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(homepage photo: Magazine Bay Wharf, Maraetai, New Zealand. Used with permission by Twitter user Mil8Ant)


I was driving north from

I was driving north from matamata and saw this too. Was very impressive.


I saw a meteor while i was walking home monday night. It would have been around 730. It was about as bright as a bright planet, maybe a little brigher. Would have only been visible for a second or 2. I was on Wallace rd in Papatoetoe and it was in the sky in a ENE direction. It was moving away from me, more towards NE. Elevation would have been around 20-30deg from horizontal. Ben.

Saw green meteor or comet

Last night on Aug the 28th around 8:30 I saw a large green meteor falling slowly in the West. It had a long tail. I live in Murray Ky. Was wondering if anyone else saw it.


Suspected meteor this evening in North Canterbury around 6pm. Please follow the link below for more info, if you are a member of the forum you will see the images and the source.

At CHC airport looking

At CHC airport looking towards the alps just after 6pm A trail of what looked like smoke and at the front end colours of red and orange. Was had to capture colours on camera due sun setting Don’t know how to attract photo on here


In Stillwater, Auckland 7.30pm. A star like heavenly body shot across the sky then burnt up.

Meteor over Waikato area 830pm, August 26

I was driving north on SH1 near Hamilton. At around 830pm saw a really bright streak of green, light up the sky directly in front of me in the sky, ended with several flashes of bright sparks. Direction of the green light was directly down towards the horizon. Clearly seen through my windscreen so probably around 60-30degrees up from the horizon.

Shooting star 26 August 8.30 pm (ish) Waikato

Was driving north through Te Kuiti last night and my partner and I saw a really bright white light streak across the sky to the north of us. It looked to be traveling either northwards, or straight down. A few other mates on the road that night saw it too. Wondering if anyone knows what it was?

Green meteor?

I was driving south of Te Kuiti when I saw this in the sky ahead of me too, coming downwards from the sky about 8.30pm.26th August. Was a green bright falling light.

I saw that too in Auckland.

I saw that too in Auckland. It started off white then turned green. I thought it was fireworks at first - it was spectacular!

light in sky

I saw it too as I was driving into Hamilton on State Highway 3. It was about 8.30ish and I saw a white light for a few seconds shooting across and downwards and then it looked like it exploded and it turned lime green. It took about 3 seconds in total. I think it must have been something coming through our atmosphere.

Spotted what looked like a meteor

Driving north near Hamilton on SH1, around 8:30pm I saw a green streak across the sky with several bright flashes before it disappeared. Direction of the meteor looked to be directly down towards the horizon.

25 August 2018, Saturday

Saturday night around 9.30 pm I was leaving friends place after the rugby out West Auckland. I saw a bright orange light moving along and thought pretty bright maybe the space station. As it went across I saw a less bright white light similar direction. I would say north to south. Thought that's lucky to see two at the same time and they seemed to almost cross paths. Then I say multi small white lights and some bright orange lights. It wasn't just me seeing this either. It was very strange as there appeared to be no stationary stars visible and just several moving objects I would say at the typical speed of satellites. This was over a several minutes and then they disappeared and the stars became visible. Could anyone confirm and explain what this was?


Did anyone else see a meteor over Christchurch tonight? Would have been around 7-7.30pm. Work colleague saw it coming back from a delivery and said that as he watched it, pieces broke up and went in different directions. I saw a piece of it on my delivery and thought it was a shooting star. Not sure where he saw the original meteor but the piece I saw would have been somewhere over St Martins heading towards Aranui/New Brighton maybe. Hard to tell. Haven't seen anything online about it yet.

I think I saw that too...

We were driving through Lewis Pass on sunday night. Probably about that time, and it shot across the sky, low down and heading north, getting brighter and brighter, then broke up into bright blue pieces. Amazing! We tried to figure out where it might have landed, and we have a rough idea, but it's very hard to quickly gauge distance.

Meteor over Rotorua

Sorry the date was 26-8-2018 not 26-9-2018 at 8:30pm

Meteor over Rotorua

26-9-2018 Hi I was just driving to pick up my daughter at 8:30pm when I saw a bright light come down north over lake Rotorua. Lit the sky up quite a bit so I'm sure others driving or out at night should of seen it to. Anyway it was very cool and thought you mite like to know.

Possible Meteor?

not too sure if it was or not, but it looked pretty cool, saw it today around 20:45 looking from Mangere to Onehunga. it came down really quick with a trail of light and just disappeared in the sky.


Saw a spectacular one about 8.35 pm tonight...looked to be heading north/northwest...I'm in Paeroa.

Blue explosion falling star ?

Something flew past in front of car tonight at 6.48pm at Clarville on State Highway 2 Masterton Wairarapa Was like a bird but then it flashed a bright blue light was only about roof height. Then less than 30seconds later we saw another? Tooth fairy and friend in an outing ? Falling star? Metior shower? Weird but pretty What did we see ?

I seen wot u saw too

Thank you for your description on wot u seen I seen exactly wot u describe to the point "I know what you mean in your words? On Sunday 26 Around 7:40pm ish me and a mate in Strand street naenae the night before the start of our business standing there talking a bright blue light type of ball at first came down ish like from north east across heading south looked more passing from over wainuiamata come donwn like a blue green ball contained then changed its angle from sort of down to sideways into a red ish uneven dance fight lost control type spiral " Weird and cool then " I thought" I seen somethink else instead of wot it should of been so thanks for describing your words?then the after the spiral dance across the sky it like kinda exploded into a orangie fire ball heading on a different kind of speed direction with about three four parts that blew of in directions when exploded but was a real cool and or what did I really just saw? So thank you so much I knew I saw?...Sorry for going on but has been on my mind since I seen what we saw and had to explain my version is closer to ur version then the other sightings can confirm it now to our other mates on how we were trying to explain how it moved compared to a meteorite.. Thank you and much love and enjoy...

Burning object seen in sky

At about 7.30pm tonight I saw a burning object fly over my house. I followed its path across the sky and it disappeared on the horizon. It had a definite burning tail. I live in Te Puke.


We saw an orange ball of flame falling rapidly it appeared to be very close and land close to where we live in Wanganui

Meteor Hawkes Bay?

I just saw what might have been a meteor. At first thought it was a shooting star but there was a blast like fireworks at the end. Looked amazing! Otane, Hawkes Bay 7.40pm.

.Flying Meteor straight down to water in Tauranga Water front

My friend and were standing on my porch tonight at 7pm we saw a real bright flying over the Tauranga Water front one fell in water and another one follow within 2 minutes thought it might be meteor was really amazing witnessing it.. Anyone else witness this Tauranga tonight?

Just prior to 7pm on Sunday

Just prior to 7pm on Sunday the 26th of August, my partner and I witnessed 2 meteors to the East of Hastings. The first was bright and judging by the direction of the tail came from the South, we saw it fall for several seconds before it appeared to explode. The second appeared to come from the North about 10 seconds after the first, this one did not appear to explode but seemed to simply burn up.


Last night while driving from Taupo to Rotorua at about 3:30 am I saw a meteor fly across the sky. Unsure of distance but seemed like it came down in a paddock near by... was amazing

Seen This also in hastings

Seen This also in hastings looked almost above me watch it loose light and land close by


Tonight I saw something fall out of the sky. It was an orange light w a tail. Approx 21.20 local time. Moved in a norwest direction over Christchurch, New Zealand towards the mountains/west coast.

I saw the same thing. I think

I was standing in front of my place looking east and something appeared to sor of pop out from behind a cloud, headed towards the ground, and then it went behind like a lower cloud, and came back out lower still and looked like it was falling to the Earth and then it looked as if some low foot hills on the horizon ( for lack of a better description) and I was with my neighbor and we both saw it. To us it looked close. We saw some small other things in the sky right after, not like UFos or anything, like particles of more debris. This appeared to resemble some kind of long cylinder shape on fire. Looked like part of something, not so much like a plane. More like a iece of a rocket , but like another post said about what they saw, "it looked like a skyrocket going the wrong way at first" and it was on fire around the middle point of what ever it was. We heard nothing, It was at either just before midnight on the 24th or just past midnight the 25th of Aug. 2018. I am located in the Pacific Standard Time Zone in Southern California Lake Elsinore, and was looking due East and slightly North. The object appeared to be heading more North or North West in direction , and seemed to have come from the South Eastern Sky. I watched the news and searched online for the first two days and only just found the New Zealand news story about seeing it. Nothing I could find in So Cal.


I saw it from Shirley Christchurch about 21.20. Saturday night. Moved from south to north in a slight downward direction. Had a yellow tail. Didnt hear any noise. Biggest i have ever seen. Surprised not reported by media. Started to think it was something else until read these reports. Thank you.

I saw this too from

I saw this too from Alexandra, same time. From this perspective it appeared for just a second, a bright orange light with tail in the North and fall straight down and burn out very low. My first thought was 'space junk?'

We saw it too, driving towards Oxford looking in the same direction. It was pretty spectacular and we could see it break up at the end.

Blue fireball

I saw a Blue meteor with an orange and then white tail streak across the sky while driving on 285 around Atlanta, GA. It streaked across the top half of the sky before disappearing beyond my sight. Very pretty and kinda creepy.

Strange blue light

I saw a blue light falling from the sky rather quickly. Before I knew it it seemed to have gone all the way to the ground, but my view was blocked by trees. It was completely silent. I thought it was a meteor at first... Then began feeling like an alien was going to approach me who's standing in a field at 12:52am with a flashlight and a peeing dog. So I went inside as it seemed to land not too far away. Very strange... (This was near 9 Corner Lake in New York.)

Small white objects flying from sky

Nov 21 2017 1AM Gulf of Mexico on Carnival cruise line I called for security I was so alarmed I was on my balcony w/ my sister in law Shooting stars started fllying and was a beautiful and what a light show When all the sudden white small objects (we thought were stars) started Flying towards us at us one went in front of us into the ocean then flew up and out and flew around the ship ... I have been dying to share this So glad I found this site.

Small white objects flying from sky

Nov 21 2017 1AM Gulf of Mexico on Carnival cruise line I called for security I was so alarmed I was on my balcony w/ my sister in law Shooting stars started fllying and was a beautiful and what a light show When all the sudden white small objects (we thought were stars) started Flying towards us at us one went in front of us into the ocean then flew up and out and flew around the ship ... I have been dying to share this So glad I found this site.

I saw one!

I'm from Kaiapoi New Zealand and as I was driving at 4.20am this morning I saw in the sky what looked Like a huge red fireball of light. Big and red and falling I drove slower to have a look but by the time I was facing that way it was gone. It looked similar to the moon.rising but it wasn't. The moon doesn't rise in the morning. It was so exciting.

Meteors_your eyewitness report

I saw a blue fireball with a white tail flying across the sky over Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong at around 12:15 on 19 August 2018. It was amazing. I have never seen this before.

Orange/red balls in sky

I was on my back porch tonight, around 11pm. I live in Cantonment FL, in northern Escambia county Florida. I witnessed 12-15 orange/red balls, flying across the sky in formation. There were 2 or 3 of them at a time. They were larger than a plane because they went above one, and it was twice the size of the plane. I tried to take pictures, but they didn't show up. What were they? August 19, 2018.

Amazing light

I was driving home and saw what I thought was a sky rocket but going the wrong way, there was a trail of bright light with a very big glow in front falling what appeared to be very close it was spectacular this was at 2322hr on the 18th August.I was so excited to have seen this event I have never seen anything like this amazing.

18th august 2018

about 11 pm ( did not check exact time) a red light with a green and blue tail appeared for a few seconds and faded out. it was only for a few seconds and appeared to be no noise with it. Very clear night with a lot of stars. This was in Cust, North Canturbury.

18/8 arou d 11am

Blue light with a long tail, seen in Governors Bay, Canterbury


18th August 2018 at about 11.20pm Clear Sth Ls West Coast Night Big Blue Flash In Sky following the flash was a big blue ball thing with tail that looked to have blown up !anyone else see this ?

Blue flameout

Saw the bright green going blue from bedroom window in plimmerton. Looked to be south toward kikura at around 11:20 pm Saturday August 18 2018. Beautiful streak. No sound except ooohs and awwws.

Yes I saw this driving home

Yes I saw this driving home in the Wairarapa the time was 2322hr it was spectacular

Meteor sighting Kapiti.

Sighted in Kapiti..looking south west from TeHoro approx 22.15pm on the 18th August. White centre red orange and green tail.

Christchurch 18/08/2018

Christchurch 18/08/2018 around 11:30pm A bright dot with a greenish-blue tail!

I saw this too about 11 pm

I saw this too about 11 pm Bright red with Green and Blue flash underneath. North Canturbury

Brilliant close green tailed in Bartow county GA

My fiancé and I went outside around 1:20am (August 17th) and both of us got a front row seat. We saw as this green object (I thought was a firework at first) enter the sky, it’s glow intensified as we saw it burn up and exit the sky. It was definitely close enough to be in Bartow County Georgia. This tops anyother night watching the sky. A night we won’t forget.