights were heading in the same direction (eastward/south-eastward) before extinguishing (first one appeared to disappeared quickly after flying across the sky; the other faded away in the distance as if moving further from earth). Have been searching for insights/information on what exactly these lights were; any thoughts/ideas? - Back in Hong Kong after enjoying a weekend getaway in the Philippines

Singapore. 9 February 2011. 10 pm

OMG. My sis and I saw the exact same thing. First there's this really a larger-than-a-normal-sized-star kind of a glowing orange ball which was floating in the sky. Then I think it just go further and further away from our direction and it slowly disappears. And when we look again, a few distance to the left, 2 to 3 looking balls just appear. And they are like normal blinking stars but they moved towards the east side direction and they too slowly disappeared by moving like what you said, further away from earth. Woah, I need an explanation for all of this sightings. What may have caused this?

Bright lights in sky

At about 9:45pm 5/2/2011 in Rangiora Christchurch New Zealand was standing outside and happened to look up at the sky and then all of sudden saw these 6 bright lights. At first i thought they were airoplanes but they were to close together and as they came closer realised that they were making no noise. They were clumbed together and then seperated. We could hear our neighbours saying wtf as they didnt know what they were either. They just disapearred into the horizion. Then a few seconds later saw another one by itself and the same thing happened. Have photos to back this up. Never seen anything like it before.

re bright lights

I have friends in Rangiora who saw these lights also and were really freaked out by them. They also said there was no sound. Did you ever get any answer as to what they may have been? Has anybody asked the media?

Bright lights in sky

i also saw these lights and called my flatm8s n neighbours out to have a look. i'm pretty sure we are the neighbours u heard 2 . we live on kotare ave. would love to c photo's because our cellphones couldnt focus enough. freaked us out.

Bright Lights in the sky

Our family also saw these lights, initially 5 light and then one on its own. The five passed directly over our house and seemed to fade away heading towards Christchurch. The fifth light seemed to fade out before it got to our house. They were traveling in a north south direction seemed to be an orange glow traveling very fast with no noise. Would love to see the Photos

Given the time of year we may

Given the time of year we may have an answer to the lights. I suspect they were Chinese Latterns celebrating the new year.


i live in near Glasgow and i saw a yellow light cross the sky almost like a firework, i think it may have been a fireball meteor, this was between 8.30 and 9pm last night.

Star like light

hi i live in Cape Town South Africa and as per usuall was sitting outside yesterday evening when my 4year old son alerted me to the star that was moving. I saw a star like light moving very fast accross starting at the north west side of orions belt and moved within a minute accross the entire sky and was visible for a shortlwhile as it went deeper into space this was incredible to see

same thing

I live in wisconsin,USA and i was just outside (6:50pm central) and we were looking at the sky and we notice this 2 stars tht were just odd. They were by orins belt were his feet are bt jst a little bit above it. All of a sudden they staring moving fast they were moving parallel to each other bt one was always ahead by a little at first they moved towers the west and then dissapear and we were like wtf. Bt then they appear near orins belt and started moving east then we fallow it they went right above us bt we coudnt tell what it was it was to far away to see we jst saw light like a star bt th weird thing was tht we saw a plane go their direction n they stopped completly n started moving afterwards bt thats when we lost it

Glowing orange ball

Hi there

My husband and isaw what sounds like to be the exact same thing last night in lonehill, johannesburg, south africa.... Saturday 29 January 2010!

Red UFO Liverpool 19.32

Just seen red ball in the sky over Liverpool by Kirby looked like ball with flames as a trail

Red UFO Liverpool 19.32

Just seen red ball in the sky over Liverpool by Kirby looked like ball with flames as a trail

Orange ball in sky 19th Jan Sheffield

Driving home with my son in car, both saw orange ball of light in the sky. HUGE! Also had a tail of what appeared to be either flames or orange debris. It seemed to be moving pretty fast, faster than a passenger jet, but stayed visible for approximate 1 to1.5 minutes. It went in the direction from Sheffield to Doncaster at around 19.40 to 20.00 hours. Left a massive area in sky like a Gap? Even tho full moon, this was extremely bright and perfectly visible. AMAZING!!!!!


Just seen what I think is the same thing over liverpool

Bright orange light over Sth Auckland 11:53pm New Years Eve

Four of us watched a large fuzzy edged bright orange light come toward us from the south flying under the sparse cloud layer.
It was travelling a line from magnetic south to magnetic north.
It slowed down a little when it flew overhead us in Drury then sped up as it made it's way over Ardmore airfield.
Before it reached the horizon it began gaining altitude and vanished into the cloud.
There where no flashing navigation lights and no sound at all.
The night was very still and quiet which is why I was stunned not to hear any sound even with my hands cupped around my ears to magnify sounds.
Doing a little math I worked out some approx data: The light travelled at an average speed of 350 knots (650km/hr) and was about 18 meters in diameter.
We watched it for about 1.5 mins.
I am a bit of an aircraft enthusiast and this is the first thing I've ever seen that falls into an unknown catagory.

Strange light

I live in Whangarei, New zealand and at 10.40ish last night i happened to look outside at the moon because it had looked so big and bright when it was rising up. Just across from it in the sky was this weird light. It was quite big, bigger than a normal star, and it looked the same colour as an orange street light. At first i thought it was a star, but stars aren't that large or that orange, then I thought maybe it was the rescue helicopter about to land on the hospital, but the light wasn't blinking, and it didn't appear to be moving (much). I got my husband to come and have a look at it and he couldn't tell what it was either. Then as we were watching it all of a sudden it just vanished. Like, poof, completely gone. The sky was totally clear everywhere with no clouds, and there were heaps of stars out, and I have NO IDEA what this was. totally freaked me out. it was the strangest thing i have seen. I wish that I had a telescope or had gotten a photo of it

I live in Cork, Ireland and I

I live in Cork, Ireland and I saw exactly what you described last night around 8pm. It wasn't an aircraft, the light was much too bright and it was moving very slowly....and then it disappeared. Clear night too. It freaked me out as I don't believe it was a meteor or a satellite, but then I haven't witnessed anything like that so I guess it could have been. Very strange.

6.57 am i live in louth

6.57 am i live in louth lincolnshire and was oppening the curtions looking south and the first thing i noticed was a big bright light in the sky...can any 1 explain it?...

Orange lights 3/01/11 Gisbourne new zealand

i was sitting on the beach at about 930pm where i had just finished watching the sun set looked a little further south and i saw from all over the sky about 10 bright orange lights all come together into a weird formation then without noticing a change they had gone into pairs then again back to the formation then the lights got dim and disappeared.. definitely not satellites or stars!!

shooting star seen last night

North Alabama: I saw a large or close shooting star or meteor last night around 6:15pm Central time. It was streaking across the sky from the south to the northwest. It was very bright with a tail. Did anyone else see it? What was it?

Orange ball with blue tail in sky.

I live in North Georgia and tonight, just before 9pm on my way home from class my boyfriend and I both witnessed a large orange ball that appeared to be a meteor with a blue tail heading for the ground at lightning fast speed. We drove around to find where it looked like it would have landed but there was no explosion, no fire, no aftermath whatsoever. It was the weirdest thing. My boyfriend made a report to the local sheriff's office. They were no help. We are both very curious and would love to hear an explanation.

Shooting star Alabama

My daughter and I saw that as well - we were wondering what it scared us because it was larger than a normal shooting star and much slower......

Meteor? Satellite?

I too saw a strange orange ball of light last night, just before 10 (Birkdale, Auckland). Have never seen anything like it and due to the seeming proximity to earth, the colour and the speed (and the fact it seemed to disappear), I find it hard to believe it was a satellite

i Have senn the same orange thing last night

i have seen in Glen Eden auckland orange light flaying higher then airoplane it was l around 9 40 pm night it was verry strange orange and after few minutes it desapear we all know it was something i know it was not saletite we are not that stupid

Satellite constillation

Manurewa Auckland Saturday 16th January 10.50 pm.
Myself and four other family members were sitting outside on the patio when we saw a cluster of orange lights slowly travelling from east to west .slowly travelling higher into the skies atmosphere.dissapearing as it traveeld further west.They looked like stars but orange and oddly enough to me they looked like they were sequenced the way they followed each other.totally amazing. I rang the stardome in Auckland who'd recieved several calls.They suggested it was a satellite constillation.

i Have seen the same thing

i Have seen the same thing last night same thing what you saw i dont belive it was a satellite constillation. thats a lie

same orange lights in oxford england...cowely area

oh my days!!! i just spotted at least 6 bright UFO's in the night sky heading over oxford cowely 04:25am!!! not stars not planes ..too close to each other!!!! any one else!!!!

satellite constillation

Sorry that was 9.50pm

proff it to uss that it was a

proff it to uss that it was a satellite constillation. at nighti want proff

meteor chch

saw a big meteor type thing cross the sky in chch about an hour back. burnt out after taking about 1min to cross the sky. pretty strange lookin.

Meteor - Jacksonville Florida 1/12/2011 1:15am

Jacksonville, Florida 1/12/2011 1:15am. I just saw an amazing meteor travel from north to south about 30 degrees high in the sky while I was facing east. It traveled across about 60% of my field of view. It seemed to be brighter and lasted longer than any other meteor I have ever seen. It also appeared to be moving slower or was much closer than any other meteor that I've seen. It appeared to have a tail (like a comet) and appeared to turn downward as if it were going to strike the ground soon; before I lost sight of it behind my house... Simply amazing.

Does anyone know how to get

Does anyone know how to get the video off the Cell phone of this?? It is about 2 minutes worth...

It depends on the phone type

It depends on the phone type - but normally you would forward the video to an email address from your phone... or plug your phone into a computer using the appropriate leads.  Might need to consult the phone manufacturer.


WeatherWatch team

I saw it as well in Tampa I

I saw it as well in Tampa I thought the time was somewhat later though but I didn't look at the time. I was taking my trash out and in the ESE Sky I watched it and it was huge at first I thought it was venus but it was way too big for that and it was moving, I then thought a plane but it had almost the tail of a comet, I watched for a few minutes and went back inside because it was cold here like 30 degrees in florida no less

shooting star/meteor in east sky arizona

did anyone just see that? bright royal blue. sitting on east facing patio in phoenix

i live in the uk and tonight

i live in the uk and tonight when i looked at the sky there was 2 faint moving stars i guessed i one going south and the other going north i then saw one of them flash once and i never saw that one again any one have any ideas

Bright orange reddish light

I live in Northland, New Zealand in a little town called Kaitaia. At about 9-50pm on 08/01/2011 myself and my son watched a big bright orange reddish light slowly cross the night sky, it almost appeared to be something on fire. After a few minutes observing the light it slowly faded into the cloud coverage. What was it?

Reddish orange fireball in the sky

In mid-December, 2010 around 10:00pm I watched what looked like a reddish, orange fireball moving slowly across the sky. It had a short tail that was also red - orange looking much like a flame. The tail appeared to be moving back and fourth quickly almost like a fish swimming. It seemed to be going due North. I do not think it was a meteor as it seemed to be travelling more about the speed of an airplane. I heard no sound from it at all. It took probably a minute or a little less to cross the sky and disappear behind the tree line.
Location: Live Oak, Florida, USA.

Orange lights

The orange lights are most likely to be chinese laterns !

I saw this too... The same

I saw this too... The same thing happened on NYE. at about 9.30pm it flew across the sky in exactly the same path and speed. I live in Auckland CBD

orange falling light

I live about 20 miles southeast of Mexico City (Tuleyhualco) and I just (7:45pm) saw a large orange light which appeared to initially be travelling horizontally in the western sky. It then became slightly dimmer and looked as though it dropped straight down. It apeared large (if usual stars are the size if a pencil tip, this light was the size of a pencil eraser) to me and I've never seen anything like it!

Bright reddish star

I live in Flushing NY the past year I've noticed what I thought was a star, I'm not so sure anymore what it is, it changes from a golden silvery to a reddish color and it's huge,the thing flickers. One morning between 5 and 5:30 am I couldn't sleep so I went out back and there it was at first I thought a plane was coming in to land that thing was so big much larger than before but it didn't move and the damn thing just disappeared:( It's back almost every night big as hell and flickering, does anyone have a clue what that thing is?

Red light

I also saw from my family's garden in Frome, Somerset on Christmas day eve (9:30ish) low on the southern sky. A bright red light that got progressively brighter over a period of about 1 minute until it looked as if it was an explosion of red in the night sky. Then after 4minutes it dulled down followed by cloud cover. The light did not move during its show which would suggest that it was not any meteor or falling satellite.

It was the most tremendous thing i have ever seen in the night sky, I cannot explain how much it stood out. It is interesting to hear it was also seen in Oxford earlier in the evening.

Who would be the best group to email about this...I have already emailed but without any response.

orange ball of light

i also saw a single orange light in whitianga, cormandal, new zealand on sun 3rd jan at it traveled some distance and was to fast for a plane which i can rule out as there was no engine noise and as it disappeared way in the distance it turned into a faint red dot, i called my wife and father in law who witnessed it as well. and if anyone thinks it was a lantern then they must have still be feeling the effects of new years eve

i also saw a single orange

i also saw a single orange light in whitianga sun it traveled some distance and was to fast for a plane which i can rule out as there was no engine noise and as it disappeared way in the distance it turned into a faint red dot, i called my wife and father in law who witnessed it as well. and if anyone thinks it was a lantern then they must have still be feeling the effects of new years eve

Just saw something very

Just saw something very similar at waihi beach NZ.
orange light falling slowly then disappearing in eastern sky, looked like a very bright star.
around 2230 on 7/1/11. Witnessed by 2.

I saw exactually the same

I saw exactually the same thing in Auckland. I called my mum and her friends out who all witnessed it. It was definately not a plane as about 2 mins later a plane flew past in the same direction and was nothing like the HUGE orange light in the sky. I have seen something similar to this before where the object burnt up in the atmosphere, but this orange light went on for a lot longer... must have been rather large!!!

it wasn't tanker and it wasn't an aeroplane

hi i live in fairlie, canterbury new zealand
A couple of weeks ago i woke up and couldn't sleep. I don't know what was up but i looked out the window and in the far paddock i saw what looked to me like approx 10 red lights and i thought "hang on a minute thats not a tanker, and i sat there and stared at it for about 1 minute and the n the red lights were gone in an instant second. they did not move in that minute, so goodness knows what it was.

on the 2/01/11 at about 1245 am i woke up to a noise wich sounded like a 125cc motorbike driving right around my house the noise got closer and closer and the lights got brighter and brighter. then it went right over top of my house very low and was gone in an instant. o.k was certainly not an aeroplane. shame i didn't have my camera on me i woulda been out there snapping

Orange /REd Lights

On New Year's Eve about eight of us saw these two red/orange round/v shaped objects gliding parallel to each other right past the house. We were in the lanai and we all said to each other what is that? did you see that? we were mesmerized..........they came from the south to the north and when in the distance to the north they was a steady movement.................then about an hour later a single one passed by..............very bizarre.............I did take pictures.......................but have not downloaded them yet but you could see the shape and color in the photo. Eerie.....................some say lanterns but I see they have been reported all over the world in UK, NZ, etc. This took place overlooking the Enclaves in Sarasota, down behind Ponder Ave, Sarasota. The sky was clear apart from stars and these bright objects.