Santa Tracker - 2011

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We had around 23,000 visits to our website on Christmas Eve and Santa has seen every single update here on the Santa Tracker - he even replied to a few of you when he had the chance!  Santa apologises if he didn't reply to everyone but remember he has billions of children all over the world to visit - so he's a very, very busy man - and we appreciate him taking the time to read all your messages to him here at!!

Thank you for all your support - you can still write to Santa for the rest of Christmas Day.

From everyone at - a very merry Christmas to you.

Also a huge thanks to Newstalk ZB and to our sponsor Children's Day - we really appreciate their support (for the 3rd year running!) so please do click on their link here and take a quick look at what Children's Day is all about.




Santa I am in bed I hope that you come our house. My list is hanging on the sliding door. Thank you

Please let me have a fun

Please let me have a fun Xmas

Thank You for the Rocket

Thank you for my rocket - I saw it in the shop but Mummy wouldn't let me have it. Thnak you for the kaleidoscope and airport.
Are you sleeping now?

Thank you Santa

Dear Santa, Mrs, C., and Rudolph,
I want to thank you so much for the special Christmas presents! I really love them all!


Dear Santa

Thank you for the Lovely gifts - the Make Up Set, the Earrings, the Tomato Planter etc.
Merry Christmas! i still belive in you!

From Monique :)

Thanks but you forgot something

SANTA, thank you for stopping by my home. I am 7 years old and I am pleased you gave me a dump truck, I know that is all you could have afford this time of year, and I understand that. Santa, you forgot something.. Did you leave my Dad at the north pole? cause you did not bring my biggest wish back that I wrote to you about in June. Dad was in a car accident and died, and mum said people who die go to the north pole to help santa. So could you please bring him back. Roman


Dear Santa,

Although I may be 2 old to ask u something. I thought of giving it a shot anyways. Im Single and I hope 2 get married this coming year 2012 and have my true love the one who I want and who I love by me by next month.. Sorry 4 short notice.. :D Happy ur self a very merry christmas years and years 2 come... God Bless..

Dear Santa

I really hope you come by my house! I have been a very good girl this year! Or at least.... i have tried. I'm going to leave reindeer food in front of my door for all the reindeer's. Oh, and in 2012 could you bring me and elf around Christmas next year? Or do you have to be naughty to have an elf watch over you?

Been and gone from New Zealand

Thank-you Santa for all my fantastic gifts. I love them all and thank you for letting me live with my Granny and Granddad when no one else wanted me.XOXO

Santa Have A Safe Trip!

Dear Santa,
I hope you have a nice and safe trip from the North Pole! I will be leaving you cookies and milk for when you stop by. I will be in bed soon so don't worry Santa! I also will probably leave some carrots for the reindeer. Say hi to the elves and Mrs.Claus when you get back to the NorthPole. I live in Canada! Hope you have fun! Bye Santa<3 Love you! :D

Love: Madelyn Holmes

thanks santa

dear santa thanks for the nice presents and thanks for your visit to my home and in nz

i wish you a very warm safe jounery back to north pole:)

Hi Santa

I have been a good boy!

Hi Santa

I have been a good boy

Santa I heard your reendier bells at midnight :)

Dear Santa

is it me or after along time you made a mircle and came past my house roof and your reindeer bell sounds, that tell me you pass by my house after all the years i once wanted to hear the bell . I LOVE YOU SANTA COME TO MY HOUSE ROOF AGAIN SOON NEXT YEAR!

ps santa you know i m to old for present now but all the way in wellington is massive .sprinkling your magic and the wishes you heard of mine without me even telling , Thank you santa i hope it come ture now you know how long i ve been waiting for it.

LOTS OF love

dear santa

Dear santa,
I have been a very good buscus this year and all I want is the gun from portal

From Leahbuscus

What about the Companion

What about the Companion Cube?

letter to Santa

Hello Kiera,

I will be stopping at your house tomorrow morning I hope you will be in bed sleeping so I can come in with my reindeers and put your presents under the Xmas tree.

Have a lovely day with your family and friends.

From Mrs Claus.


hi Santa we are so exited im not sure if u got our letter but i hope you cme
to our house and cme with my gift we are soo exited love u and have a save journey

Dear Santa, I've been a very

Dear Santa,

I've been a very good girl this year and so has my brother. All I wont for Christmas is a chance to come in your sleigh. And my brother wont's a PS 3. And what I think is he should not have it because it might get broken in your pouch but you can do what you wont because you are magic. My dad wont's a kiss CD but he should not because he has like 6,098675857,686 CD's of them. My mother wont's a trip to


Hello Santa

Hi Santa,

Just want to say a huge thank you for all the presents that will be put under the tree tonight. I hope you like the mince pies and whiskey, Dad assures me you will. Have a safe flight delivering all the presents around the world. Cannot wait until the morning!!!

All my love Lily-Mo

To: Lily-Mo

I will love the mince pies and whiskey and you have been a good girl this year so you will get lots of presents. And i hope you like them keep watching to see where i am but dont stay up after 10:00 p.m. I will be there faster than you think have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.


letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl. Thank you for the present Santa. We have left you and the reindeers some biscuits and milk. I hope you have a good trip and you get a present too.

Bye Bye Santa

From Kiera


Santa, I know presents can be amazing but all I want for christmas is a hug from my mum and dad! this would make my day!

Dear Gabrielle You are very

Dear Gabrielle

You are very wise indeed, family are far more important than presents. I'm afraid your request is a bit out of my jurisdiction but I do hope you get what you want.

Much love

hello santa

hi santa
I left you a present under the tree, like i do every year.
I hope you like it!!!
Have a very safe trip
I have moved to Australia!!!!

love simay


hey santa im jordie im 7 when will u be hehr

Hii Santa!! :)

Hi santa me and Thaliah are sitting here waiting here for you but dont worry because we are going to bed soon. oh yeah, also i forgot to tell you that i am 8 years old and Thaliah is 6 years old. Thaliah sent you a letter telling you what she wants and you sent one back, remember?

Well if you don't, its ok and Thaliah, nanna, poppy and myself (caitlyn) wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year and we hope you enjoy the snack we got you.

don't forget to write in my diary!! :-) :D

P.S ^^^llook ontop of P.S^

Caitlyn, Thaliah & family.

Hi Santa, we are getting

Hi Santa, we are getting ready for you to arrive in Somerville, Australia! We have sprinkled the reindeer food you sent us so you can find us easily! We have left you a treat too! Merry Christmas! Xxxxx


Yo Yo Yo Mr Santa Claus

Keeping up to date with the live tracker to see when you passing past my house. Man you won't miss it we have all our signs up and our house can be seen from space man !

Bring me my prezzies in your bag full of goodies bro. You better be hungry cos we got a feast for you man. You name it we got it. Those reindeers are working there butt off so they get a good feed of carrots to bro.

Catch ya soon Santa :)

from the number 1 kid on the nice list - Jarrod Barke

Dear Jarrod I am SO pleased

Dear Jarrod

I am SO pleased to hear you are leaving a feast for me. Mrs Claus and the doctor have put me on the most HIDEOUS diet, cabbage and celery soup three times a day.... YUCK. Mrs Claus even talked about coming along for the ride tonight to make sure I didn't cheat on my diet but thankfully there are some big presents in my sleigh and there was no room for her (actually I packed in a couple of large, empty boxes so she wouldn't fit but don't tell her ok).

Bedtime now Jarrod, I think I can see your house but can't land there until you're all asleep.

Merry Christmas
Love Santa

Heya Santa

Hey Santa

I hope you have a safe trip to New Zealand tonight. I am very tired, I will be going to bed soon can't wait to see what you give me tomorrow morning.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love You :)

Hi Santa Hope you have a safe

Hi Santa

Hope you have a safe trip tonight. I would like an iPod Touch and a Play Station 2

Love Trent

Hi Santa

Hi Santa I hope you get me a ds and I have got milk and a chocolate pudding out at the fire place and carrots for the raindeer. Mum told me to put beer out for you but I told her not to, because you can't be driving a sleigh when you drink beer.

You're absolutely right Tait,

You're absolutely right Tait, I can't drink and drive (though the odd sip here and there is ok). Gosh, that reminds me I'm not allowed to text and drive in New Zealand anymore am I? It might be time for Santa to put away his phone and prepare for the first landing. And you'd better get off to bed now, I can't land at your house if you're still awake!

Merry Christmas Tait
Love Santa


hey santa cant wait for you turn up bring me lots and lots luv lucy and polly

Hi Santa Hope you have a safe

Hi Santa

Hope you have a safe trip tonight. I would like for Christmas is iPod Touch and a Play Station 2

Love Trent

Goodness Me Trent, you don't

Goodness Me Trent, you don't ask for much do you?!

I'm afraid I'm not too sure what the Elves wrapped for you, though we have extremely limited stock of any electronic devices - it's just too cold at the North Pole to manufacture or store them, you see.

I do hope you're happy with your presents. It's time to go to bed now Trent, my reindeer won't be able to land at your place if you're still awake.

Sweet dreams and Merry Christmas
Love Santa


Dear Santa,
Who is your favourite reindeer, who is your favourite Elf? I am excited you are coming and hope you can bring me an old fashioned skateboard.

wish you a merry

wish you a merry christmas
love you

Have a good flight

Hi Santa,

The Christmas are on the stairs so you can find your way in. There will be a beer and some cookies out for you. What do your reindeer like to eat.

p.s. I want heaps and heaps of presents pls.

Love from Harrison.

Christmas Eve

Hi Santa
Make sure Rudolph and the other reindeers get their carrots we have left.
I have left you a present under the tree, make sure you do not forget to take it, because I made it specially for you.
This is my first Christmas in Australia and I am very excited.
Fly safely and I can not wait until you have come.
Love from Sim:)))

Merry christmas

Hi santa

hope u have a safe flight
id be happy with what u give me but id really like a remote control boat

love ryley


Santa Hi

What time will you be in Central Coast

From Flynn

Dear Flynn I can't tell you

Dear Flynn

I can't tell you exactly but please get off to bed now, I'm sure you know my reindeer can't land at your house if you are still awake and I don't always have time to go back to the houses we couldn't land at the first time round.

Merry Christmas to you and your family
Love Santa

Thank you for being so nice.

Thank you for being so nice. There are presents for you and Mrs Claus with your cookies and milk. I hope you like it. You are my 5th favourite person in the world. Thank you for whatever presents you leave me. I have left you a note.

Love Laura

Dear Laura Thank you, that is

Dear Laura

Thank you, that is so kind of you to leave presents for Mrs Claus and myself. The best thing about Christmas is not receiving presents after all, the best thing is giving.

I do hope you enjoy the present I leave for you.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Christmas
love Santa

Dear Santa i would like a DVD

Dear Santa
i would like a DVD of star wars 1

Dear Santa i would like a DVD

Dear Santa
i would like a DVD of star wars 1

Hi Santa, Hope u have a safe

Hi Santa,
Hope u have a safe trip and get around the world in a
safe and happy manner before the sun comes up.

Thank you Jacob, it's nice to

Thank you Jacob, it's nice to know people care about me as well as the presents I deliver!

I hope you and your family have a safe and happy Christmas and enjoy your presents too.

Love Santa