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I saw the same thing and I live in Rome, GA...Floyd County, GA.....about 30 min from Bartow County. Green flaming ball shooting around 1:22 am. I have a video of it but don't know where I could upload for all to see.

I saw this in the Wairarapa

I saw this in the Wairarapa NZ at 2322hr totally amazing I have never seen any thing like this before

Large Green ball in night sky

Approximately 8:45 a large reasonably fast moving green ball with orange glow on back side moved from the 4oclock position towards the oclock position. As it descended the colour changed to become a bright a white light. Earnsleugh Road Central Otago .

Middle Tennessee Meteor

I am located in Chapel Hill Tennessee that's in Middle Tennessee saw a meteor and or a comet red and blue very fast Flash from the north headed south look like it entered the atmosphere may have crash-landed

Orange glowing ball with flares

Madison Ohio, United States. Just experienced something like never before. Watched an odd fireball like object appear and disappear twice over the course of 5 minutes. It was stationary and stayed visible for the course of. A few minutes. It grew larger and began to grow flares or tails in multiple directions. It was an entity of its own and not moving. We are in a country setting with great view and very little city lights. The glow was just above our tree line and looked be above the Mentor, Cleveland area. As the flares grew odd flashes were seen but what seemed to be coming from the ground up like explosions below it. No flashes coming from the orb itself. Then it was gone out of no where like it never happened. Anyone else notice this?

Yes! Saw something odd on

Yes! Saw something odd on Thursday in NYC in the sky. An odd pinkish orange light falling. But then again on Sat night aug 18 2018 I saw it bigger and clearer in Long Island, NY like a ball that just got bright and disappeared like it wasnt there. My friend saw it to so I know I saw it! Hahaha crazy. Was wondering what that was! Been googling for about 20 mins already lol.

Quick flash in eastern sky

From Woolston, Christchurch, my husband and I observed a very quick flash in the sky which was not like a moving meteorite, but instantaneous flash and it was gone, about 7.00 p.m. last night. In line from Mars was about one fifth distance towards the southern cross.

Like lightning but no lightning?

El cajon. San Diego, California. In the north we see what appears to be like lightning but no lightning. No bolts. No thunder, hardly any clouds in the sky. Middle of summer and no rain. Almost clear sky except where the flashing is coming from in the north.

Saw a satellite ( not sure ) falling down in toronto east

On 18august , 2018 morning 6:26 saw a something falling down on earth had a bright tail and was falling very fast , i am in Toronto and it was towards east side and was gping further and further towards east while falling down ( earth being round and it was falling diagonally) , i took a picture with my phone though its not that clear but you can see the tail clesrly in sky ( mail me for picture ) Thanks

I saw a Red Meteor at 8:50 pm on a recent Sunday in July 2018

I watched a red meteor travel from one horizon to the other Just as it was getting dark on a Sunday a couple of weeks ago. I failed to record the date and I am not finding any sightings listed in the news, BUT, I saw a little blurb on my home page headline news the following day. It was reported as being seen in several States in the Midwest, but not in Missouri, where I saw it. I am trying to find out WHICH recent Sunday that sighting was. I guess I was so excited to not only see, one, but read that others had seen it at the same time on the same day that I failed to record what date that was. Please help me with this info, if you can find it!

One very large fiery mass

MELBOURNE, VIC AUSTRALIA Approximately 9.20pm last night Tuesday 14th August I was about to make a wish on a falling star however it moved slower and was much larger than your average falling star. Having seen Hailey's Comet as a child and night air plane flights - this one was far larger than either. I said, "Wow, a huge space junk just appeared" and hubby was deeply disappointed that he'd missed it. Our balcony faces east so it was in the North East skies. I'd love some info on it.

Flickering lights

At around 11:30 pm on August 13 I saw from my house in the Santa Cruz mountains a bright light that fell zig zagging to the ground without a tail and flickering from one point to the next.

Meteor collision? Object in sky hits another?

H,i i reside in Palmerston North, and at approx 5:55 am this morning i noticed a strange happening in the sky. It looked like a meteor hitting was like a star or a ball of fire colliding into another...did anyone else notice anything?.

Maybe Meteor in Eastern Bays Auckland, 7:20pm 9/8/18

I saw a green falling light from our window, looking northeast from Kohimarama between Rangitoto and Howick direction - really not sure but...?

I saw this also from my home

I saw this also from my home in St Johns Akl

We saw this as well. From

We saw this as well. From Bombay hills.

We also saw this. From Bombay

We also saw this. From Bombay hills.

I saw this too..just out of

I saw this too..just out of Matamata. Looked pretty amazing


Big bright glowing light with tail almost straight down approx 7.20pm seen from Purangi Winery new site looking towards Cathedral Cove

Huge shooting star.

Just saw the biggest and brightest shooting star I've ever seen! It seemed like it was closer because of its size and so bright. It also moved horizontally. Really beautiful. Was it a shooting star? Date 4th August 2018

me and my wife seen it the same night as you

Me and my wife were driving down Pensacola Blvd in Pensacola FL that very night and we saw exactly what you said it only lasted a few seconds and was gone but it was super big and bright it looked to us to be headed downward at an incredible speed..

Light in the sky

Whangaparaoa Peninsula. Just before midnight on 4th August I saw what looked like a really small white meteorite flash down to the west. It was followed a few seconds later by a perfectly round white, sort of transparent light with no tail, travelling just as fast in the same direction. I only saw it for a second as there are trees so not a wide open sky


Just arrived home to our rural home in Motueka, NZ and said to my 6yr old boy.... come look at the stars they're incredible. So we stood there for about a minute. I said "come on, come on give us a shooting star" and within seconds I turned to glimpse a light green comet(?) with orangey red tail shoot across the sky. I've never seeen anything like that before in my life. Anyone else? It only lasted a split second.

Wow that's what I seen

Wow that's what I seen heading from parua bay to Whangarei around 6:00-7:00pmish. We were driving and just seen this shooting bright light fly across horizontally. It definitely was something I've never seen before, we were all buzzing with aaw, what an awesome experience to see.

I am so glad I saw your

I am so glad I saw your comment because I saw the exact same thing last night over here in Sydney Australia! I couldn't believe my eyes as I was driving I saw this big bright green thing move across the sky with like an orange tail. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I'm so glad someone else noticed it! No idea what it was???

Shooting Star

Around 6:35 pm on the 03/08/18 I saw a shooting star that was different to any I’ve seen. It was red, and left a bright orange tail that split in the middle before coming back. The experience only lasted about 2 seconds. It almost looked like a ball or star bouncing off of the atmosphere haha


1/08/18 Around 7pm i saw a meteor for the first time, im in tuakau

What did I see?

I was travelling north west near Mangere at about 6am on Monday 30th July and saw like a fire ball with tail shoot across the sky in front of me heading for ground. It burnt out just before landing. I wondered if anyone else saw it...

Green light

This morning at around 4am I saw the brightest/ fluorescent Green flash of light in taroona ( Hobart). It was so bright that the water lit up,only for a split second!!! Wow!! Truly Bizzare!!

Comet or UFO

In my car and saw an enormous jet coming in for a landing at LAX. I pulled over to stop my car and took a picture with my cell phone of the jet. Later, when I looked at the photo, above the jet was a white flash with a tail which looked possibly like a comet or UFO.

Comet or meteor 30th July around 5.30am

Saw either a comet or meteor around 5am from Whangerei not far from the moon. Orange with a tail. Never seen one before. A couple of days before around the same time saw the space station go past. Exciting.

Flash of light that burnt out

I was driving to work this morning in the Burnham, Canterbury area and at 0613 NZST there was a bright flash of light that tracked across the sky from SW towards the west then burnt out. Just want to know who else saw it and where it landed.


Hi Jason. I saw it in Queenstown this morning 6:13am and it was a blight green one flying from NW towards the east. I talked to my co workers about this after I ve seen it but nobody believes me so i googled and found this page.good to know someone has seen it!

Meteorite Dunedin

I was walking this morning in Dunedin about the same time and saw a streak of bright light in the NW. It started green and then burned white and yellow and then into orange and red. It was quite spectacular.

Big white orb

Looking SSW from Nelson this morning I saw a big white orb heading down towards the horizon. About 6.15am.


I saw a meteor appear near the moon this morning about 6:50am, and it traveled in a gentle arc to the right across the sky.

Bright orange light

At approx 9:40pm in N.Calif I observed a rather bright orange streak off to the North West was very bright! I was looking the other direction and it caught my last a few seconds and fell like a shooting star! Really amazing to see!!

Bright light in sky

This morning at 0615am my friend and I saw a very bright light in the sky like lightening. It was very colourful with a tail and lasted a few seconds. It was beautiful. We have seen lots of falling stars at this time of the morning, but nothing like this. This was in Portland, Victoria, Australia on 27 July 2018 at 0615 am.

meteor/comet sighting

I seen what appeared to be an orange meteor, (with a medium tail), burn out in the sky toward the Mt Juliet, TN area at around 10pm on 7.25.18. I have not seen any other postings listed about it and wondered if anyone else reported seeing it.


I am not sure, but i had one of the pictures of what you are talking about. One of my frinds clicked picture of moon in the night in new zealand he told em today.

weird lights

I live in amherstview ontario and just seen a stream of multiple lights that it seemed were coming down and each flickered out it was truly amazing!

possibly space junk, quite small

I live in Te Awamutu, Waikato, was picking my boy up from school just standing there waiting with the other parents and this bluish white bright object went smoothly streaming through the sky. It lasted about two seconds and it seemed to burn up and disappeared from my view behind the roof top of the classrooms. No one else seemed to even notice!! It wasn't like a fireworks, it was different, very similar to how a shooting star appears yet brighter and in the day time ( 3pm). There was no boom or anything. It seemed so very close as if whatever it was could have landed on a rooftop somewhere in the town. I wonder if anyone else saw it to confirm I'm not seeing things.

Possibly space junk, quite small

Thursday 26th 3pm - My sister and l were driving into Bowentown from Waihi Beach and also saw this directly in front of us as we drove south. Exactly as described, bright blue in an already blue sky, with a white tail, and about 2-3 seconds. Also seemed really close. Very beautiful, never seen anything like it in daytime before.

Me too!

I saw the exact same thing today at 3pm as well! I rang my grandma because I was freaking out. I thought it might’ve a shooting star or a meteor. I’m glad I’m not the only one

Amazing fireball/comet last night

Travelling home around 7.15PM on 25 July saw the most amazing fireball in the sky. I was travelling northwest along the Eastern Expressway back to Tauranga when a bright fireball appeared over the Papamoa Hills and flew east towards the coast. It was really large and bright. I watched it for around 2-3 seconds and it seemed split into three parts before it disappeared with flames visible off the pieces. It was not like other shooting stars; and I have seen some amazing ones. This seemed to be breaking up in our atmosphere.

Observation comet

Exactly the same observation at the same time on 25/07/2018 around 7:10 pm from Thames. Bright green fireball burning for 2 or 3 seconds. Amazing

Comet - best one evet

I also saw saw the comet last night 25/07/18 around 7ish. It was incredible!!! I had never seen one so long... felt like 5 seconds. We also saw it split into 3 and kinda spin out with the longest tail as it trailed across the sky! It was like someone had shot a fire work across the sky. So beautiful!

I saw it too. Whatever it was!!!

From East Auckland, going south. It looked like something was exploding while entering the atmosphere! Long, big bright! I am not sure of what it was. But it doesn't seem uncommon...

Comet over Auckland

I am in Pukekohe and saw what I thought was a green/blue comet with a long tail at 7.15pm Wednesday 25th July. It was towards Auckland, so north and was going east.

Saw it in Hamilton too

I saw it in Hamilton as well. Was a bright large white ball which grew a tail when it was about half way across the sky before disappearing. Appeared to be quite large whatever it was.