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(homepage photo: Magazine Bay Wharf, Maraetai, New Zealand. Used with permission by Twitter user Mil8Ant)



Rowley, MA
8:54 pm, Main St. saw a Aqua blue green meteor, red tail, right over me thought at first someone was lighting fire works, but there was no sound, it was incredible!

May 25th Northern CA

I was driving on the north on the freeway about 9:30pm and saw a large bright white shooting star (but bigger than I have ever seen) traveling left to right in the sky; then it fell dramatically left to right with what seemed to be hitting close to the ground. There was another bright light, seemed too low to be a star that was near where it started. We thought it was something other than a shooting star...not a typical one that I have ever seen before.

May 25, 2011 around 9:25PM in San Francisco, California =)

Shooting across the sky, large meteor? had a blue green glow seemed very near our earth's atmosphere, large, shooting towards ocean beach? can't find anything on the web about the same sighting, but would love some info! was very beautiful and vivid. Did any one else see this in my area??? I wish I could of caught this on film. Something I will never forget.

I was driving over the

I was driving over the coronado bay bridge and the sky just lit up for a split second. very strange. it was about as bright as a large bolt of lightning.

i saw the same thing last

i saw the same thing last night same time but on the east coast of south africa. Was like a small but very bright flash and it was gone. Felt like somebody flashed a torch in my eyes. What was it!? Very weird.


Just dropped partner of to work driving home in auckland at 3.15am 27th May 2011 and saw a bright white light with a tail of light flash across the sky going towards west auckland definately diffrent from a shooting star got to watch it go across most of the sky until it went out of sight. Came onto to google it and thought I would post on this sight cool experience!!!

Meteor Shower?

I live in the suburbs of NYC and saw what looked like a meteor shower - multiple very bright white/blue flashes continuing for about half an hour from 12:00-12:30am. Most were high in the sky, but some were lower. First time I've ever seen anything like it.


Last night I was sitting on my back porch in Virginia and saw the most beautiful green lights flash across the sky! I feel lucky to have been able to witness this- my husband also was there to see it! Amazing! I would say it was about 9:30-10:00!

I saw this

I only saw one, but seemed large in California, San Francisco. Same color detail and very close. It had a trail (tail the same color blue/green. What was it? and yes it was beautiful (9:30ish PM in cali)

Meteor sighting?

At 12.07 am...I was outside and saw a large meteor shooting cross the sky..It was travelling straight across and had a tail different colors the meteor itself glowed like magnesium..It has to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the was just below the Moon and was much brighter. Any suggestions as to what it was..My son saw it too..It was amazing! someone else would have surely seen it too.

Neon Aqua Blue Meteor / Comet / Space Junk w yellow/pink tail

Bright neon aqua blue meteor with long yellow and pink tail was seen very low in the sky streaking across North Georgia sky moving in a northwest direction toward Chattanooga between 10:45 and 11:00 pm (eastern time zone) and could be viewed for 3-5 seconds; sighting was viewed from residential deck in Big Canoe, Georgia; I have never seen anything like this in over 50 years; It was both incredible and unforgettable; most shooting stars seem to streak toward the southwest; since this was moving to the northwest, I was assuming this was space junk because the "burn" was completely different from most falling stars; a previous sighting a few months ago streaking toward the northwest was reported by the local media as space junk; this was also an unusual sighting because the space junk could actually be seen tumbling and spiraling toward the northwest; please reply if anyone has actually identified the object on the evening of 5/20/2011; I am glad to find this website for future sightings.

saw this same thing! I was

saw this same thing! I was with some friends walking oustide around 10:30 or 11 in canton and it lit up the whole sky in green, blue, and pink!

I saw a bright blue 'comet'

I saw a bright blue 'comet' and tail fall about Latvia. 02.40 am 21/05/2011

at about 10:45 aest. I saw a

at about 10:45 aest. I saw a bright blue 'comet' and tail fall about NW of Toukley nsw Australia. it was straight down. quick appear. tail was bright blue head may have been orange/red.
seemed very like a meteor/comet passing only that it was quite large (or close?) and straight down. not 'across' the sky.

streak of greenish and gold light across the sky

Tonight around 11 p.m, I walked outside on my back deck to let my dog in after getting back home from dinner with my husband. I saw a light that was lite up green streak across the sky, it was the first time I had every seen anything like this. I have seen what I call a falling star before, where it's a yellowish white light falling from sky, but this was shooting across, not falling down and the color was such a bright green. Of course I got the most happiest and exciting feeling to have seen such a beautiful thing and right after I have had the most spiruatual talk with my husband that we have ever had in the whole 10 yrs of being married. I know everyone has their own thoughts of seeing shooting stars, but I believe after what we had talked about, it was a sign of God, letting me know he hears me and that I'm doing right by him. I live in chattanooga, tn and wonder if anyone else seen this. And if you did, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


I saw the green flash by around the same time at 10:45

Ive never seen a green shooting star. Its so weird that it was also on the supposed judgment day lol

green comet

I am so pleased and excited to hear that someone else saw this light too.
I am in Fairburn, GA just south of atlanta last night the 20th about 11 p.m.
I was walking north in the darkness and saw a bright light coming from behind.
I turned around and saw this streaking green comet.
It look like a giant fireworks. But it was low in the sky and was streaking on an orbital path.
We live close to Hartfield Airport and planes were overhead and this object was lower than planes that had just taken off.
It appeared to explode and vanish in my sight without making any sound. I was stunned and have been wondering what it was all day. Anybody have any clues?

Ringgold, Georgia fireball

Friday, May 20, 2011 Ringgold, Georgia, just before 11:00 EST
Last night, like most nights I was sitting on my deck watching the sky. I'm in Ringgold, Georgia which borders Chattanooga, Tennessee. Just before 11:00 EST I spotted a very low light that at first I thought was fireworks because of it sparkly tail. It was traveling S to W-NW (used my compass to be sure) It was very short lived, maybe two seconds and was moving across the sky. It did not look like it was "falling" and it was very, very low in the sky. It was neon green and it looked for all the world like it exploded, then it was gone. What looked like an explosion lit up the sky, but there was no sound? I follow meteor showers and they do make noise when they explode, so I'm confused. Immediately after it was gone there was a second explosion of light, still no sound. About thirty minutes later I did see a "falling star" but it was traveling in the opposite direction.

green light in sky

I too saw it ! I live in Pell City alabama and it was exaxtly as you describe it, neon green and coming in horizontal, not like a shooting star, about 10pm central time. My niece was in auburn alabama and she happened to see it also. What was it ??

brightest fireball in Ga sky around 11:00 p.m.

While walking dog in my yard around 11:00pm tonight I witnessed a very bright light that suddenly appeared it flash bright once more then streaked a short distants before disappearing . It was awesome but at first it scared me appearing suddenly . My home is located in McDonough, Ga about 30miles south of Atlanta


Last night i went out side to feed my big dog at 11 PM on may 21,11 i saw this green and blue thing shoot in the sky i thought it was a shooting star i look at it again and it was low low at the ground and i stand there looking it was gone then i turned around my house turn blue then a metero came i was like what the zebra cakes


My son and I saw it in Acworth Ga. I have never seen anything close to it.

sightings of a meteor

We live east of Christchurch New Zealand and we have sightings of meteor early this morning 20 May, Friday around 7:18am NZ time. It was like a long fire in a very high speed that lasted for over 10 minutes. Headed and disappeared in the east pacific ocean. I took video but it was in the last 5 minutes of it because we have trouble trying the camera and unable to work it out on how to start the video. I was also talking on the phone with my husband at his work so they come out and seen it too

white light flying around Texarkana, TX

There's a really strange 'northern light' thing flying around the sky in Texarkana!


I live in Southern California I was driving home tonight (well this morning but it's still night outside) May, 13, 2011 Friday the 13 (strange already) at approx 12:30 am (just after midnight) I was headed west on the 210 freeway (approaching La Cañada) when I saw a big bright white sort of blueish light falling from the sky.. What really caught my attention is that it had a trail of fire that followed it... It seemed to get very close to the ground I thought there would be an impact (I even hit my breaks) but right before it seemed like it was about to hit the ground, it just dissolved and disappeared.. Did anyone else see this?? What was that?? I hope I'm not going nuts :/

I'm in northern California

I'm in northern California (bay area) and it was my birthday so we were up pretty late and decided to go for a walk. We went to this playground and were just hanging out when at about 2:00 am alight light up a portion of the sky lit up. We assumed it was lightning because it was a cloudy/rainy night. So we started counting to see how far away it was but the thunder never came so we just assumed that it was a ways off. A few minutes later however, the sky lit up again, this time the light was much brighter and was a green blue color. It stayed for maybe two seconds, disappeared, and then came again, just a little bit less bright. We didn't see it again all night. Unlike your experience, it was cloudy so we couldn't track any movement, although the light did slightly change position in the sky. This was on Saturday so I don't know if the two things seen were connected but I would be interested to find out.

This wasn't the one I saw...

This wasn't the one I saw... but it looked EXACTLY like this photo that was taken by someone else...


Thanks Jessica!!! I got scared for a minute there!! :P
after reading the fox news article it all makes sense now

I think so!

I live outside of Chicago and at about 11:10pm CST I saw a bright white ball surrounded with a blueish green with a trail following it. It looked like it went to the ground but trees were in the way so it could have disappeared. I honestly thought it was a meteor the way it turned blueish green like it had just entered our atmosphere. So you aren't crazy, unless I am too! ;o)

Yes, I saw it too, right

Yes, I saw it too, right around 11:30. I live in Sleepy Hollow, IL and it looked like it was right above the street. It moved from the South to the East. At first I thought it was fireworks, but it had such a long tail and was too big and bright, and seemed to just keep going. Pretty cool.

Green light in the sky

Jessica! I saw the exact same green light last night. It was silent and it just soared across they sky. I was walking with my friend when I noticed it around 11 close to midnight! At first I thought it was a plane or some sort of air craft, but It moved almost too fast! The next thing I knew, it went through the clouds and disappeared! What could this be?

According to Fox News, bits

According to Fox News, bits of Halley's comet will come into our atmosphere from April 28 - May 21.

So my guess it was a meteor! :)

I was driving in

I was driving in Ontario/Riverside California at about 1 am. on May 13, 2011. I didnt see any green lights. What I saw was a huge fireball. It passed in front of me overhead and looked like it was going to hit the ground. It was so close, I waited to hear an explosion, but there wasnt one. Ive heard people talking about meteor showers or shooting stars....but I dont know. What I saw was HUGE and slow moving and had an orange trail of fire behind it. Anybody else??

Yes yes!!! I saw the same

Yes yes!!! I saw the same one!! It's in an earlier post I even found a picture to something almost exactly if what I saw!!! It sounds like we saw the same thing and we aren't too far from each other either.. I was waiting for impact too since it fell straight down :/

Fight in the sky

Jessica! I saw the exact same green light last night. It was silent and it just soared across they sky. I was walking with my friend when I noticed it around 11 close to midnight! At first I thought it was a plane or some sort of air craft, but It moved almost too fast! The next thing I knew, it went through the clouds and disappeared! What could this be?

At about 9 pm may 11th 2011 I

At about 9 pm may 11th 2011 I saw a "shooting star" while walking home with my 2yr old! I never thought living in NYC that seeing something like that was possible! It was a streak of light that trailed behind and then it just vanished! I felt like a big kid only because I had only seen things of that nature on television!

mysterious thing falling from the sky!

Hi, I'm 14 years old, and tonight (May, 29,2011 at about 9pm) I was playing catch with my sister, and as we were taking a break she was on the phone, and then I saw it! This thing was bright blue, thin and falling at about a 30 degree angle from right to left, with a blue dotted trail behind it... I couldn't see it hit the ground, but me and my sister went the exact direction at which I assumed it would have landed, but we found nothing... and I don't know what to do!!!!

Bright starlike shape moving across the horizion

I was interested in seeing mar,Jupiter, Venus, mercury early this morning moments ago. I don't think had a good view of the eastern horizon. But what I did see this bright white (brighter than any other star out I seen.) at 5:20am May. 11th, 2011. Moving from South to East well above the horizon. It was moving at medium speed. its was circular from what i could see w/ the naked eye. Shortly after it pasted east if slowly diminished. I found it odd it maintained a straight line left to right. I really don't know what it could be logically. and I confirmed its not a plane cause i see one off to the right blinking.

bright moving star-like object in the sky

This is exactly what I saw this morning at approximately 06:18.. very bright moving in a South-West to North-Easterly direction. For the first time in my 39-year life I saw what people on the internet say Venus, Mars and Jupiter in the eastern sky. Hope it is not any other thing out there that is directly in the collision course of hte earth ??:)

3 stars or satellites

I have noticed three star or satellites also in the early mornings this week, but they have moved slightly from day to day, with the brightest moving to a position this morning (Fri 13 May) between the other two, but lower. Yesterday it was below the northerly star, and this one had been further down to East the day before. Are these the ones you talk about I wonder or just Satellites moving slowly into position.


hey what you saw was the morning stars these stars are the last stars to see before the sun comes out bu now theres three befofe last month there was two and the third one is a new star which is stuffing up are magnetic feild which is bad.i also see this every day so it is knot a new thing.

We saw a bright green, very

We saw a bright green, very large light sweep across the sky in Melbourne, Australia, at aprox 3.45 am on Wednesday 11 May 2011. It appeared whole as it moved across the sky, but then it disintegrated and almost seemed to 'burn out'. Did anyone else se it?

Green "meteorite" in South Africa 11 May 2011 18:12 GMT+2

Did anyone see the massive meteorite at +-18:12 (GMT+2) over North West province (South Africa)? This must be the biggest I've ever seen...and glowing green! It moved from horizon to horizon (in a southern direction) in about 4 seconds. What a sight.

mee too last night saw it in

mee too last night saw it in macedonia at 3 -4 a clock i was shocked never seen a thing like that on skys of macedonia

bright shooting star at around 10pm,may 1st 2011

was on ma way to campus for a night study when i saw the shooting star moving to the west! i live i lesotho, i strongly thought i would here something on the radio the next day ,nothing came up except for the death of Osama! RIP!

9.45 09/05/11 Green light in sky

Did anyone see a green light fall from the sky to the west tonite? My husband saw it out here in Whangaparaoa.

I saw a green light and it

I saw a green light and it jsut disappeared in the sky. I live in Oklahoma

Saw a shooting star

I saw a meteor in Bay Area, CA at approx 3:35am. I just went outside to get something out of my car. Looked up at the sky for no reason and there it was! It looked kind of pinkish orangish. A nice surprise this morning!

green light

on april 28 3am sitting on the couch i saw thru my open window a piece of heaven a beautiful ball of green light shot right across the sky ib a slanted downward angle it disappeared behind trees no sound of impact ihave reportedthis with many sites nobody knows what it is nobody has found a ground 0 no debris nothing it must be supernatural maybe is angels traveling and we r getting a tiny glimpse no one can explain this