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I saw the same event on 25

I saw the same event on 25 July 2018 to the north, travelling east. I'm dead curious to know what it was. I was in the Howick, Auckland vicinity.


We saw it too, heading north east over the coromandel ranges. At first thought it was a shooting star but it was lot bigger, brighter with long orange / white trail. Never seen anything like it, very spectacular.

metor or space junk?

On Wednesday 25th July 2018 at approximately 8.00 pm I saw a bright light with glowing orange front on it and a short white tail in the shape of a cone coming from behind it, moving very fast in a horizontal downward direction. I was surprised at how big it was and expected to see an impact but it went behind a covered walkway and I did not see it come out the other side. I was at the Botany Shopping center outside Countdown and it seemed to be above Botany /Meadowlands area.


Large bright green ball of light went across the sky last night over Pukehina approx 7.15 pm. Am pretty sure it was a meteor. Was a pretty impressive sight to see. May have doubted what I was seeing but daughter was driving her car behind me and when we stopped she got out and said "what the .... was that"?? Was nothing like a shooting star, bright green ball with tail as it screamed across the sky.

Big brightness with blue and green colour

I saw a huge and super bright with blue and green color shooting star at Lake Camp at 14/07/2018 00:50 am. At least 20 seconds, catch a blue Milky Way photograph and that! Was amazing beautiful! Best experience in my life ever! Ya Ling & Tzu Hui from Taiwan


I’m in Mount Maunganui and saw what looked like a fiery comet or meteor at @ 7.15 pm. It was north-north west and was moving north easterly. Quite an amazing sight. It was low in the sky and flew for maybe 5 seconds before fizzling out. There was no sound


Hi Dave I'm in the Coromandel and I also saw the bright lights moving easterly super fast and fading out about 90 seconds after that the Sonic Boom was heard. From where I was it looked to be just east of The Mercury Islands


We are in Thames and saw it too, at first thought it was a shooting star but it was very bright with a long orange trail

Wondering what I just saw

Seeing the same thing you guys are all reporting but I don’t see anyone posting about it where I’m at. It was about 0440 on July 25, 2018 Southern California USA. Big red and white ball expand then fade off into darkness. Turned bright red again as it began to fall.

What was that Bright Red Streak in the Sky

Phet, I saw it about the same time while I was driving to work this morning. It was around 4:40 a.m. Whittier, Ca USA. I couldn't make out what it could have been. I saw a bright red streak in the sky moving up for a few seconds then disappeared and then came back for a few then just saw a big bright white explosion in the sky that lasted for a few seconds and then it went dark. A few seconds after going dark I saw a bright red ball fall down towards earth.

Something in sky

My daughter and I also saw what you’re describing around the time you said (4:40am). We were in Fresno, CA. Were driving SW and noticed a bright red light in the sky with a tail traveling SW then turned bright white. It seemed to disappear then bright lights started showing as if some type of explosion it looked like a firework show for a few seconds. Amazing to witness

Possible meteor

Seen just after 7pm in Kamo, Whangarei, NZ saw what looked like a bright white streak that was heading north. It broke up in about three bits and burned orange red before burning up.

Meteor sighting.

Time approximately 8pm. We live in Papatoetoe saw a bright streak in the sky. Looked white light and was burning with orange following behind. Coming from West heading North East direction

Meteor or space junk north of Hamilton, NZ

Approximately 7 pm NZST 25th July 2018 I saw an object travelling from west to east while looking northwards from Hamilton. The object increased in brightness with time, glowing bright white with a long orange/yellow trail, eventually breaking up into 3 or 4 distinct pieces and fading away. It was visible for 5-10 seconds and appeared to be quite slow moving (compared to other shooting stars I've seen). I am really curious to know if anyone knows what it was?

Meteor over Timaru

7.06pm 25 July 2018 meteor over Timaru moving from East to West. Bright light moving across the sky from East to West then a long tail shot out and it disappeared - I assume it disintegrated. Very spectacular.

Meteor or huge shooting star

7:10pm tonight 25th July 2018 across the north sky, we are in Tamahere, Hamilton, a huge fire ball lasting about 15seconds burning up heading toward the north east. Much bigger than the usual shooting stars we see each night that only last a fraction of the time.

Comet or meteor

Saw a fast moving burning light with a red and yellow white tail looking north east tonight over hamilton, it was going in the direction of Tauranga from where I could see moving fast and went from high to low quickly few seconds was gone

Meteor over North Waikato

At approx 19:13 tonight I witnessed a meteor burn up on entry from Te Kauwhata. I was looking in the direction of the Noth West when it came bright in the sky, then formed a small tail as it burnt up. Wicked!


I saw a meteor which was on fire with parts trailing that were also on fire. I live in west harbour and I was looking north. It was quite spectacular I am surprised no one else has seen it.


I saw a low traveling light in the sky traveling fast over pakuranga, Auckland at 7:20pm. It had orange and blue trailing it. It was beautiful and amazing.


Meteor seen from Hamilton, Waikato around 7:10pm Wednesday 25th July. Travelling north to norwest I think. Partner and I thought it was a shooting star but it seemed to big and bright. It must've hit our atmosphere and had a bright flash of blue then burnt out a second or two later. Pretty awesome.

Big shooting star!

7.20pm, hamilton NZ, saw a massive thing fly over Hamilton , Heading to east south direction with a long tail.

Something in the sky

Hey there. I just saw a comet or something fly downwards in the sky. It was quite green and had a tail..too cool to be a shooting star and disappeared after about 30 seconds. I yelled out to my partner to come look and it was gone. This was in the Hamilton Melville area at about 7.15pm 25/07/2018

Huge meteor sighting (or space junk?)

Just saw an amazingly huge shooting blue/white huge ball (well, pea sized to the naked eye) shooting from West to East over the Firth of Thames. It also made a whooshing noise, and broke up at about NNE towards Coromandel.

Shooting star over Auckland

We just saw a massive shooting star at about 7.15pm. I’ve rthe Bombay Hills in the Northern Sky. It’s was seconds long and huge and we could see it growing larger as it burned.

Meteor sighting Papamoa NZ

Sighted a good size meteor burn through the atmosphere tonight at 7:10pm at Papamoa Beach. Looked like it was travelling from north to west for a few seconds.

Meteor Hamilton Nz

Northern sky heading west to east towards coromandel area. Brightness slightly less than moon. Break up seen. Terminating in at least two trials before light trial vanished.

yellow blinking and not moving light

from Asia Iran Lorestan Doroud,about 2 or 3 am i was going to drink water and I saw a yellow light above mountains from window. the light was turning off and on again ,and it was in the south , some times it goes less light and some times more and it was fixed in one place , at first i was thinking it is a light in the mountains because of the night i couldent see the mountain so I start to make some photoes and a short film to compare it in the morning. in the morning I found that is far from mountain and it was in the sky but unfortunately when i was filming the light didnt turn of any more. if you want i can send the files to you.

Meteor sighted over Bay of Islands 25/7/18)

Saw a meteor burning up on entry from Kerikeri direction south east at about 05:30 this morning. Long yellow tail and sighting lasted cca 1 second.

Meteor / Satellite

Went to Cape Reinga today to see the sunset and at about 4:35pm saw a meteor or satellite burning in the atmosphere to the southwest. Extremely white light and breaking up in several peaces. Lastet for about a second.

Comet/ meteor ?

Travelling from Whangarei to Dargaville tonight. Saw bright flash in sky to west. Looked like large shooting star. Anyone else see this? Only visible for matter of seconds.

Sighting tonight

Sitting in my spa pool in Mangawhai at about 1900 and Saw for about 2 seconds a fast moving comet or meteor

Comet/ meteor ? reply

We live in Thames and saw what we initially thought was a shooting star but it got brighter and brighter with a long bright tail behind it. It was clearly visible. Approximately 7.10 It was heading North East. AMAZING This was tonight.

Last night in Venice Florida around 9:00 PM saw a green flash

While sitting in lanai in Venice Florida my brother in law andI saw a bright round orb shaped greenish in hue with residual tail flash across the sky. It appeared sizable and went fast across sky or I would have tried to get picture. Any one else see it. It was amazing. It was not a FALLING STAR... AS WE CALLED THEM GROWING UP. THIS APPEARED LARGER AND HAD A TURQUOISE/green hue.

Saw it too.

I saw it around 8 something in Georgia. Glad someone else saw it too.

Saw green orb going thru sky in Venice

Yup also saw that while driving on Venice ave

Blue comet??

We saw something last night as well. It was about the size of a car and was blue/green heading west. Nothing on the news talked about it though. We are in the Bradenton area and it was around 9:15pm. Anyone else see this?

The sky

Last night at 1am I went outside and I saw a oval shape very large thing dropping behind mountain. Within 5 mins it was totally gone. I wish someone could tell me what it was

High in the sky

It was 1am in whitehorse yukon when I went on porch and saw half of a very large oval and orange in color behind the mountain. It went away slowly

Orange Orbs in the night sky

Last Tuesday night (17th July 2018) I looked out my window at about 11.15pm, traveling from the direction of Venus was a bright light in the sky. I went outside quickly to witness an Orange Orb traveling slowing towards my direction. I watched as it went over head and could see a circular opening underneath it. It looked as though it was powered by fire but there was no flickering so it must have been a bright light. It went over the top of my house and continued on. A few years ago I had similar experiences when I lived in a different house. My very first experience was in my backyard late at night, my friend and I had been talking about UFO's etc when a bright light started crossing the sky towards us, I felt fearful as it got closer as it was nothing that I could explain. As soon as I felt afraid the Orange light did a complete right angle turn and sped away soon disappearing, wow! It happened once more about a month after the first time but I wasn't afraid that time and it just went over us and off into the distance. This third time last week I certainly didn't feel afraid and would have been happy if it had landed on the lawn :) I'm looking forward to meeting our Galactic brothers and sisters one day :)


Probably a drone with the UFO kit added. There are lots of people pulling this prank on people. Don’t feel bad others have fell for this too.

Light in Western Sky

Last night 22nd July around the same time as the movie "Hunt for the Wilderpeople" was starting on TV, I saw in the Western Sky from Lower Hutt what I thought was a Star behind a cloud radiating a large hue around it. After watching this for 10 -20 minutes I noticed that it was not hiding behind a cloud but was much further out in space and further than any plane or even possibly the moon. What intrigued me was that it was moving very slow, slower than any plane and was moving upwards into space across the sky. It didn't look like any meteor and it was no plane! The light did not change direction but just kept going upwards and beyond. After about 20-minutes the light faded as it got further away but the large hue still remained and still climbing and I have no idea what it was and if anyone knows anything about it or saw what I saw, it would be great if you responded. I hate not knowing what it was.

Blue and orange tear?

It was July 21st 2018 around 2am as I had just gotten off of work I was at home and from behind me there was a flash that lit up the entire area and when I turned around just above and to the right of mars I saw what looked like a tear in space. A very very large S like shape of blue and orange electricity hovering impossibly int the sky. After several moments it slowly faded away and I was completely awestruck and could find nothing even close to what I’m talking about on the internet. I know this wasn’t a shooting star maybe an exploding comet like the Pandtarrs or a supernova of some kind. I have no clue please email me if you have any lead I need to know for for info

Orange orbs in sky

I have seen very bright orange orbs twice this month.  Once at about 18.30 on Wednesday 18th July.  I was walking in Ruislip Middlesex uk. It caught my eye as it was so bright and to large for a star.  It was orange but flickered towards red and then to very pale orange sometimes.  I thought it was maybe Mars but when I checked on an app, Mars was not in that position in the sky.  It was there for about 30 mins then faded out and vanished. I was nearly home when I first spotted it so checked several times when I got home, so about 30 mins is what I guess it was when it vandalised.   Then on Friday 20th at 20.15 I saw the same orb just hoovering slightly lower and a lot more towards a northeast position in the sky then two days before.  I was putting my daughter to bed and spotted it out the window so had a great viewpoint.   I showed her but as we didn't know what it was she said she was scared and didn't want to see it... not like here at all... I don't know how long it had been there but it was there for 2.5 minutes while I watched and then it did the same fade out to nothing and vanished.... It was the size of a planet like how we see mars on the second time but bigger the first so maybe it was closer the first time.  Any ideas? I have checked the web and apparently lots of people are seeing these orbs thus month... if it was just me I would not be serving comments but as so many are seeking the same thing it really is something that needs explaining. Thanks Sean

Orange orbs seen from Memphis tn

Bro ive been seeing the same thing from memphis tn always in the same direction every night. I wish i knew what it is. Too big for a star, but I watched a couple of night for over 30 minutes each time, before going in the house.

Traveling ball of fire

Port st lucie, florida...about 1:45-2 am Sunday. Looking towards the North, I saw a bright orange ball traveling faster than wed see an airplane flying thru the sky. I saw it for a good few minutes, until it got too far

Rosenberg Texas , bright red

Rosenberg Texas , bright red light see sitting in the sky. Seems to change colors but not exactly sure if that margarita is helping me focus. Jk. But seriously the light is just different it from a star. It gets really red then lighten down a to whitish. Also hadn't seen the moon half filled in a while, its actually soothing to gaze at.

Meteor sighting (falling star)

I saw a meteor sighting (falling star) on the night of July 21, 2018, a few minutes before 12:00 midnight. The direction of this sighting was in Memphis, TN. I seemed to have traveled from east/north to west/south.

Meteor sighting

I saw the same meteor as well. I am in California and on July 22, 2018 at 02:20 I was outside smoking and drinking with friends. As it crossed the sky for a brief 5-15 seconds, we all pointed and cheered with a beer in the other hand. It was an amazing sight.