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Me and my friends also saw

Me and my friends also saw these lights... but we saw probably 18-19 lights in total. started with 3 lights, 2 lights, then the rest just traveled in solo. same rate of speed and direction. I'm from Manila, Philippines.

Orange light in the sky-Ontario, Canada

Indeed, me and my husband saw one orange light. Maybe there was more but there was alot of fog that night. It was coming toward our house at a not very high altitude. We saw it from the living room window. We are underneath a path for airplanes and helicopters but it was not travelling in that same path. It was going quite slow at the beginning and when we went outside to view it better, it changed direction and went NE towards the Ottawa River in Ontario, Canada. We heard no sound at all! Not even the slight noise of an engine. Il was quite weird and not tipical. That happened on the 17th of march at approximately 10:00pm.

what is this site? ok guys,

what is this site? ok guys, have you ever seen flares that have propellers on them? someone was shooting them down the street, they are used by the military. if you see this, call the police they may be able to track them down, they can cause fires and have done so. geesh what you do you think the aliens are coming, goodness...

Bright Luminous light in the sky

Time of sighting: 0430
Date: 17 March 2011
Location: Al Taquddum, Iraq

Firstly, I'm not to sure about all the fast moving or blinking lights most people are talking about, but, considering I did have similar reports of a few people in this post I'll add my intuition to the subject.
This morning at aroung 0500, I walked outside of my AO and noticed a bright star in the sky approx. in the Northeast region and judging my the height above the horizon it was at I would guess it had only been visible from Iraq for around 30 to 40 minutes. At first glance it appeared to be a star in it's supernova stage. When taking a steadily closer glance though, it didn't have the appearence of a pulsating object (as most stars or objects in the sky have, judging by distance). It has a somewhat steady glow which would indicate a reflection of light rather than a source of light (although it is extremely distorted through the atmosphere). I immediately looked up astrological phenomenon through various sources, including NASA, and have come up with a reasonable conclusion that it's simply the planet Mercury. With thus assumption I then continued on to check astrological positioning charts dated for 16 or 17 March 2011. What I found was, according to most readable charts, the planet Mercury, around this date, is supposed to be directly between Earth and the Sun. This would mean that with Mercury's astrological position it would not have the appropriate angle to reflect as much light as it now currently is. I highly doubt that it is some unnatural phenomenon, but, I would love to figure this out. Usually I'm up to date on what's going on in our night sky's

I saw the object last night

I saw the object last night it's in the east not west - not mercury. I tracked it traveling very slowly up into the sky not a planet nor satellite nor aircraft. It had blue green and red flashing lights around a white core. I live in Tucson and it rose due east I'm guessing the colored lights were atmospheric disturbances to a very bright star yet it seemed totravel faster than a star

I understand what you're

I understand what you're saying. I didn't have the opportunity to exactly the study the object in clear conditions. Being in Iraq the air is usually full of dust which causes many problems when viewing the sky and the object was only viewable allong the horizon for a short period of time before the sun rose above the horizon as well and blocked out most of the prominent features of the object. Yet, I still was able to see it in the sky for almost 1.5 hours after the sun was visible above the horizon. There are only a few things in the night sky that are visible when daylight comes and they only last until the sun is almost above the horizon. I'm still uncertain of what I saw but I am certain of two things.
1. It did not have a common trajectory through the night sky, based off of Earth's rotation. It veared from the North East even further East which dosn't make any physical sense.
2. The intensity of it's illumination (I would be willing to say it was approx. .75 as bright as the moon) almost seemed as though it was a producer of light rather than a reflecting object, based off of it's astrological direction in relation to the sun and other planets.

Bright blinking large stationary light seen in CT sky 03-13-2011

I got up due to being very restless at around 4:30 or so this morning. Just before I was going to sit down at the computer, around 4:45, I noticed a bright light out my front living room window. There are no other lights in the sky, no stars, just this light which is still out there. When it was a bit darker outside, it was more of a white orangey bright light, but now it is getting lighter out and it is slightly smaller than it was, but still very visible. It is flashing the way a light bulb about to burn out might look or a lamp with a short. At first I thought it might be a helicopter getting ready to land near our emergency medical center, but it never left the sky.
Did anyone else see this? It's 5:37AM now and it is either gone, or behind these clouds now.

I am in Florida but I saw

I am in Florida but I saw something similar on the morning of March 12. Same thing, I woke up at 4:30 AM, I briefly checked the news because I was disturbed about the events in Japan. Then I went back to bed , said a little prayer, and tried and go to sleep. I saw a very bright pulsating light approaching, which at first I thought was a helicopter. It hovered over the ocean for almost two hours! It slowly departed toward the east just before day break. It was a very clear morning, and I got a very good and long look at it with binoculars. Oddly, no one else on this very populated beach has reported anything, no news what so ever.
I reported this to the local police at 5:30 AM. They said no one else had called. I then called at 2:30 and they said that they had a few reports and that it had to do with a rocket launch from NASA I don't think so....

I'm in Austin texas and I've

I'm in Austin texas and I've been watching the skies the last couble of nights there are two stars I don't recognize one flashing blue and red looks like it could be a plane but its been in the same position now for several hours another in the center is red too small to be a plane.Real weird. All this stuff going on lately I'm starting to think our governments up to something.

lots of dots on Delaware's sky

like around 5pm me and my friend saw lots of lights that when on and off. does lights were moving too fast and they din't look like some kind of bird bcuz some birds pass by.the lights were white and look more then 50 in total bcuz their were in small groups. did any one saw this on mar. 13 2011?


on march 12 2011 me and my siblings were outside and we saw something like a circular disc with orange and red blinking lights. we have no evidence but we saw it with our own eyes.if you have seen the same thing please reply.

Oh and I am also in Alberta

Oh and I am also in Alberta Canada!

I also saw 3 red lights

I also saw 3 red lights flashing one after the other,but these lights were in a verticle line. At first I thought it was one of those towers but these lights were moving way to quickly,almost like it was spinning! I was driving and was looking for a spot to pull over,they slowly disappeared behind the trees...This was also on March 12 2011 at about 8 15 pm! Believe me,it was not a tower!!

Red glow in night sky 13-03-2011

Hi, Im from Sydney Australia,
Sunday 13th March 2011, say close to 11pm.
I went outside for a ciggarette at this time and witnessed this as well.
It appeared as a red glow consisting of a few lights spining in a triangular motion.
It wasn't goin to fast but slowly dissappeared in the horizon beyond trees far in the distance.
The lights did not appear like that of an aircraft that blinks on and off continously when they fly in the night. I've did a search and alot of people around the world have seen this reddish glow on this day!

Bright color lights over Ottawa, Canada - March 8

My husband, my son and I saw a very bright object in the eastern sky on March 8th at about 9:00 pm. The object was brighter than any star in the sky. It moved very slowly towards the east and further up in the sky. To the naked eye, you could see rays of white lights shooting from the middle. With binoculars you could see bright red, green, yellow and blue lights that changed in patterns. The object was like a dish standing vertically and rotating clockwise. We watched for over an hour. It became smaller and it seemed to be moving away because we could not see the lights as clearly any more with the binoculars. We also noticed a second object further south in the sky. But by the time we noticed it, we could not see it clearly because there was a tree in the way.

It was not a star, planet or meteor. It was not a satellite either. It did not move rapidly. We have been looking for similar reports and have found nothing.

i saw a number of those!

I live in New Zealand, I think it was the 13th march, i saw exactly the same thing! I saw 3, and through binoculars they looked unbeleovable, out of this world. the colours and changing light formations blew me away, and yes a vertical disc like object. It hurt my eyes when I looked through the binoculars. weird

red lights in the sky

I saw big bright red triangular lights in the sky.....what are they?....I watched them for like two minutes and they were glowing, I am in London, do they symbolise something? they appear frequently?...after two minutes the clouds covered them up, unfortunately didnt have a camera or a phone to take a picture at that moment

big light ball over sky Singapore

10.30 pm GMT +8 : march 9th
Hi saw a big light ball crossing the sky in Singapore!!!
No sound and moves fast! It was impressive!

big light ball over sky Singapore

Hi Mac, we may have saw the same thing...
At about 10.30pm 9 March 2011, I was with a group of friends at a Coffee Shop along Upper Bukit Timah Road when I saw a big green ball of light falling fast. It past through some clouds and I lost sight of it behind some buildings. I would say it was in the North direction.
Only me and a guy from the next table saw it.
Been trying to find out what it is and found this page instead.

well about 8:30 3/6/2011 in

well about 8:30 3/6/2011 in fort worth tx i was driving home and i looked up and saw a downward shooting blue light it was ball shaped... it only lasted about 2 or 3 seconds, it wasnt a plane-didnt blink or and other characteristics- not a meteorite-no streaks and i have seen alot of them so i know that wasnt it **can anybody tell me what i saw or something about this**

I saw the same thing Sunday 3/6/2011..but it was @ 1am

hey.. I saw the same falling was green bluish with a redish orange tail..falling from the sky..but i only seen it half way only appeared in the middle of the crazy as that seems..but it lasted for about 3 seconds then it vanished...SUPER WEIRED...

everyone that I have told said it sound like a falling star..i never seen one so idk.. =/

I SAW IT TOO! I saw it in

I saw it in Auckland, NZ!!!!


last night on the 15/03/2011. from a northern suburb in Brisbane, Australia. i just randomly looked in2 the sky as you do at 10:45/11:00 pm at night while having a smoke, and i saw a big green/blue flash/beam type light, falling through the sky, like a shooting star. i thought a plane was crashing so i told my hubby to look in the sky but by the time he turned, it disappeared. i was so stunned, so I hopped straight on google typing in what i saw (the colour, the date, what it looked like) to see if a meteor or star or comet or whatever was due to go across, or just any information but have found nothing. I came across the story about 'Elenin Comet' and how there is 'meant to be' a pole shift, because the comet, along with the north and south poles, the sun, the earth, and six other planets, were due to be in alignment., you know, hence causing a big natural disaster, and i typed in 'Elenin Comet' in google images, and the picture looked EXACTLY like the thing i saw in the jokes. but im not too sure what it was yet. because the comet isn't meant to b noticeable until september sometime. Im still trying to google other suggestions to see if anyone else saw it on the ssame day, or just anything similar to it. if you type in 'Elenin comet' in google images and see the picture. if thats the same kind of light you saw, then i'll just be happy about that

I live on the Gold Coast and

I live on the Gold Coast and went outside for a cigarette last night 15/3/2011 about 10.45pm and saw the same thing, it was much bigger than the average shooting star and had a green & blue tail. The whole event only lasted a few seconds but was quite spectacular, I am surprised that there is absolutely no news about it either on tv or the net, I am regularly outside at night and have never seen anything like it.

Red Light over Asuncion, Paraguay, March 5, 2011

March 5, 4:50 A.M. I lost my sleep and I went for a cigarette at my balcony, immediately I saw a bright red light that was moving in direction where my apartment building is located, when it got closer I could notice that on top of the red light what appears a line of windows with a series of lights moving in sequence from left to right from my point of view. It never changed direction and it was fast. The lights on top were changing from orange, white, and clear blue. I do not know if the lights were in a sequence on and off or the thing was rotating. For the speed I knew that I wouldn´t have the time to look for a camera, so I only paid attention to details. So far I have told my experience to my wife, and couple of friends, but nobody really believes me. I am feeling disappointed, and now I understand people that even have pictures or videos of them. Any ways nobody believes, only the people that have had the experience.

4 bright lights in cape tpwn skies

hi on the 3rd of march just after 9 the evening,myself and 3 other buds,saw 4 bright orange redish lights in the clear skies of cape town.we knew it was no plane or flare.3 of them where close together and the 4th not to far behind.traveling in N.E direction.the first 3 then just dissapeared in thin air wgere the 4th one hang around a bit then travelling the same direction as the other 3 then dissapearing aswell.

does anyone know what it was.

my husband and i are staying

my husband and i are staying in Malgas 4 hrs from CT. at around 2 am last night he woke me, a large yellow orange object was hanging in the eastern sky, it moved slowly across to the west then our vision of it throught window disappeared. This took maybe 1 3/4 hrs, We thought it was maybe a satellite, but no, we don't know. it wasn't a plane for sure, nothing we have seen moves so deliberate and slow in the sky??

I saw it too but only saw 3

I saw it too but only saw 3 orange lights. 2 of them acted as if they were on opposite sides of an object, one moving up while the other moved down, like lights on a planes wings while the third looked as if it was being dragged along behind. It seemed asif there was nothing in between. If you find out what it was pls let me know.

Red light over Blenheim, NZ

On Thursday 3 March @ approx 9:15pm we saw this big red light in the sky. At first we thought it was a plane, but there were no flashing lights, just a solid red colour and it was going in a direction planes don't normally fly. It was also quite a large light. It didn't move as fast as a shooting star and it lasted for about a minute before it dissapeared behind a little cloud. We waited for it to reappear but it didn't. Anybody else see that too and any idea what it was?

Strange Blinding Flash

around 4:30 pm PST today, at my home in the greater Seattle area, there was a ubiquitous blinding flash all around. Me and my mother were in the kitchen facing opposite directions, and we immediately turned and looked at each other right after this happened. It lasted only a fraction of a second. As quick as, and similar to sheet lightning, but about ten or twenty times brighter. I knew right away that it wasnt lightning. We heard no thunder. None of the lights, the TV (which was on), or any other appliances reacted at all. It was overcast, and drizzling slightly, but no thunder or lightning were present or forcasted. We have yet to find anyone else living in our general area who saw this. Nothing on the internet or news said anything either. Any ideas? We are both EXTREMELY curious. I almost called 911 because it was so unlike anything I have ever seen, or heard of ever before.

the same thing happened to me

the same thing happened to me last night 23/03/2011 in london, england. i was looking in the sky because there were reports of two stationary white lights flashing blue green and red, i finally saw them both and all of a sudden it was like lightning had hit. im still confused. seems like it was a dream or a film.....

Strange light in TX

At 3:30 am on 3-3-11 I was standing outside by a lake looking out to the sky. I saw a ball of light appear in mid air, and then drop quickly. It seemed to disappear behind some low laying clouds. I have never had an experience like this before, and it was a little creepy. When I saw this my reaction was "oh my God". It was not a meteor. Anyone else see this light? I saw another between 2 stars about 15 min later. I witnessed this while in Las Colinas, TX.

Strange Lights in Dublin

Well, around 19:45/19:50 i was walking to Stillorgan (Dublin) and I don't know why i was looking at the sky..
I saw a big orange light ball..
It wasn't a star and it couldn't be the light of a plane. I think it couldn't be a meteor too because the light didn't move(going down like a shooting star).. the weird thing is that the orange ball starts ''pulsing'' like being bigger and after smaller, bigger and smaller.
was very very shiny and i could see it very clear.
At the beginning i thought it was a plane but thats not possible, as the planes light are not so big, orange, and shiny...
After 1 minute or maybe 2 i couldn't see the light anymore.
Did someone saw something similar...?

I have just seen an unusual

I have just seen an unusual orange light over stillorgan. It was not a plane it was too low and no flashing about 20.30 sunday 20 th march. It was not a satalite. it was not the spacestation. It was not a meteorite, much too slow. Any clues? I dont think it was a lantern.


green lights

To at 145am I was leaving to work I tried to start my car and it would not not like it did not have any power and as I looked up I see these flashing green lights coming down in an angle I could not see anything due to the fog being so low then I see the lights again so I start to listen and I he hovering then again I see the lights coming down in the same angle the light were maybe 500 ft in the air just wish I could of see wat it was the lights we're rectagon its was a crazy feeling I had but without seeing wat it was I could only imagine.

Orange balls in sky

My husband and I were walking out of the convience store on Friday the 25th and happened to look up and saw about 8 orange balls in the sky in Deltona, FL. And as we looked down the street there were more following the first 8. It looked like they were just appearing. There were alot of people who witnessed this. I checked the news and the newspapers but no mention. I've talked to people and they keep saying chinese lanterns, but I just don't see how that can be. Any one have any clues?

ball of fire


Green flash in sky seen in Richmond Va

At about 8pm I saw a flash of green light in the sky, It was very obvious that it wasn't lightening but second guessing my self I pulled in my driveway and waited to see if I see any lightening as it was cloudy and drizzling I waited and waited but there was no lightening. I asked my husband was there a call for lightening he said no so I asked him to watch to see if he see anything but it was nothing. I told him what I saw and I am sure I saw the green flash but strange that it was only once and it wasn't a call for lightening this night nor was it lightening in the sky anyway. Just thought I'd share as I cannot get this image out of my head in all my 36yrs on this earth I never seen anything like it.


Meteors spoted around 4;30 am i was traveling west on rt 78 in new jersey it came across south to north .Too bad it didn't land on!! Ialso spoted the one on 2/14 12;30pm traveling north on295 from paulsboro nj they said that one landed in long iland ny

two flashing stars

at around 5am eastern standard time i notice a single flash in the sky as i was going in to my house. i turned to see two more flashes .they flashed symoltaneously in a straight vertical line they were not in the sky. it was far out in space no doubt. it was like the star just flashed and disappeared. it appeared in the south east sky . i am in the Dominican Republic.

I'm from New Jersey, I was

I'm from New Jersey, I was out early in the evening with a telescope looking south. Out of the corner of my eye toward the east I saw two bright lights I thought looked like a bright double star, one of them (slightly north of the other) moved southward closer to the other one and seemed to stop and both grew brighter and then vanished...this whole sighting took only a few seconds. I could not locate them with my binoculars or telescope.

Possible Meteor / UFO?

On Saturday 9th Feb me and my partner had just arrived at Goat Island camping ground around 9.30pm in the North Island of New Zealand which is about an hour out of Auckland heading North.
It was quite late by the time we settled but the sky was completely lit up and there was a beautiful full moon me and my partner were observing. We were relaxing and both looking up at the sky when my partner pointed out something in the sky.
It was really bright and really high up moving at a considerable speed towards the earth and every now and again it would flash like it was on fire, then it would go back to its normal light and fall some more then flash again. As much as I wanted this to be a UFO i believe this may have been a massive meteorite as it was heading in the same direction and was falling at such a speed, i would assume the bright flashes werte perhaps it burning up in the atmosphere.
We both watched it until it slowly just came out of view and disappeared, amazing to see.
Can anyone shed any light on this or did anyone see the same thing?

flash of light

As I was driving on route 4 in Teaneck NJ this am about 7:20, I saw a large, bight flash of light, it lasted a second or so, but it was bright. It appeared to be the largest flood light in the sky. I expected a big boom with the flash, but none came. Then I thought maybe a power outage, and non came. weird.

Fire in the sky over DESTIN FLA.

Tonight at 6:37 exactly. ( driving home from work, my daughters movie stared at 6:45 afraid to pick her up late. Glanced at the time) Driving down Airport road toward Main Street. A ball of flames bright orange and yellow HUGE. Shot in three different directions, falling fast with a tail of fire. Since I live so close to the airport, I thought a plane had exploded in the air.
I always carry a camera, my head still trying to relize what I was seeing I couldn't get it without having a wreck.
I just kept staring and saying out loud what IS that??!!???
I rounded the corner onto Main so I could safely look and it was just gone.
I was so shaken, I called 911
Spoke to Sherrifs dept and Destin Fire and rescue.
I think they thought I had lost my mind. I felt like I had too.
I came home and asked on Fb if anyone else had seen it. Something this huge someone had to.
One person said she had and I felt better.
However, I keep checking my front drive for the arrest me for filing a false report.
I can't tell you what it was. I just know it ws HUGE and ALL over the sky and then it was not.
It really scared me.
I tell you it looked like something had blown up and shattered in all directions.

Moving lights

Approx 10.20pm 18.02.11, myself and others saw x3 clearly moving lights in the sky. I saw a fourth, this one was not as clear as the others and dissappeared alot quicker - by the time I ran inside to tell everyone that there was another, it has gone. Based in South Auckland, NZ. Very amazing - this happened within the space of 5-10mins, one after the other however moving in different directions. They were moving quite fast, and eventually the lights dissappeared. We have never seen this before, really cool to see.....

Hi there - the Chinese

Hi there - the Chinese lantern festival has started in Auckland this weekend and your description sounds very similar to the lanterns that are set off in the sky - from ground it's very hard to work out if they're far away or very close.

- WeatherWatch

UFO or meteorite

I seen it. I was comming from Chester Pa. it streaked across the sky and impacted around Aston. I seen an explosion in the trees and smoke. Little green men came ot of it. LOL!

fireball on Feb 14, 2011

at 12:38 pm. I was in Aston, Pa. in a church parking lot...Just as I put my sandwich in my mouth, I looked up and saw a metallic gold beam of light from up right fall to the lower left....I'm not good with north, south, east, etc...without a compass. At any rate, with some hesitation I called 911 and obtained the operator's Number for documentation. I told her I was almost not going to call 911 because I didn't want anyone to think I was "coo coo"; but I know what I saw. It was first I thought it was a sign from Heaven especially for me, then I realized it was almost like a shooting start only in day light. Beautiful...I'm glad I got to see it and I'm more glad that I reported it to 911. When it came down, it appeared very close. It seemed to have landed right in the area where I was "Aston". "It" landed in between trees and near a house", or at least that is what "it" appeared to do.

I saw an orange light falling

I saw an orange light falling from the sky with a trail in Hamilton Township Mercer County, New Jersey. It was around 12:30 PM February 14, 2011.

orange-yellow light falling

I, too, saw that same falling object (around 1230pm) from my kitchen window, just looking outside. It happened in a split second and I wasn't sure how far East it was from my house. I am in the Northern end of Upper Montclair, NJ. And it looked like it could have fallen due East, not sure if it was in the Bloomfield area or further East as perspective is a bit tricky. I was with a friend and it happened so quickly, she didn't have time to see it. Once I mentioned I saw it, it was gone. Amazing!