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Disappearing star

Hi Guest from Norfolk,

Well thank god! You have confirmed that I wasnt 'seeing things'. I was out on the deck and noted a distant light flash in my periphery. I looked up to the stars and searched the area to see the same light blink twice, further from the original spot that I saw it and disappear. It was slightly bigger than Venus and about as bright when it flicked on and off. I went back out on deck about an hour later with my partner and due to what I saw, obviously Im watching the sky as we talked. Bugger me, if it blinked again around the same area that I saw it the first time. This time it was a smaller, dull orange and blinked three times, apparently moving and disappeared.
The blinking was irregular and there was no noise. The sky was clear of cloud so it couldnt of been an aircraft light appearing and dissapearing behind cloud. This happened probably two/three weeks ago, Papamoa, Bay of Plenty, NZ.

I saw one tonight (24th

I saw one tonight (24th March, 2011) at about 7/8pm. It was big and orange and looked like it was on fire. It was like it was pulsating. It flew up and across the sky.

Last night my cousin and i

Last night my cousin and i were outside then she noticed an orange tail in the sky, then we started noticing it getting bigger we`re from Auckland,NewZealand


My boyfriend and I saw bright green large ball of light streak slowly from high in the east (when we first saw it), watched it as it moved down to the west, don't know where it landed...........we were driving in town facing the south.........northwest kansas right before 9:00 PM Wed. night 3/23/2011

the sky

Im a th garder in high school. An last night me and my mom where out side she said that the sky look very weird. And we notice that all the stars that were in a triangle were the exact same shape. Yes some of them were bigger then others but they were perfect right triangles. I told her it was just Orin and then she pointed in different places. After we saw that mom turn around and saw a plan, so i turn around and when i did we saw this clean moving round trianglish shape lookin ufo flying above our house. It look like it was about 100ft or least in the air... the weird thing was it look like it was following the plan. We saw this at 11:07 last night. It was so freaky... and i swear to God im not joking... im a strong believer in aliens. I have been for 6 years i dont play around with this kind of stuff. It was so weird. So if anyone else saw the weird ufo please tell me.

Take me to your leader!

Take me to your leader!

Nova Scotia Canada

Last night I noticed and extremely bright star from my bedroom window, when I got up to look, it was flashing different lights/colors, it seemed to stay put in the same spot for about an hour, then it seem to fade and the sky became really dark.....

I was a little freaked out, did anyone else see this?

Really bright Red/Yellow "Star"?

I saw a similar thing last night 24th Mar 2011 at around 23:50 in Dublin Ireland. It at first just looked like a really bright Mars, but it then got way too bright. I was driving when I first spotted it. By the time I got home it was starting to dim slightly and then it vanished. My first thought was that it was a distant star that had gone supernova but I trawled the internet and didn't find any news about it. What was it? Does anyone know? It was in the direction of Orion.

Large bright falling light seen from Central Kansas, US sky.

I live in Central Kansas about 8 miles west of Great Bend, Kansas and was coming out of my house at 3:00 AM on 3-24-2011 when I was amazed at the very large round green light that looked as if it was free falling straight down toward the ground in the Southern sky. It was as I said green with a bright white light surrounding it that resembled a ring around the moon. It got larger as it fell and I watched it for at least 10 seconds, before there was suddenly a bunch of red fire falling below it as if the insides had fallen out and then it vanished. There was no sound and I thought it was close, because of the size of it, but went for a drive and seen nothing on the ground within a ten mile area anyway. I have never seen anything this bright or near the size that it was. I have no idea what I was looking at? I hope someone knows!!!!!!!

falling emerald green star

In Cebu, Philippines, from 1 to 7 o'clock, started off white goldish, then turned to bright emerald green, so big!!!  It lasted, yellow 2 sec, emerald green, 2 seconds... Was amazing, too fast for fireworks and the details wouldn't match if so... Amazing meteor?? 

bright falling star

I was driving in Lenexa Ks 3/24/11 around 830 pm on K7 and law a red falling light that I first thought looked like a planes light. It then left white light streaks behind it and then turned a brilliant emerald green. It lasted much longer than any shooting star I have ever seen!

Bright green light

I saw the same thing. I was driving north on I-35 between Purcell and Norman in Oklahoma and saw that in my peripheral vision off towards the west. It was bright blue green with a burst of red before it disappeared. What the heck was that? Did NASA lose another satellite?


Fort Worth,TX

I thought it was just a plane light, but then noticed it was a shooting star, it seemed like it lasted forever, started out normal but then turned green, and grew very large,the biggest I have ever seen, then there was a red flash at the end.

It was stunning.

We're in NW Tarrant County

We're in NW Tarrant County and saw it as well. I compare it to a shooting star, except much larger, longer lasting, and closer to the ground! It was followed by 3 helicopters in a search formation.

Green Light In the Sky 3-23-2011

My wife and I were watching TV last night. We have very tall windows in our den which face out to the north. About 9:15 p.m. a green light which look to have fire behind it was moving to the south. It was very low. We estimate it to be only a few hundred feet in the air. It seem to be splitting up a bit as it past. We live in Edmond, OK. We watched the news last night and again this morning and nothing was mentioned.


yup i saw the same but i live

yup i saw the same but i live in new mexico it was as big as a basketball green and bright i wonder where it fell??

Ya I live around wichta

Ya I live around wichta kansas and last night I was looking south around 9 15 or so and I saw the same thing.

My wife and I saw the same

My wife and I saw the same thing. We were traveling west on I 44 in Joplin and saw the green fire streaking through the sky. Amazing! Beautiful!

Green Light In the Sky 3-23-2011

Channel 9 in Oklahoma City finally had a news story this morning.

They said it was a meteor that probably broke up south of I-40 near Elk City. They went on to say that anyone finding residue to call. Sure MUFON will be out in force there today!....LOL

Just passed by this site

Just passed by this site noticed some people were commenting on the weird goings on in the sky on this date:23/2/2011, i live in stoke-on-trent, england. i came in from a night out and my sister told me about very bright lights moving slowly in the sky, so i had a look for myself and noticed them straight away they seem to flash alot sometimes with a very distinctive colour iv seen a red, blue and a green flash coming from certain lights, i posted on facebook assuming someone would know what it is but all i got was "haha, I just got out of bed to look. There wierd, :L god knows..." if anyone does know what they actually please reply to me.

Two bright white lights

I live in North Northumberland, England. Tonight I went out to the garden at 20:40 hours (GMT) and saw two large and very bright white lights just to the bottom left of The Plough (Big Dipper). One almost directly above the other. They were stationary and visible for a couple of minutes. The lower of the two faded and disappeared before the upper one. I didn't see any other lights.
I have looked up the times for the International Space Station to be visible in this area and it can't have been that.
Anyone have any ideas?

I saw these SAME lights about

I saw these SAME lights about a week ago in Florida while on Lake Okeechobee during a fishing trip. I haven't been able to find out anything about them though after hours of searching on the web. Any clues?

Strange fast moving light above Cape Town suburbs (UFO)

I was having a smoke outside with a buddy at 19:30 CET (just before it got dark enough to see the stars) and I noticed a bright star like light in the sky roughly above the Tygerberg hills near Bothasig moving at a abnormal speed in a SW direction towards Bellville (about 30 degree angle away from the international airport) area where I lost few of it.
- Bright white light (brighter than any star in the surrounding sky)
- To high up to be a plane or jet.
- Moving too fast to be a satellite or comet.
- No Sound could be heard from the ground.
If anyone knows what this was please let me know.

Sorry I failed to mention

Sorry I failed to mention this was on Sunday 20 March 2011

For the last half hour my

For the last half hour my husband and I have been watch an red and yellow twinkling objet high in the sky over Southern California, San Fernando Valley has any one else seen this?

i have seen this in stoke on

i have seen this in stoke on trent england from 11 pm to the current time, iv noticed 3 lights 1 on the other side (i dont know n e s w)(sorry) of my house and 2 very high up that were from when i first saw them quite low down in the sky they seem to be continually rising. im freaked :(

I had to google it

Because I swear all this past week Ive been seeing some crazy stuff out in the night sky. Some have dismissed and said they were stars, but these were MUCH much closer. Then today, about an hour ago I saw exactly what you saw. In fact though I had been outside when I looked up to see three stars in formation and my immediate thought was it was Orion's belt. But then I noticed orions belt over the far left AND at the distance stars should be. I grew alarmed and gazed back at these "things/lights". I noticed they were more so hovering rather than stationary if that makes sense. I then ran inside to grab my camera. When I came back out they were fading in and out. I wanted to start filming but I was in awe. They faded out rather quickly after that, and as I looked around for more objects the sky filled with all kinds of "dots" quickly darting around the sky. I texted my friend and he said he saw some of the lights I saw. I began to feel kinda sick (not because of anything alien but b/c I couldnt believe what I was seeing). Then all of a sudden the sky went completely umm I guess empty. No stars ... no nothing. After a few minutes the starts slowly began to re-appear, and I stared at the sky looking for any other phenomena.... nothing.
Im totally weirded out. Somebody please tell me they witnessed this or ANYTHING similar to what I just saw.
Im in Southern California... its almost 11pm so it happened between 10pm and now.
And if anybody knows maybe even what it was... please tell me.
Right now im in a state of just woah.

UFOs seen all over the World

Hiya, I live in the south of New Zealand. A lot is going on right now world wide, from Earth Changes, Solar changes, which is all a Natural cycle. Our ancient people new much more of these times as they studied the sky's constantly for all reasons of life. please visit my site {} which will explain a lot more of the times to soon come.
UFO activity has increased rapidly of late. watchful eyes on their creations.
Its an exciting time & we are privileged to be living on the Earth during this great shift.

What sort of dope were you

What sort of dope were you smoking?

Your Eyes wide SHUT!

Well; Mr/Mrs?Both???
Guest Peter (not verified) on Fri, 25/03/2011 - 23:00
Its comments like yours {a number of narrow minded comments @ that} which make people feel too ashamed or embarrassed to come out & speak about certain REAL experiences or observations they have. alot is going on in the sky's at present & people need to share & know they are not crazy or assumed to be on drugs & are not alone in these "unexplained" sightings.
A lot of truth is hidden from the general public, some of the reason is fear of hysteria if certain people i;e {guest Peter} find out the truth which in my view is very real & down to Earth & makes sense. So take your blinkers off, stop being an "energy sucker" of putting others down, and if you dont believe in certain "Happenings" then why constantly browse for sites like this if you think there is nothing more to life than just whats @ the end of your nose.

I had to google it

I seen the same discription as had to google it, right down to the sky going dark......... the funny part is I am in Halifax Nova Scotia , Cananda, what makes this even weirder is I witnessed this at the same time aprox 11pm on the 23rd

Bright lights burning out.

Just saw two brilliant white lights in northeastern sky of southern CA, USA. They burned out rather quickly but were very brilliant and very near one another. They appeared stationary in the sky. Just west of that saw a falling star. Any suggestions as to what it was.

orange light in sky 21st march 2011

I was outside with a friend approx 8pm in Mandurah, WA Australia. I was looking up at the stars and noticed a bright orange/red light (about the size of a close star) it was moving across the sky and at first I thought it was a satellite but it was too bright and too big. It got progressively dimmer and then disappeared completely. My friend saw it too. It lasted about a minute from brightest till disappearance.
it had no tail so it wasn't a comet (i dont think). It was too slow for a shooting star

Orange Lights spotted and location Identified, lights minimized

In between 2:43 am and 3:15 am lights were spotted at an identified location. We received a call from brother who observed the light when his wife noticed it on her way home. He called us at 3:01 am to advise of sighting and asked us to come observe. In total, seven of us saw the obvious orange light minimize to a small white light. Location of sight was identified and pictures were taken but quality is not so good.

We are all curious as to what we witnessed!!! And will attempt to walk to area to verify if anything was there. Area was high a top a mountain and would be difficult for someone to be playing a hoax. Everyone here is puzzled and a lot shaken!

4 red lights over suffolk uk 19/3/2011 PM

I was looking at the supermoon from east anglia and witnessed 4 red lights flying in varying formation in a SE direction watched them fly into the distance within a minute or 2.

Allthough im not sure what they were or are remeber to take into account that it is chinnese new year so you will get alot of red lights in the sky through lanterns they release.

Mine were moving at a hell of a pace


Ok so tonight was the super moon, and the moon rised at around 8:14 pm where i live. And about 20 minutes ago (12:44 am) Two flashing green lights lit up the sky, they were very short lived, but VERY bright. I have never in my life seen anything like it. WAS AMAZING. but i would love to know what it was because everyone thinks im crazy

Two Green Flashes of Light March 23, 2011 at 2:30 am on the nose

So, I googled what I saw last night, found this page, found your story, and wanted to quickly share mine. It's also a birthday gift of sorts, since I was born just after midnight on this day.

At 2:30 am this morning, I was dosing on and off watching television. All at once there was a large cracking sound and the hydro went out, it took about 3 to 5 seconds, and within those couple of seconds, I could see the brightest, craziest and I'll admit scariest bright flashes of green light right outside of my living room window.

The window faces west, I've seen strange things before in these parts, but never anything like this. It was over as fast as it started. Anyone have any insights?

6 Red Lights in London

My boyfriend and I were walking back from Primrose Hill after watching the Super Moon rise above London. On the way back we say 6 red lights - 2 reds, 2 aboe, 2 more above that. None of them were close together. It was very eery. We have also seen flickering lights that move very rapidly in comparison to ay of the planes in the sky when we are on the hill as well


We saw the samething in glendale az

large ring encircling the moon

hi everyone..last night from 22:00hrs i saw a large ring made by clouds encircling the lasted upto 00:43hrs(1am)..earlier the ring was quite uniform in shape..but gradually it lost its uniformness by arranging distant clouds in it,in circular form.the ring grew more in radius and then faded away..many of my friends did witness it...can i have an explanation to this??? location-INDIA(RAJASTHAN)

this is known as the halo of

this is known as the halo of the moon. I have seen it 2 or 3 times. Last time i saw it was april last year i know this because it was my friends wedding. Im not a 100% sure but i think its caused by cloud cover and the moons light reflecting in some way off of our atmosphere. It is very alien if you havent seen it.

bright orange flying object over Singapore

Yesterday I saw an object flew over the sky,kind of like a meteor.But the tail of it doesn't fit the meteur shower I saw a few years ago as that object I saw was ornge in colour.It was fast but slower than the meteor.I wonder anybody saw it like I do.I think there will be quite a number of witnesses as my location was in central part of my country.Comparing the size,should be around the size of an orange when I am standing ten feets away.

The incident occured around 11pm Singapore timing.Wonder anyone saw that?

Two friends and me also

Two friends and me also witnessed the falling star. I guess it was around 11pm and our location was a appartment in Santosa.

We saw a light ball going quite fast through the sky. The period that we saw this light was about 5 seconds. In that period also a part of the light ball broke off to the side.

Happy to see that we were not the only once that have seen this beautiful happening!

Saw object in the sky - Singapore

Hey, I saw something around the saw time. I was on top of MBS - finished dinner. The whole crowd saw it going from left to right. Like something out of a movie. Coming into the atmosphere and burning up. No more that 5 secs or so.

Orange lights moving in formation-Michigan

At approximately 11:00 pm on March 16, 2011, I saw several bright orange lights/objects moving in a large formation through the sky. I believe there were eight "lights" that created a triangular formation. Two addiditon lights were to the right of this formation. They were moving NE towards Detroit, Michigan. I did not hear any noise. These lights were all traveling at the same rate of speed. The lights in the formation moved as one. By the time I got my daughter out of the house to witness them, they were too far away. I saw the last two disappear into the sky as tiny specks of white light. I would guess the total elapsed time was approimately 3 minutes. Did anyone else see this?

Me and my friends also saw

Me and my friends also saw these lights... but we saw probably 18-19 lights in total. started with 3 lights, 2 lights, then the rest just traveled in solo. same rate of speed and direction. I'm from Manila, Philippines.

Orange light in the sky-Ontario, Canada

Indeed, me and my husband saw one orange light. Maybe there was more but there was alot of fog that night. It was coming toward our house at a not very high altitude. We saw it from the living room window. We are underneath a path for airplanes and helicopters but it was not travelling in that same path. It was going quite slow at the beginning and when we went outside to view it better, it changed direction and went NE towards the Ottawa River in Ontario, Canada. We heard no sound at all! Not even the slight noise of an engine. Il was quite weird and not tipical. That happened on the 17th of march at approximately 10:00pm.

what is this site? ok guys,

what is this site? ok guys, have you ever seen flares that have propellers on them? someone was shooting them down the street, they are used by the military. if you see this, call the police they may be able to track them down, they can cause fires and have done so. geesh what you do you think the aliens are coming, goodness...

Bright Luminous light in the sky

Time of sighting: 0430
Date: 17 March 2011
Location: Al Taquddum, Iraq

Firstly, I'm not to sure about all the fast moving or blinking lights most people are talking about, but, considering I did have similar reports of a few people in this post I'll add my intuition to the subject.
This morning at aroung 0500, I walked outside of my AO and noticed a bright star in the sky approx. in the Northeast region and judging my the height above the horizon it was at I would guess it had only been visible from Iraq for around 30 to 40 minutes. At first glance it appeared to be a star in it's supernova stage. When taking a steadily closer glance though, it didn't have the appearence of a pulsating object (as most stars or objects in the sky have, judging by distance). It has a somewhat steady glow which would indicate a reflection of light rather than a source of light (although it is extremely distorted through the atmosphere). I immediately looked up astrological phenomenon through various sources, including NASA, and have come up with a reasonable conclusion that it's simply the planet Mercury. With thus assumption I then continued on to check astrological positioning charts dated for 16 or 17 March 2011. What I found was, according to most readable charts, the planet Mercury, around this date, is supposed to be directly between Earth and the Sun. This would mean that with Mercury's astrological position it would not have the appropriate angle to reflect as much light as it now currently is. I highly doubt that it is some unnatural phenomenon, but, I would love to figure this out. Usually I'm up to date on what's going on in our night sky's

I saw the object last night

I saw the object last night it's in the east not west - not mercury. I tracked it traveling very slowly up into the sky not a planet nor satellite nor aircraft. It had blue green and red flashing lights around a white core. I live in Tucson and it rose due east I'm guessing the colored lights were atmospheric disturbances to a very bright star yet it seemed totravel faster than a star