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Oamaru Nz 2.20am 17/11/2019

Oamaru Nz 2.20am 17/11/2019 ... hundreds of lights appeared out of nowhere one at a time and followed in a straight line making a huge circle then disappeared after about 5mins one at a time at the same spot ... what did we witness?

Gore Bay 2.20am 17/11/19 Circling Lights

I witnessed the same lights looking southwards from Gore Bay. I thought the lights were stars at first until I realised they were all moving across the sky at the same speed and in the same direction from right to left, one following the other.There were at least 12 lights visible at a time , they were low in the sky suggesting that they were much further south. As the lights travelled in a line across the sky they disappeared on the left, but more lights appeared on the right as though there was a large number moving in a circuit. If there had been one or two lights I would have dismissed it as aircraft. But this looked like a fleet of aircraft or is there a meteorological explanation?


In Temuka, South Canterbury, NZ. Just watched what I thought was a star to start of with. A solid ball of light the same size as a star in the sky, didn’t have a visible “tail” that I could see. Watched it fly/move from the North east to the south from 3.20am - 3.21am then I could no longer see it through the clouds

Possible Leonid shower

Between 5:10-5:15 am saw a fast green with a little yellow fly across the sky then burn out. It was crazy. I never seen one like that before. Im in Hemet ca. Possible Leonid shower? It was very cool to see!!!. It seemed to be very low in the sky though.

Meteor Nelson

We just saw a meteor drop over Nelson - about 10:20pm, 15/11/19


Seen bright yellow with white tail lasting about four seconds North East of Ashburton at 0230 hours 15-11-19.

Shooting star thing?

Very late on saturday night on 09/11/2019 I saw a shooting star? Meteor thing? I'm not too sure which is why I'm posting. It had a bright orange tail, but it only made a brief appearance to us in Palmerston North of a few seconds. It also seemed to make a blueish light when it first appeared. If anyone else in the lower/central north island saw this or knows what it was please let me know.

I'm in Las Vegas Nevada is

I'm in Las Vegas Nevada is about 6pm I'm taking to my family around a fire in the back yard when I gazed up I was drawn to a string of 10 to 15 white lights they were just so in Sync almost liked like an electric eel glowing in the dark depths.we have no clue what they were, did anybody else see them? Or any clues what we saw.

Saturday Afternoon

9/11/2019 3.30 pm did anyone sight giant orange orb in CHCH sky to the south? Sighted by me in hornby, a friend in Rolleston and one in Linwood photos taken. what was it?

Orange orb 8th 11 2019 10.24

Titahi bay beach for some unknown reason I decided to walk to the beach at 10.30 at night strange! I was heading towards ae specific direction the I see this flying orange orb that almost vanished after a few seconds! I have a photo if anyone wants to see, not much on the video but me saying WTF is that & failing to operate the phone quick enough


this was the closest falling star or meteor I've ever seen in my life. I'm looking in the South direction from Kentville Nova Scotia. It was so low it was like it was going to hit the buildings. But it vanished

Meteor Sighting

At 4.25am on 6/11/2019 a meteor sort of slow descent from SE angle with long tail, wide and very bright over Mt Ngongotaha in Rotorua once out of sight there was a cracking noise a few seconds later was so surprised as it was so low in the sky.

Light in the sky west of Auckland

I saw a light to the west yesterday evening (4 November 2019 at 8:10pm while watching Venus appear in the evening sky. The light appeared to have a trail behind it and disappeared in the distance over the Waitakare ranges (from my perspective in Auckland). I managed to get a couple of photos on my phone and a couple through my small telescope. Would be really interested to know what it was if anyone knows. Scott

Large Slow-Paced Fire Ball

Approx 9 to 10pm on the 4th November 2019. Witnessed a very large bright falling star almost. Located to the East of Ruapehu. It was very slow moving and disappeared almost instantly after about 10 seconds. No tail following, about 15x the size of the average star, very bright. Beautiful sight.


Christchurch NZ- Driving home from work on Brougham st at 2:21 am I could see the a large meteor appear over the Port hills. Lasted for about 5 seconds so no time for a photo sadly. Was impressed with the size of it.

Blue Flash of Light!

It looked as if it came from the ground as opposed to from above. It was instantaneous, gone in literally a flash. A very obviously blue flash. It was silent and super weird.

I saw this too!

I was in waiheke and saw a massive flash over in Auckland.

Strange white double tail like a jet but kept descending gone?

We have been watching what we thought was a jet letting go of some excess av gas. 2tails together coming into a ball we watched this hoping it was not a plane in distress. We watched this occurrence from 1645 to 1715 the double line like a jet and then seemed to stall for some minutes I am in Masterton and we were watching it more to the west. Than the south. Please are you able to help


10:30p, clear skies. While driving we saw a fireball (no tail) descending Southeast of Millers Flat, Otago for 3-4 seconds. It was big, 10x bigger & brighter than Venus. It disappeared behind hills. Big enough to WOW us.

shooting star

I saw a 4 -5 second star last night about 10:30 low in the western Arizona sky Nov. 11/2/19

Meteor breaking up 30 October

At approximately 8.38pm my housemate and I saw a burning yellow orb with a tail, which quickly disintegrated. I contacted Stardome, whose staff mentioned similar sightings at about the same time. We were looking across Lake Rotorua from our elevated deck in Ngongotaha. The object was round, at too high an altitude to be a firework and when it disintegrated didn’t shower colourful sparks as a firework would. By comparison, it was a bit of a fizzer when it broke up.

Meteor Over Whitianga inner harbour

Last night, wednesday evening at approx 8.35pm I saw A blueish/green meteor come in low over Whitianga. I was on the waterfront of the inner harbour by Sarah street. it came in on my left ,then broke up in a shower of sparks right over the water, very low down. Amazing sight. Who else saw it?

Re: Shooting Star 29/10/19

Hi I live in Carrum Victoria Australia, I was leaving for work sound 5.10am looking up at the sky and saw a bright glowing white and orange trailing shouting star which made a whooshing sound as it passed overhead it seemed much closer to earth than previous shooting stars I have seen it was beautiful

Meteor sighting

At approximately 9:30 this evening I saw a bright green meteor travelling north to south across bay of plenty. I was driving south near Waihi and the meteor was visible for very short time. Started as a white / yellow shooting star before becoming a quite bright green colour and then breaking up and then lost view behind clouds....

Incredible meteor that split

Incredible meteor that split in 2. Visible from Cooks beach, Coromandel..

I think i saw one half of

I think i saw one half of this break up over the harbour. Was it about 8.37pm last night?

Hi I saw what i presume was

Hi I saw what i presume was one of the 2 parts come in low over Whitianga and broke up in a shower over the water right in front of me. It was at 8.37pm. Was that the same time you saw it?

Giant shooting star

On the 30/10/2019 at 8:37 pm a large meteorite fell from the sky followed by and orange tail that turned bright green, fell for about 3 seconds before disappearing, it was beautiful.

Shooting star/ meteor

I just saw what I can only assume was a meteor across the sky over Whataupoko in Gisborne no less than 3 mins ago!! Was amazing!! And surreal to the point where I wasn’t sure what I was actually seeing.


I saw a bright green meteor over the sky at 22:06 on 27/10/19 between Havelock and Picton that exploded in a green flash. Looked a bit like a firework. Thought I was going to be abducted by aliens!

Bright Meteor over Kaikoura

Between 10pm and 1030pm there was a bright light and streak staying visible for 3 seconds, above Kaikoura as seen from Omihi Reserve. Glowing white to start and disappearing in a bright red and orange flash. Two seconds after the light disappeared a bright blue light from the Kaikoura Peninsula scanned around like a lighthouse light, very bright again, then disappeared

Renwick 27.10.19

Renwick 27 Oct 2019 10.30ish PM Went outside with a friend to have a smoke during the rugby saw this meteor glad I had a witness frightening awesome !!!

Meteorite Over Christchurch Airport

I’ve never seen anything like it! At 10:10pm 27th October 2019 I was coming home from work and I saw a green light appear (I thought it was a plane at first) then it turned to fire and dropped.

Flaming something - shooting star or meteor?

Just saw a flaming something falling from the sky over Christchurch city as we drove in from Rolleston. Perhaps a shooting star or meteor? About 10.30pm Sunday 27th Oct 2019. Anyone else see this?

Yes I saw it, we are located

Yes I saw it, we are located north Canterbury. It had a big flaming tail and there were 2 distinct flashes of light when it entered our atmosphere. It was beautiful. My jaw was left gaping for some time afterwards.

Flame of fire

Yes saw this from Rotorua at 10 30 it dropped then bust in to flames . Sunday 27th October 2019.


Yes! I thought I wasn’t seeing things lol... There was most definitely a huge right ball that with across the sky and just disappeared soon after.

Bright lights cruzing the sky above lower hutt, Wellington.

Last night between 9-10.30 pm, I went out for cigarette, I looked up and above the clouds saw bright big lights cruzing ever so slowly from the west to east. If I could class it as anything they seemed like a family of four to five depending when two had bunched together. 1 light was doing the most amazing thing on its own but also rejoining the rest every now and then. I swear the lights were coming from above and not below, it took well over an hour to eventualy pass my house. Who else saw this? I swear thy felt intelligent, and felt thy truely were a family.

Fireball over Christchurch Airport

At 2058 hrs 24 Oct 2019 I saw a fire ball over Orchard Road. Christchurch Airport. It was visible for a second and moving west to east. A chip seemed to fall off it as it came over.

Meteorite over Christchurch

Saw a huge meteorite over Christchurch around 8:50pm tonight. Really cool

Christchurch sighting

Hi, I just saw something shoot across the NE part of the sky in Christchurch. Was it a meteor? It was bright orange and looked like it exploded. At 9pm

Meteor Sighting

About 12.50am this morning (24th October) saw a white ball scream accross the sky (didnt look that high and was waiting for the boom but it didnt come), was looking from Waikanae out towards the west. Lasted about 5 seconds and seemed to go from horizon to horizon.

Giant shooting star

12.45am 24th October 2019 Me and my beautiful sister just watched a giant bludy fire ball in the sky it was going really fast it was orangey yellow in colour while my sister thought it was the most beautiful shooting star watching it fly by I was praying it would go past Us

Falling light burst

Literally this may sound weird But I was just outside walking my wife to the car and I glanced across the street. I seen what looked like a spark falling from sky not high at all like right in front of the house across the street. almost looked like how a fire work does when its falling and fades. it was there then nothing. and nothing on the ground. I have no idea what it was. but It was a little freaky because there was no one outside as its 1:30am

Orange ball falling

Macclesfield, cheshire, UK. A perfect orange circle falling at speed from the sky in the distance, smoke trail following perfectly vertical. Then it vanished mid air nothing the smoke slowly merged with the clouds like it was never there. Such a perfect circle and bold orange to dissapear into thin air really freaked me. Looked like it was a large distance away so probably not above this town but could be seen from.

Blue flashing light

Tonight, at 7:45 pm, heading to Maryland in I95, I saw a blue flash in the sky. There were two bursts. One was bright with a bluish glow. Then there was a red glow as well. Anyone else see this? Explanation please!

Meteor sighting

Last night October 19th my grandson and I were outside looking for the ISS when this bright light flew over quite low from east to west only taking seconds before disappearing. We were viewing from Macandrew Bay on the Otago Peninsula.

Something out of the sky.

I've just witnessed something fall from the sky only lasted between 3-8 seconds. It was like the size of a tennis ball it was like white see through colour. With glowing dots on it. It landed inches away from me with a little whole in the ground. Then it bounced high enough to go over a house.. so strange this has never happend to me. I know where it has landed but I can not enter the property as I do not own it. Nath... from the UK BROMSGROVE

Meteorite over manawatu last night heading to towards Wellington

Saw the meteor heading from manawatu to Wellington. Red then green then nothing. 845ish 16th

Fireball or meteor?

I saw a fireball shoot across the Wellington sky towards Mount Victoria. It was about 8.45pm last night (16/10). Yellow at the centre and perhaps blue and green at the edges. Quite low as though it would burn into Mt Vic. It was a flash that moved at pace, but I saw it clearly for about 2 or 3 seconds. Anyone know what it was? Tone