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Last night around 11.20pm

Last night around 11.20pm Waiheke Island N.Z. My whole room and the sky lit up with a very bright blue/whitish light for about 3 seconds, then the dogs started going off. The light was so bright.

Flame out

I was outside at approx 11.15 last night 29/3. The sky lit up and i looked up to see the last 1.5 seconds of something burning out in the southern sky moving east. It seemed very close and I thought it was a firework but no sound and it was travelling too horizontally to be a flare.

Meteor Sighting

My friend and i were star gazing lastnight and all of a sudden large blue light appeared out of nowhere! it lit up the whole area like it was daylight. it seemed like something was falling and burning up. towards the end of its flight it crumbled and left a firary trail. was something out of a movie. so glad i saw it. was sooooo epic! will never ever see something like that again. so SICK!

Shooting stars etc

I have checked the information on any projected or actual satellite decays and come up with nothing for last night, so most likely it was a meteor. I will however obtain a second opinion from satellite observing experts but won't be able to do this for a while and may be tomorrow by the time I get a reply.
With reference to Moving Light's observation of the 28th it sounds very like a satellite. The International Space Station was due to pass just after the stated time, which I note is approximate. I will research later to see if anything else fits closer to the time as it is not convenient to do just now.
Note that anything moving steadily and relatively slowly is NOT a meteor and I suggest doesn't really fit this topic. Last night's is topical though because it was fast moving and does need investigation to try and determine whether it was a meteor or satellite.
If you want to check whether something might be a satellite or are useful.
I have stated this before but it is worth repeating: observations are useful only if they give the time and date as accurately as possible (note it down at the time!) direction and if possible a timed duration and height in the sky (preferably in degrees if you know how but if not whether it was high, low, or in between.)


I'm living in Hamilton, and I caught a glimpse of the meteor out of the corner of my eye from inside my bedroom. I was working at my computer at the time, with the lights on, and as I looked up I saw this bright and fast moving object out the window.

I'm sure if I was outside at the time (and I wish I was), it would have appeared much brighter. But to see it from inside at night time through a window while all the lights were on gives some indication of how big and bright it must have been. Didn't take note of the exact time, but it was somewhere between 11pm and 11.30pm

I think it would be a fools errand to hope or expect any photos of video of such an object, yet I see the media are clamouring for it. Think of all the odds stacked against you. It's a transient object, it's dark, cameras are almost useless in the dark, you would need to be standing and looking in the right direction at precisely the right moment - with your camera ON and ready to go. And then the photo or video wouldnt turn out anyway.


On Mondaynight 29.03.11, about 23.15, I was outsight in Puhoi, a dark night, only 1 streetlight a few hundred meters away, rural area, clear sky, when the area around me was lit up by a bright light in the sky.
I saw a bright white soccer size ball with ragged edges (a bit blue) coming down at about a 45 deg angle, south of where I was.
It went down under the Southern Cross from my position.
From where I was, Puhoi, 40 km north of Auckland, it went down somewhere at Whangaparaoa, Waiheke Island or a bit east of Auckland City.
It had an orange tail and the whole spectacle took about 4 or 5 seconds.
The light was so bright around me that I suddenly could see many details around me in this otherwise dark night.
It was an unforgettable awesome experience.

Good you only post this every

Good you only post this every few days without interuppting the weather updates each time a satellite,bright panet,a meteor or chinese latern or even a crescent moon is seen,need some real proof of these objects other than these mentioned.

meteor last night 29th March

My Partner and i were laying in bed last night about 11.20, and the sky lit up blue kinda like in a nightclub.we were like wtf was that?! we were watching and waiting for it to happen again,and were joking about an alien invasion!lol

Auckland Sky

About 2315 last night (29/03/11) I was doing a security check on the Apron at the old Hobsonville Air Force Base and the sky lit up with a blue/green light, which faded into a point then seemed to break up to three separate pieces, orange in colour.....
There was a distinctive tail, which appeared for about 3-4 seconds - but no sound. From where I was standing looking toward the south from Hobsonville, the first sighting was to the west of Hobsonville but almost directly above - fading out to the South East and appeared to disappear above Auckland City itself. Awesome display.....

i saw the comet as well! at

i saw the comet as well! at 2317 or so i thought the world was guna end lol

Yeah....certainly caught my

Yeah....certainly caught my attention. Thought the Chinese had come to invade Hobby Base..haha.
Seriously - saw a heap of smaller "shooting stars" in the couple of minutes after the main event too


11.15pm 29 March tuesday I am from Albany went outside my house looked at a car and saw a large bright white flash around me then looked up and saw a large thing light up really high in the sky on a low angle lasted 7 or less seconds then stopped went downwards then disappeared no audible noise

I saw something burn up above

I saw something burn up above the northern motorway at Northcote while driving - wasn't very high up - shot past me going south then disappeared. It lit up the area around briefly. Was too big/fast to be a firework - too high up also. Wierd.

It happened at approx.

It happened at approx. 11:30pm on 29/3

instant flare ! very bright and lasted only a split second


I was just walking home a while ago, it was late, 11.10pm. (march/29th/2011)
at Auckland, (eastsuburb, near howick)

there werent much street lights around my house.
so it was pretty dark.
and suddenly there was a instant flare in the sky, (it was really bright like day-time kinda brightness)
so i looked up and the lightsource. which didnt look so distant from me was probably like a size of a rugby ball moved horizontally and dissapeared. it all happend within a split second.

or remaing brightness, it just dimmed dark instantly.

the color that my eyes configurated of the light was close to "green" which is rather fascinating, but i still have no idea what i just saw !!!

shooting light and crash

I live in rural auckland and about 20 minutes ago so 11:17pm i saw a bright light flash out my window kind of like light a lighting flash but i could see a centre of it and it shot horizontally across my window. I went outside to see if i could see anything, but it was gone. then about a minute later i heard a strange sound like something breaking the sound-barrier and a crash. Birds and animals were going nuts in the distance then went quiet and were replaced but the sound of helicopters. I can't see anything now but can still hear helicopters in the distance. Am i going crazy or did something crash?

Big weird light tonight

My partner and I were just outside our home in Manukau, Auckland at around 11.15pm and he made a noise and I followed his gaze to see a really bright light travel across the sky and then fade out and we didn't see it again, though we tried.
My partner said it was like a slow moving bolt/ball of lightning come from behind the house and out to where I saw it.
It was like a helicopter with its search light on that then turned all its lights off as it travelled or went behind cloud, but its pretty cloudless and clear out there. That's what i thought it was at first but it didn't come back on.
Was very strange! Anyone else see it? We were looking towards the Bombay Hills from Wiri and the light went SouthEast.

Blue flash over Grey Lynne

Hi there. Was walking through arch hill park (Grey Lynne, Auckland) at 23:24 when i noticed the ground light up. looked up to a see a large, bright blue object speed across the sky (roughly travelling in a south-easterly direction). lasted for perhaps a second after i saw the light. no idea what it was, but presuming a meteorite.

Large and bright green and white meteor

At approx 23:15 appeared slightly east of north of Wellington (from Kelburn) - appeared to be distant - large green and white, no tail, moderately slow fall for a meteor, slowness could have been because of distance. Largested meteor I have ever seen. Initially noticed it low in the sky to the north, disappeared behind a hill.

Meteor in Raglan?

11 20 pm Raglan , very bright burning green object sighted for 3 seconds disapperaed into horizon from south west to north east. 2 and half minutes later a sonic boom awoke the dog and nearby birds. Very scarey

1115ish, Raglan, and can

1115ish, Raglan, and can testify to what was seen and heard in the area. My neighbour and I were outside talking, she looked up to what she thought was lightning, grabbed my arm, we watched it flash blue/grey a couple more times, light up the entire sky over the harbour, before disappearing a very distinctive white ball into NNE sky (took approx bearing from position and transit marks observed from the porch - approx 0-10degM) Surroundings went completely quiet for what seemed like minutes, like covering your ears over with your palms so that everything is dull, except for a quiet, almost searing sound. Coupled with the sight, we described the event as though we had watched and heard the meteor splitting through atmosphere layers. Took a while afterward for our adrenalin levels to subside - a truly distinctive and phenomenal event to witness, and yep, pretty damn scarey.

Meteor in Raglan?

11 20 pm Raglan , very bright burning green object sighted for 3 seconds disapperaed into horizon from south west to north east. 2 and half minutes later a sonic boom awoke the dog and nearby birds. Very scarey

Moving Light

New Zealand

This evening approx 1945hrs my partner and I were on the deck looking at the stars when we both observed one that was moving slowly towards Orions Belt. It just cruised along then we noticed that it was speeding up and as it did so it became dull and slowly faded out to a pinprick and disappeared. In the moment just before I lost total sight of it, I noted that it curved in its flight path toward the north/north west. (I think I have my directions right)

Not as bright as Venus, but about as bright and big as the brighter stars that are out there.

*No tail
*No noise
*No blinking lights
*Not travelling normal flight path of aircraft and was at too higher altitude to be an aircraft

This is actually the second time we have seen this. The first time was back in February, my partner called me out to watch this 'star' move across the sky from west to east at cruising speed.


eee yup saw the same thing...
what was it

Light Travelling across sky

Tuesday morning at approx 6.45 moving west to east. Light star-sized, moving in a regular line, appeared to be too fast for an aeroplane and not the usual small lights - one light only. Too low for a sateliite I would say and too fast moving - having seen satellites travelling across the sky before.

I couldnt ascertain its height - I would say it was several thousand feet but I cant even give a qualified guess. It was day break - no noise. It didnt speed up just disappeared into the distance.

something bright in the sky

well im in christchurch new zealand.i was up early to watch the rugby this morning halftime 5am 28/03/2011 went out side for a smoke noticed a very bright light in the sky id say east of christchurch.just thort it was a plane so was waiting for it to get closer but it didnt get closer which was strange.was too bright to be a star. been out tonite 9.27pm and cant see it.wondering if anyone in christchurch saw it?thanks very weird!!

Weird things over Canterbury

I was star-gazing out West Melton way (west of ChCh) last Friday night and saw two weird things. One was like a plane flying quite low, like a red and white light, but it was travelling far too fast to be a usual commercial jetliner, and it was coming from north heading south so completely bypassed the airport. The other thing I saw was an orange light travelling in a similar fashion but not as fast and it disappeared. I did get to see a shooting star whilst stargazing though; first one I have seen in years so that was pretty cool :) I think NZ is one of the most prime spots for UFO sightings. This isn't the first time I've seen something weird; I saw the weird slow-moving orange light a couple of months ago too. No sound with either of these things I saw. My friend thinks they will become more and more common occurrences over the next 2 years as 2012 approaches.

Interesting stuff aye what!

Times like these we need to go somewhere where there are no street lights, or the constant wracket of the suburbs around so you can lay back in a sleeping bag and stare at the night sky. That would be the best way to observe these things I reckon.

Pretty fascinating reports on here. Some I think are questionable, but then, I dont know enough about the cosmo's to be judgemental so Im not going to be.

I reckon WW should have a permanent link on their site dedicated to cosmo/meterorite reports.

Very bright blinking object in north sky over NYC/NJ

It's 12:45 am on March 27th in Northern NJ. I have been watching a very bright blinking light in the north sky over NY/NJ - I live right across the water from NYC and have a perfect view of the GW bridge - this bright blinking light is over the GW bridge, but very very high and appears to be circling around and moving up and down and left and right. I have been watching now for about 20 minutes and it's still there - it looks like the white light is actually rotating around in a circle - at times, it looks like it has a red light on it as well. It is not a plane, as one just passed by and was moving much faster across the sky - this object is making very small movements in all directions. I also believe I saw at least one dimmer light shoot away from this very bright object. What am I seeing? Did anyone else see this?

It's about 9:10 pm, here in

It's about 9:10 pm, here in northeast Baltimore. I have seen the same twinkling "star" outside my window on and off for months now. Just like you have described, it just kind of "sits" there, and every now and then it seems to flit about, and it seems to reflect or emit colors as well, much as known satellites do when reflecting sunlight. I thought I was going crazy when it moved, swearing it was me that was not standing still, but it happens to many times now, and I know it's not a star or satellite up there. It is way too bright and I can see no other lights in the sky, star or what not, except for the usual plane and helo traffic, and that is obvious. Could be a trick of the light....??

i live in michigan and ive

i live in michigan and ive been seeing the exact same thing for the past two nights.... i also am wondering what it is

This morning out in Mt.

This morning out in Mt. Uniacke, Nova Scotia at approximately 6AM, a bright green, baseball size light came down about 500 feet away from me. The glow lasted only two seconds and stopped glowing about 50 feet above ground. I wasn't about to start lurking on ppl's front lawns, but still a sight to see!

Red Light

Just saw a red light floating light in sky in Rockwall Texas over the lake... Not an aircraft, moved slowly and the disappeared....

2 orange lights on the sky at midnight

I am from Denmark, and I just saw 2 bright orange lights in speed on the sky at 11.55 pm. They seem to "burn up" or something...they became dark og disapeared in the sky/dark...maybe it was a meteor, as some other people writes?? Anyway, it was amazing to look at:)

Live in Alaska and saw 2 very

Live in Alaska and saw 2 very bright red & orange lights as well on 3/26/11. The first one that caught my eye came from the north and disappeared. A few minutes later as I'm still scanning the sky, a second came from the south and was flying pretty fast when it stopped at one point in the sky and as I stared at it, the light grew dimmer until it disappeared too. Both looked as though they were "burning," just thought it was pretty amazing to see.

Shooting star

Last night around 10:40 we saw a very bright blue star streak across the night sky in Mississauga, Ontario. My boyfriend andI both saw it travelling from South to North, it was amazing, and just as fast as it appeared, it disappeared in seconds over the horizon.

10:36pm (I looked at the time

10:36pm (I looked at the time after I saw it) I was driving on the QEW through Mississauga and saw the same thing. Very cool.

Lake simcoe

March 24th 2011: We saw it too...around10:30 pm...came from tronto direction...traveling the east sky..fairly large in sky with a tail approximately 1 1/2" long. It disappeared fairly quickly...but longer then many I have seen.

Last night (March 24, 2011)

Last night (March 24, 2011) at approximately 10:40pm I saw a meteorite, low in the eastern sky, traveling south to north over Youngstown, NY. (not far from Mississauga). It looked like it was moving in slow motion towards Lake Ontario then disappeared.

Shooting star

I saw it too! It was about 10:35pm (March 24, 2011), in the North East sky from Mount Forest, Ontario Canada. It was much brighter & bigger than a typical 'shooting star' and lasted much longer before it 'burned up'. I even heard it! Like a burning torch sound. At first I thought it was a 'shooting star' but because it didn't go out right away like a 'star' typically would, I thought it was an airplane falling....the light came so close to the ground. When it 'burned out' (if that's what happened) it was only "inches" from the horizon. That's when I concluded it must have been a 'shooting star' rather than a plane. I checked news headlines right away but didn't see any comments on what it might have been. Obviously something BIG. Cool!!

i saw this meteoorite at

i saw this meteoorite at around that same time, i was outside because there was a car accident in front of my house and i saw this bright blue light and as it came closer to hitting i heard it it sounded as if it were fizzing. it was bright and it had a pretty long tail, i would love to have found it in a field by my house, all i can say is that it definately hit, it was too big to have burned up, i didnt hear it hit but i did see it as it came down. i saw it over belleville ontario, about 2 hours northwest from toronto


Driving on Kansas highway 4 on Wednesday, March 23 at 9:20 pm just North of Topeka, Kansas when I saw a meteor that took several minutes to burn up. I could not pull over as I was crossing the Kansas River at the time. The meteor was very round with a short tail and was in the Southern sky.


from Lampasas Tx (central tx) about the same time i saw the same thing north of me. large,green and round with short tail. bigest i have ever seen.

25 march 2011

i am in Chch NZ and at about 10 30pm on 25 March 2011 (about 10 minutes ago) i saw this orange light in the sky it looked like a big star but was moving like an aeroplane but was a bit faster, it was moving from North to South and then got lower in a sort of curve then just disappeared! My whole family saw it with me and we are really curious as to what it was. It did not seem to be a meteor and we are very skeptical about unidentified objects but this was definitely something! Did anyone else see this??

i saw one as well, at about

i saw one as well, at about 11:15pm i was outside looking down and through my bag for the keys and the sky lit up to the point i looked up and just saw the end of it. was a large 'fire ball' type thing short tail, orange colour falling towards the city. Auckland NZ

Orange lights

Close to midnight on the 25th March 2011 6 of us witnessed 5 orange lights at intervals move at speed (at least the speed of an aircraft) across the sky in exactly the same direction (SW to NE). There was no noise and had no defined shape.... Have been amazed after googling orange lights in sky how often worldwide these lights have been seen... Who else has seen this??



We were coming home on I590 north and 104, Rochester, NY and saw a "meteor" fall straight down, almost to the horizon.
It was about 10:37 PM. It was almost like a firework.

Did anyone else se this?


We saw it in Ottawa too about the same time, almost due North. Same description, fell almost straight down to the horizon.

Witnessed the same in Ottawa,

Witnessed the same in Ottawa, Canada. Straight down for about a second and a half. Blueish in colour.. Seen from east part of town at about 280 degrees west. Seemed pretty close.

star disappeared, baffled

norfolk uk, on 24/3 at 21:00 quite high in the sky, i dont know which constellation but was west of casiopia, i saw a fairly bright star appear to 'switch off' and disappear, my boyfriend didnt see it at first but after maybe a minute trying to convince him i saw what i saw, it reappeared, in what appeared to be the same place, he saw it that time, after about 30secs or so it disappeared again, we watched for a few minutes to see if it would reappear but it didnt and we had to leave. it was a clear night and no other stars we saw did this. satelites move and tend not to flash, also it appeared to be a star definatly not a plane or helicopter, were both baffled, did anyone one else see this or have an explanation? i also saw a faint shooting star to the east of the 'disappearing' star, while we were looking.