Later today: Fast moving front sharp but short lived

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An active and fast moving cold front is today flying across the Tasman Sea and will hit the western coastline of New Zealand early this evening bringing the potential for severe weather. forecasters are tracking the incoming front closely and expect it will make landfall between 5pm and 7pm for many western places.

The front brings a list of risks - but as has been saying for two days now, the front will be very brief for some people.  "This front has all the hallmarks of spring, with the risk of a short burst of severe weather which may only last 30 to 60 minutes" says head weather analyst Philip Duncan. 

"While the risk for severe weather affects most of western New Zealand it's important to note that we can't exactly predict where a thunderstorm or possible tornado will form, except to say much of the western coastline is at risk for a brief time early this evening".

Some people may get a few showers only - others might get hit by a severe thunderstorm with squally localiy damaging wind gusts.

Widespread problems are not exepcted despite the large risk area later today.

Should you see a tornado, or feel the weather is suddenly changing for the worse, immediately take shelter in a small room, like a closet.  Do not bother closing windows and stay well away from glass.  While the chance of a tornado forming this evening is "mdoerate" it's possible only one may form in the entire western coastline of New Zealand - but the risk is there.

Government owned MetService is also predicting thunderstorms and the risk of tornados along with gusts over 110km/h tonight.

"The front will be rush in this evening then be gone for most places by mid evening, followed by a windy Wednesday before a calm Thursday ahead of the next rain maker" says Mr Duncan.

Flash Flooding
Surface Flooding
An isolated small scale tornado (EF1 or EF2)
Very localised wind damage
Cloud to ground lightning strikes.

People should remain indoors while the front passes over.




bit of a non-event!

bit of a non-event!

Wind with little rain and a

Wind with little rain and a big tuba on the incoming westerly. Beautifully shaped, with a long tapered funnel, so may have been a spout out to sea. Short lived. Westerly incoming is when we often see tuba etc. Paekakariki.

It be back to the southwest

It be back to the southwest "before you count to 10".

Agree!  Very short lived for

Agree!  Very short lived for Auckland.