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As my sister and I were watching the storm that was hitting the Dallas texas area last night we kept seeing these green roundish flash of light balls in the sky..What are they? She then showed me a picture of a rainbow that she had taken, and the same green ball of light was in that picture...? We both agreed that in the last days, people are going to see more things from the spiritual maybe they are angels??

Awesome meteorite April 29 10:30 p.m. Irwin County Georgia

The most amazing and awe-inspiring natural phenomena I've ever born witness to (except the birth of my two daughters) occurred last night around 10:30. I was out on my deck enjoying the cool night and I saw this heavenly body/fireball which I guess was a meteorite coming out of the Northwest sky proceeding Southeast almost horizontally across the sky. It was the largest such entity I have ever seen; and I actually expected to hear it impact (I didn't). It was at least twice as large as the largest star/planet I have ever seen; and it had a blue tip which faded to green and then finally yellow for the rest of it's length. The entity spanned a third to half of my entire field of vision, and I was able to count to ten slowly before it disappeared from my sight. What a fantastic "anointing" from The Sovereign Lord of The Universe just doing It's usual business! If anyone has more information about this event, please share.

Meteor april 29, 2011 10 pm

We were driving home from Tallahassee on 319 when we saw this huge streak of orange across the sky and then disappear behind the trees. We knew it was too big to be a shooting star

I also saw a strang sighting

I also saw a strang sighting last night around 9:30-10, I was taking out the trash at work and I noticed that one of the stars in the sky were a lot brighter than normal and it was blinking orange,yellow, and green and I thought it was very strange that you saw a metor around the same time in Georgia. I saw the star down iin Orlando,Fl. I know it wasnt a plane or heli so dont try and tell me different cause I stared at it for a good half hour and when I got off work I looked at it a little longer. Also the light i was looking at wasnt moving. I hope this helps and I would really like an answer for my sighting as well!

saw a green light in the sky

saw a green light in the sky fallin very bright and looked as if it were on fire at the end. after 6 seconds of seeing it, it vanished. loction in Savannah, GA. time 10:03 pm


l saw what you saw, onl.y on the 19 of mayat around 10pm, it was beautifull, made no sound and only lasted a few seconds, no one believes me, l am in melbourne australia

bright light.

nothing to spectacular,between say 22:30/23:00.was caravaning in north wales.went to main gate of caravan park to pick up ordered meal.whilst waiting seen object exactly like a star only 2/3 times as bright moving at a fast but steady pace,there was no sound from this object that traveled in a straight line.(nice site to see).

Saw a silver ball in the sky

Saw a silver ball in the sky in Cork at 2:30pm local time, Ireland. It seemed to emit a green light around it, moving really slowly in a circular motion. Four of us watched it through binoculars for about 10 mins and then it disappeared. We thought at first it may be a weather balloon but it was so bright and shiny with the streak of bright green light coming from behind it.

Ireland - Bright Orange Light in the Sky 23/04/11

Was closing the curtains on the patio doors last night near 11pm and saw this bright orange light in the sky and watched it as it got smaller and smaller until it faded, does anyone know what was going on last night? It was a beautiful sight!

saw big white light flying on the sky 27 Apr 2011 at 10:30.

I saw big white light flying on the sky 27 Apr 2011 at 10:30- 45. My boyfriend and I wore coming back from holiday and walking down the street to our home. Then we saw a big white light as bright as the stars flying from west north to north very slowly, then in just a blink of an eye the light went off and disappeared. It was strange because there was not other white or red blink light that planes and helicopters have. In my opinion it is a bit high for helicopter to fly high as it was flying and for a plane to have big light as a star. If you know what I mean!

There are probably chinese

There are probably chinese lanterns, many can be seen on special occasions across the cities of Ireland.

didnt see anything

I also didn't not see anything. I realized about the green light flash in the sky at night.
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Bright Light Moving Slowly 23 April 2011

I was walking to work from my room at Telfer Gold mine (Western Australia) and at 5:30am (gmt+8) I saw a bright light (about the same size and brightness as Venus). The object was moving slow and steady from West to East in the Southern sky at about 30deg inclination. Looked too bright to be a satellite. My first thought was that it was a large asteroid passing. It would have to have been bloody huge if it was. I have searched the web but have found no record of this (except for the comments here)

Any ideas as to what this could have been?


It may have been the

It may have been the International Space Station. This can be as bright as magnitude -4. You can type your coordinates into sites like and find out when bright satellites are going over. Cheers, Dan.

Bright Green Light April 22, 2011

I went outside on the porch at approximately 10:30 pm, as I looked at the horizon to the north i saw a bright green light that just expanded in the horizon, and dimmed in a flash. I felt as it attracted me to it, my friend was right next to me, and he saw and felt the same thing. I have no idea what it was, or where it came from, or where it would go, or end, but i just know that i have no clue what it was. Because it lit the whole horizon in a flash, it was like a fast explosion, i have never scene anything like that in my entire life, i was perplexed. By the way i live in Leominster Massachusetts.

Hey.... I'm from Melbourne,

Hey.... I'm from Melbourne, didn't see anything in the sky (Good Friday Night) but did hear about a green flash of light in the night sky over Melbourne last night on talk back radio....

Tried to find something on the internet about it and only came up with both your comments in NZ.

Looks like it was the same thing?

Was driving between

Was driving between Ngahinapouri and Hamilton at 10.30pm last night 22nd April. Saw a bright round shape white light heading northwest low altitude appeared heading towards the ground, did anyone else see this. There was no sound and didn't appear to be a tail. Definately not a shooting star and did not seem to be a meteorite, not sure though.

saw bright white meteor

yes i saw a bright white burning meteor going from back of new lynn to west harbour direction between the house and trees when putting the rubbish out at around 11.30 it was like magnesium burning with bits coming off the back and orange flame at the out outside edges.It was as big as a car and moving fast.i heard no sound.
very cool i'm pretty sure its was not a UFO well not like the ones i have seen in the past.
lets just say it was not green and moving horizontal from stop mid air to moving at very very fast in 1second.

I'm from Romania just spotted

I'm from Romania just spotted on sky, a bright light moving very slowly, can't be a plane at leas not commercial - light was to bright, not flashing - also was to big to be a geo satelite in my opinion. Light wa very intensive. I was smoking outside when I saw it, I call my father also, we was amazed. We was watch till disapear to horizont. Incredible.

Around 9:05 PM - GMT +2

Can you confirm any astronomical event?

Bright light

Saw bright orange coloured light - very slight tail breifly - moving relatively slowly but too fast for aircraft. Watched as they grew smaller and fainter and dissappeared into the distance. Saw two more smaller but similar lights about a minute apart same trajectory SW-NE

Possible meteor over Pirongia NZ

16/04/2011 approx 22.40hrs, a streak of light heading north Northwest for approximately 2 seconds, appeared very low in altitude, but burned brightly then as it burnt out appeared to break up. between Otorohanga and Pirongia. Did anyone else see this?

Spaceship descending to earth

It was 03h10 in the morning, Sunday the 10th of april 2011, me and other 4 guys were coming from dropping my couzin at her place after a get-together overnight. On our way back, we saw this huge star, chinging colors towards mozambique direction (if u r jin South Africa, Manguzi, KZN). it was falling at high speed but as it apporached the earthit slowed down and stopped just above the ocean, not too far when looking at it with naked eyes. We stayed until morning and it never moved. I t was an amazing thing I have ever seen with my own eyes. I am still wondering what it really was. Biggest Star iv ever seen.

bright thing in sky

I saw something very bright moving in the sky to horizon,it was silver bright like big star,it ws brightest than all others,around at 730pm over maputo,mozambique.mind it ,our sky is the darkest and i can see tons of star every night in southern sky.N light pollution at all.

Meteor/Shooting Star over Hastings tonight

Driving northeast on Tomoana Road, Hastings, at 6.35pm passing Cornwall Park and saw a fast moving light with a tail, heading in a northerly direction, lasted about 3 seconds

Meteors in nz

9/04/11 between 10 and 1030 i was stargazing in upperhutt NZ i saw 3 shooting stars and thoguht it was bizzare seeing that many in the space of 5 mins i kept looking and a 4th 1 caught the corner of my eye i looked straight at it and it was till in flight 3-4 seconds it was amazing then a minute after that a huge red firery meteor crosses the sky right in front of me it lasted 3 seconds and was birght red it was so amazing me and my friend both saw that 1.
what does this mean ? i have seen 6 in the [ast 20 30 mins i also saw another 1 after the big red 1.

I saw three of these. They

I saw three of these. They certainly were impressive. Their relatively long time of flight allows you to appreaciate them in detail before they fly out of sight. I sought the opinion of a noted astronomer friend. His best advice is that these slow moving bright objects with apparently low trajectories are re-entrant ie they are debri from a launch (boosters etc) or from the orbital decay of a satelite (whatever we put into low orbit inevitably returns to us sooner or later).


Just trying to remember the approximate time, but i think it was around that 10:00 to 10:30 time also, that i saw a very bright and large single light move across the mostly northern sky over Auckland. My first thought was a meteor, but it moved quite slowly, unlike a shooting star and seemed reasonably close. Did anyone else see this light and perhaps know what it was?

...same as you

HI there

Yes, I did see, exactly what you have described, this morning, 12:05/2011 at approximately 06:18

Big White Ball In Frankston

At 10:50 pm I saw a big white ball in Frankston, VIC. There was no clouds in the sky just stars except for this huge white ball in front of me, this happened when I was walking my girlfriend to the train station it was almost as if it was waiting for me to make eye contact before it made a move on, that would have been for half a second then it took off in the Northern direction so fast for a second and a half leaving a trail behind it vanishing instantly ! Could this have been a UFO or a Meteorite ?who knows ? I hope one of us gets to find out soon enough !


I am an American living in Ifrane, Morocco. This morning as I was walking at 6:50 AM, I saw a small fireball in the sky. It was about 50 feet in front of me and about 2x as high as the poplar trees - moving from NW to SE in an arc-shape downwards. The fireball was bright white with a slight blue circle around it. It was not moving very fast. I first thought it was a flare or firecracker because it was so close, but who would be setting something off at that time? I stopped and stared, suddenly realizing I might be seeing a meteorite up close. I watched it for about 4 seconds then it burned up and must have landed in a field nearby (which is covered in rocks, sadly). Could this have been a meteorite?

bright light in sky

I was driving home from work the other night coming from the San Francisco Bay Area going to Stockton CA.( MARCH 29 2011) looking at the stars as i normally do. EVERYTHING...IS JUST SO WEIRD THESE DAYS IN THE SKY BUT, ANYWAYS.... As i got off the French Camp exit heading west around 9 pm or so i looked to my south and happen to see a quick 3 or 4 second bright light streak by. It reminded me of a meteorite...something burning up in the sky or something. its kind of strange because most of the comments people have been posting are from areas such as New Zealand but, I have not heard anything from my area. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !

NASA Science News for March

NASA Science News for March 31, 2011

For reasons researchers do not understand, the rate of midnight fireballs increases during the weeks around the vernal equinox. It's a beautiful display, but where do they come from? NASA's growing network of fireball cameras is scanning the heavens for answers.


Definately no meteor!

Did anyone in the Tauranga area see any unusual activity in the sky between 7.30-8.00pm on Wed 30th March? I know there are reports of a meteor on the 29th, but this was definately not a meteor.
While driving from Matapihi towards Maungatapu (on the 100km/h highway) both my partner and myself saw 3 very large bright lights hovering over Tauranga CBD. Was hard to see until we got to the bridge and could clearly see that the lights were above the city (too high to be Devonport Towers etc.) and had no flashing lights, just 3 bright large motionless lights. They were lined up horizontally, evenly spaced and all the same size. We couldn't stop (100km/h and on a bridge is a bad idea) so headed into the CBD but the lights were gone. Did anyone else see this?


Sounds pretty dam cool what you have seen Jamo! Im so sorry I did not see it so cannot further validate what you and your partner witnessed, but maaaaate, I wish we had!!
My partner and I are gutted that we have been missing all this activity of late. We have seen a couple of things that we think are anomilies and I have reported them on here, but at the end of the day, they were single lights in the sky the size of stars so you can chuck any sort of explanation at it, yet still never really be sure. Its quite frustrating.
What you have reported is much more interesting! WW has posted a site for us to log our reports so you may want to do that.

Anywhooooo! I can feel an evening of star watching coming on!

Have a good day folks!


I missed it but my husband saw it and was very impressed by the brightness of it. We are in Pirongia in Waikato.


I'm from Davao City, Philippines.

Around 1345H UTC | 2145H PH

Approximately SW area of the horizon :)

It was fast.. And beautiful.. :)

Bright comet like object in sky

I saw something like this over Melbourne tonight looking west, like a giant orange comet but didnt notice it moving it was about 7:25pm melb time

I live in Hudson Wisconsin

I live in Hudson Wisconsin and at about 9:15 last night I saw a very bright orange light it was strange it didn't move looked at it for about a 1:15 seconds called my brother and nephew out to see it by the time they got outside it had faded to about half as bright as it was when I first saw it. It eventually faded to black.

Yes, we saw it too. A little

Yes, we saw it too. A little earlier than that and it definitely moved. Tried to take a photo of it but moved faster than it took me to figure out how to operate the zoom on my (new) phone camera! LOL

Meteor over Waitakere

I just saw a meteor over West Auckland, travelling east to west in the western sky.  Was orange in colour.  Short but big in size.  Very cool!  :)

Philip Duncan

My mate on the west coast at

My mate on the west coast at mawheraiti saw something at about 4.30am this morn. Had a silver streak on one and was green and falling.

I saw it last night , I'm up

I saw it last night , I'm up Whangaehu Valley south of Wanganui. What I saw was a brilliant green light falling north to east. I guess it was behind the hills here when it broke up as I didn't see that


Heey, Yes I alsi saw the meteor last night,
Actually I'm happy to know there are more people that saw it, because the friend I was with didn't see it at all, and thought I was crazy.
It must have been around 11, a very bright, white light, not so much blue,( but then I was looking past orange streetlights).
It moved from what looked like Tauranga -ish to wards the mount, But It had more off a down wards movement rather then going across and I was expecting a boom, but didn't hear anything.
I also thought it was close, because from where I was sitting ( at a cafe, on mount rd) it looked the size of a handbag worth of light, that is pretty big to be sitting in the sky like that.. to hear that people have seen it in Raglan, amazes me!

Meteor !

I saw it out my lounge room window that faces directly north,in Wainuiomata ,Wellington .
A small intensely white fireball with red hot outer ring ,no tail ,coming down at steep angle 75 to 80 degrees to horizon .Way cool ...better than TV .

Meteor - 11.15pm 29 March 2011

Like many others, I also saw the meteor. I am in the "country" in Te Puna, just west of Tauranga. Was in a spa at 11.15pm when became aware of a large white / blueish glow in the sky, looked up and west and saw the sparkling ball. Like others I also thought it was a large sky rocket at first but there were no sounds, no other action in the area etc. It seemed to me to be moving fairly slow so perhaps it was heading towards us in the Bay (ie we didn't see it going ACROSS the sky). Interesting that we all felt it was really close - I also thought it was only a km or so away.
I wonder if anyone will ever find some remnant.

Last night approximately

Last night approximately around 11pm I was driving in the Waikato behind Ngaruawahia, when I noticed a large blue light in the north direction. The light eventually got brighter and brighter and quickly diminished after a few seconds. The person who was in the car with me also saw a bright sky rocket looking figure in the sky and then dissapearing.

As this due to so many

As this due to so many reports actually was a meteor so makes interesting scientific reading,at least its not the stupid ones infering to UFO sitings in the past about chinese lanterns or twinkling planets,I never saw it myself.


I saw a strange shooting ball/light in the sky just after 11pm last night (Tuesday 29 March).

I live in Whangarei and noticed a glow through the window and when I looked out, I saw a round glow shooting from west to east in the sky.

It was a green / blue colour and lasted only a few seconds from when I saw the glow.

It has a slight tail which looked like flames coming from it (but were the same green colour).

It looked like it was quite low in the sky.

I am now aware

I just want people to know that I have been a non believer in UFO's and aliens for most of my life until recently that is! I have been watching the night sky for the last month or so as a friend of mine told me there were alot of strange things happening in the sky, much to my surprise I have seen some really out there things ( and no, I was not on drugs), flashes of lights have been seen on several different nights and not just by me, my husband, a friend of ours and my oldest son have all seen it, this may not sound like much as there have been alot of reports of these, but on Friday night 25th March at 11pm I saw 3 UFO's, I know what some people will think when they read this I would of thought the same not long ago myself but I swear it the truth! People need to come forward when they see things like this and need to know they are not the only one's. Lastly I would like to invite anyone interested in this to look at
I live in New Zealand, South Island, a place called Henley half way between Dunedin and Milton, this is where I seen UFO's