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I was taking my son to the

I was taking my son to the bus at about 7.30 this morning (13.6.11) and we both saw a bright light with a greeny blue tail go shooting throught the sky over the mountains. It went from north to South, it was only there for a couple of seconds then dissapeared. We were in Te Pirita, Canterbury driving west towards the mountains. We were both awestruck!

Green Light in the Sky

This morning I was driving to work while it was still dark. It was around 7.30am and I was driving towards the Southern Alps (New Zealand) from Christchurch (this is an East to West direction). In the sky directly in front of me there was a large explosion of yellowish green light then it plummeted towards the ground very quickly leaving a long green flame behind it. This all happened within a couple of seconds but it was amazing to see!
When my classroom full of children sat down at 9am this morning I shared my amazing morning with them which led to a gigantic exploration to find out just what this 'thing' was. A lot of learning happened indeed!

Forgot to mention in green light in sky on 6/10/2011

The other person of whom witnessed the green flare or comet with me, stated she saw another one right after it. I did not see it however I did see the first one. Many others saw it in the Pasqua Yaqui tribe reservation near the San Xavier Mission inTucson, Arizona.


Sometime after dark maybe, in Tucson, Arizona around 9 or 10, don't remember I and someone else saw a green comet or very large star with sparks blazing through sky in space but very visible and large. The sight was awesome even though the event was for about a second. We spoke with others and they also saw this. It was much larger than a shooting star. Maybe hundreds times larger. Beautiful sight. Go to youtube username israel5535 and view "THE HOSTS OF HEAVEN." for some awesome star images.

a bright green light

About 9:30 tonight...June 10, 2011, we were sitting outside talking and right when an airliner was flying over a bright green light seemed to just fall away from it. It probably wasn't even part of the plane but seemed to be. It fell going down towards the earth in the southern sky in Douglasville, Georgia. It had a small arch turn but mostly went straight down. It was very bright white in the middle and looked green all smoke behind it.

Driving on to way to work

Driving on to way to work from Gympie to Toolara Nursery (near Tin Can Bay) Queensland on Friday 10/06/11, around 6.18am, I was facing east where sun is about shine through the high level dark clouds, I saw this brilliant orange and white tip approx. about 8cms long about 25-30 degrees up going from north to south slowly in a striaght line and follow this for 10 minutes. I thought it would be the high attiude plane but, if the sun shining through the dark clouds from the east and the object reflection is on the west side so I thought this could be a slow moving metoer? or UFO? I pull over on the side the road to ring my wife who was at home in Gympie and she couldn't see it.
I asked my workers about this strange phenomenon and none of them haven't seen it or it has not even been mention on the news.
Could anyone help me to identify this strange object? Very curious!

saw something through the blinds of my window few days ago

was sitting on my couch in the living room, im on the second floor, i so happen to be looking up from my computer and out of no where, it was perfect timing, when i looked up i saw a bright white blue light slowly passed by my window. this is weird, i know it was not a plane, it had to be something out of the ordinary to shine so bright maybe it was a ufo? i dont know. i think it was too fast to be a meteor shower, because i saw a meteor shower for the first time in dec 2010 on the night of the lunear eclipse with my kids and ex boyfriend. i called the news later in the day they told me i saw a meteor shower and thete where a lot of meteor showers all over the us that night. so what i saw moved slower, i was so shocked at what i saw all i could do was just sit on my couch and think like wtf was that, maybe it was a plane, im trying to make sense of it. it cant be a plane. it was too close to my window towards the top of the window. it was like if something out of the ordinary passed your window slowly, taken a look at you, then moving along. thats the best way i can describe what i saw, wish i wasnt the only one to have seen that so i can have more proof lol, maybe it was a comet, i dont even know, there are so many things that happens in space and some things come to earth i dont know. maybe some one in new jersey saw something similar. maybe its the jersey devil lol. that will be too scarry lol. no it wasnt monsterous lol thank god for that.

Fireball (comet)

while out on my nightly walk just past 12:30 AM (midnight) I was watching the stars as normal and seen the firey red ball of light with a long tail move across a short span of the sky moving from the south into the north was beautiful!!!

saw a vertically eclipse

saw a vertically eclipse bright object...sort of lyk a halo was very slow. not sure wat it is...but me n bf saw it while driving east on Riversdale rd near Chadstone, Victoria at about 7:30am. anyone else saw it?


just before 6am thursday 9th june, saw low on the horizon looking north from palmerston north. big fiery red with tail. frickin awesome.

Monday June 6, 2011

Blue/white object, large, slow moving, around 10pm. To the east, out of over the ocean. Kill Devil Hills, NC.

Shooting star or Meteor

I live in Saskatchewan and just after the game between Canucks and Bruins, we went out to our balcony and we saw a shooting stars- looks like the size of the soft ball. fire dripping from it... I have seen lots of shooting star but this one is so big and it moves slow.

Last nite 6/4/11 at about

Last nite 6/4/11 at about 9;40 pm my son his friend and myself were sitting outside and saw a bright orange gowing ball type thing flying silently and low over St.Anthony Minnesota. It slowly flew overhead then started to fade and go up in the sky until it looked like a typical satellite but red. My neighbors also saw the same thing last Satureday about same time. Freaky I cant explain what it was

Meteor spotted in Wellington NZ

I saw a meteor travel north to south over the entrance to Wellington Harbour at around 6.05pm 4th June 2011.

It sped across the sky and then disappeared - possibly into cloud

I saw it too! My flatmate,

I saw it too! My flatmate, didn't believe me either!

what was that?

I saw a comet (fired ball) in the sky tonight at 11:20 pm Delray Beach-Fl, did someone else see it?


I also saw large fireball here in southeastern Michigan traveling from west to east



Green Meteor

I saw a large green meteor around 11.00 p.m. two weeks ago. It came from the North and went right over Trentham military camp in Upper Hutt New Zealand. Never seen a green meteor before, nor one so big.

Fast-traveling, bright green light spotted

On Saturday night, May 28th, 2011 at approximately 10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, my friends and I saw a very fast-moving, bright green light speed across the sky from SW to NE. We were in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This was clearly moving too fast to be a satellite or plane, but had no tail like a shooting moved at a steady pace and was gone within about five seconds.

object falling from sky

At 5:33 Am in Amarillo, Texas USA i was looking S. SW. and saw a round triangle object falling from the sky it was to round for a plain and bigger than a bird, The color of it was blue, little red on top, and a yellow white on top of it. It was falling really fast as well i dont know how to explain it but thats the best i can do.


Green ight in sky

I saw the exact same thing. I am in hatteras village. My two uncles, brother and my aunt and I were sitting on the beach house deck. We also saw red lights....then there was a thing that looked like an explosion. That happened twice.

Green Light Spotted in PA

I also saw a green light Saturday night, here in SW Pennsylvania around 11:10. I happened to see it out a window facing roughly South. It was somewhat overcast but I saw what appeared to be a green ball of light moving very quickly heading almost directly S. I lost sight of it behind a neighbor's house. I don't believe in UFOs, but I am very curious as to what it may have been. Some sort of electrical discharge?

meteor 5/29/ 11:30pm

So glad others saw this. HUGE meteor, multi colored. We were camping in Etlan VA and it was incredible!!!!

auburn, al 5/27/11

I was out swimming with my friend on may 27 at 11pm and we both saw a bright light in the sky that moved quickly and then burned out. We are in auburn al. I asked her if she saw it too because I was tired and figured I could be seeing things but she said she saw it too. I assumed it was a shooting star at first but realized that it had to be more from the way it was suddenly bright as if it had just burst the the atmosphere.

Large Meteor Dighton, Mass May 29, 2011

On May 29, 2011 at sometime around 9 to 9:30 pm EDT, I was outside at a family cookout and I saw a huge meteor heading down towards Taunton, Massachusetts. I thought it may have been a couple of beers kicking in but my brother also saw it and commented on it first. There was green flames and it was beautiful. It was so large I expected to see reports Monday. It surely must have caused some damage when it landed.

Orange flyign object

The same night we saw something orange when we were camping at Bayleys in Scarborough Maine but we saw it 3 times... we are still trying to figure out what it was but was just a fast moving orange light. We even asked one of park people and couldn’t get an answer.

Bright orange light, moving

Bright orange light, moving fast from the left side of the lunar eclipse about to start.
We were watching the total lunar eclipse at 20h15 on 15 June 2011 from Gauteng in South-Africa.
Before the eclipse started (which was about 20h25), we saw a bright orange object moving from north to east (from the left side of the moon) and then disappearing into the far east. It moved fast and on a straight path and had no "tail" behind it. The object was large and far up in the sky.
We did take a picture of it with a cellphone.

What could this be?

Just Curious

Bright Meteor sighting last night

Oak Grove Theater, Verona, VA

We were in the middle of a performance when it happened. We actors heard the crowd murmuring and talking as it happened and after the show most of the audience reported a bright and spectacular meteor(?) arcing from audience right to audience left in the sky above the set on stage. It is an outdoor stage and to be seen above the set would put it in an east to west direction at least midway up from the horizon in the northern part of the sky. They were taping the performance last night so it might be possible it was caught on video. We guessed the time to around 9:50 to 10:20 but don't know for certain because we were mid scene when it happened.


Saw huge meterorite-very noticable fire falling over Beverly, Massachusetts last night 5/29/11 around 8pm (approx)...was huge! Not in news, am surprised.. I guess was prob Beverly/Wenham border. Saw from rt 128.

meteorite may 29 2011 north east united states. portland maine

I also saw a large meteorite on may 29 2011. I was also surprised that i could not find any more information on the light in the night. It was unlike anything that i have ever seen. The meteor seemed very large. I could actually see the flame following it. My observation would conclude that it followed south-east to north-west trajectory over about 20 seconds. the meteor seemed tobe positioned very low in the atmosphere, when I detected it. I deduce that it it would not have burned out completely before reaching the earths crust. Did it hit the earths crust? Did anybody else see this. Missy observed it in Beverly mass' which is about 91 miles away from where I am in Portland Maine. I would like to name this meteor "BENNY B." I Reserve all rights to the recovered space material. Thank you. If you have found the comet please contact me at

I would like to have my property brought to me.

I saw the meteor or w.e it

I saw the meteor or w.e it was as well i was in shenendoah virigina near the south fork part of the river nest to the mountains it flew over around 11pm and we just saw it come over us and over the mountain and that was it! couldnt tell if it landed.

oh sorry, im located in Christhchurch NZ.

you might want to add that bit....

I saw one just after dawn this morning. 30/5/11

sometime around or just after 7pm.
it was moving very very fast & seemed very close. it was amazingly bright. & looked to split into smaller pieces just as it vanished. it was moving in a southerly direction when looking to the west. I also thought i heard a distant sonic boom, but there is alot of diggers working in our area, so cant be sure.
But was a incredible sight.

i seen it to owen and always

i seen it to owen and always am in chch. it was soooo bright and definately close. it vanished so incredible fast too!

Meteor - green shooting star

North Queensland - Herberton - Australia. Saturady 28 May 2011 at about 7.30 pm (maybe). Saw most incredible shooting star/meteor - never seen anything like it. It 'flew' from east to west, very close to earth. First thing that was obvious was that it was green with lots of tail - broken up bits. Don't think anyone believes me on this one, but fair dinkum, it was huge and seemed so close. Green, definitely green and big.

Anyone know what this was, or if they saw the same thing?


11 pm EST near Charleston,

11 pm EST near Charleston, WV. I walked outside to lock my building up, looked up and saw what seemed to be a shooting star but quite larger than any I have ever witnessed. It was bright white in the center and glowing green along the outside, didnt notice a trail but it was heading straight for the earth then it dissapeared behind the mountains. Did anyone else notice this?!

Shooting Star

I saw the same thing! We were camping near Glady, WV in the mountatins. We were standing by the fire when the entire campground lit up! We saw a HUGE bright blue/green star with an orange/yellow center. A few seconds later we heard a very loud boom, almost like thunder, however the sky was very clear. It was AMAZING!!

I was driving home in

I was driving home in hillsborough nj at the same time approx. 11:30pm.
All of us in the car saw a very big white light go from east to west and burn out quickly.
We did not see any other colors or shooting stars or "ufo's".
We just assumed it is a meteorite.

I noticed it. My husband and

I noticed it. My husband and I were going to the casino and we saw a bright green light falling to the earth and then it disappeared.


Rowley, MA
8:54 pm, Main St. saw a Aqua blue green meteor, red tail, right over me thought at first someone was lighting fire works, but there was no sound, it was incredible!

May 25th Northern CA

I was driving on the north on the freeway about 9:30pm and saw a large bright white shooting star (but bigger than I have ever seen) traveling left to right in the sky; then it fell dramatically left to right with what seemed to be hitting close to the ground. There was another bright light, seemed too low to be a star that was near where it started. We thought it was something other than a shooting star...not a typical one that I have ever seen before.

May 25, 2011 around 9:25PM in San Francisco, California =)

Shooting across the sky, large meteor? had a blue green glow seemed very near our earth's atmosphere, large, shooting towards ocean beach? can't find anything on the web about the same sighting, but would love some info! was very beautiful and vivid. Did any one else see this in my area??? I wish I could of caught this on film. Something I will never forget.

I was driving over the

I was driving over the coronado bay bridge and the sky just lit up for a split second. very strange. it was about as bright as a large bolt of lightning.

i saw the same thing last

i saw the same thing last night same time but on the east coast of south africa. Was like a small but very bright flash and it was gone. Felt like somebody flashed a torch in my eyes. What was it!? Very weird.


Just dropped partner of to work driving home in auckland at 3.15am 27th May 2011 and saw a bright white light with a tail of light flash across the sky going towards west auckland definately diffrent from a shooting star got to watch it go across most of the sky until it went out of sight. Came onto to google it and thought I would post on this sight cool experience!!!

Meteor Shower?

I live in the suburbs of NYC and saw what looked like a meteor shower - multiple very bright white/blue flashes continuing for about half an hour from 12:00-12:30am. Most were high in the sky, but some were lower. First time I've ever seen anything like it.


Last night I was sitting on my back porch in Virginia and saw the most beautiful green lights flash across the sky! I feel lucky to have been able to witness this- my husband also was there to see it! Amazing! I would say it was about 9:30-10:00!

I saw this

I only saw one, but seemed large in California, San Francisco. Same color detail and very close. It had a trail (tail the same color blue/green. What was it? and yes it was beautiful (9:30ish PM in cali)

Meteor sighting?

At 12.07 am...I was outside and saw a large meteor shooting cross the sky..It was travelling straight across and had a tail different colors the meteor itself glowed like magnesium..It has to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the was just below the Moon and was much brighter. Any suggestions as to what it was..My son saw it too..It was amazing! someone else would have surely seen it too.