InfoGraphic: The Big Picture for Wednesday / Thursday |

InfoGraphic: The Big Picture for Wednesday / Thursday

Wednesday sees an increasing northerly quarter airflow over New Zealand while a deepening low drops into the Tasman Sea from the tropics, this deep and large low affects the country on Thursday bringing gale winds and heavy rain for the South Island. Heavy rain may also affect the North Island from afternoon.

Plenty going on in the coming days due to a very tightly packed and deep low that affects the country on Thursday then weakens on Friday. Wednesday is a transition day before the low moves in, for many though it will still be a nice day and hot especially for the eastern South Island, later in the evening or overnight heavy rain starts to move onto the western / lower South Island.

On Thursday heavy rain with torrential falls affects the west of the South Island, thunderstorms are possible also. Rain may be heavy for the western North Island from afternoon then easing overnight. Winds are strong to gale force from the north for many regions, southerlies strengthen about the lower South Island during the day. The strongest winds overall will be for the western and northern South Island, also Taranaki where severe gale are likely.

By Weather Analyst Aaron Wilkinson -



Love your two maps for Wednesday and Thursday. It's so good not having to guess at what is shown on weather maps. The key on the left hand side is great. Well done Aaron. Thank you.

That's great to hear,

That's great to hear, thankyou so much! Took a bit to get these maps going so am very happy you like them :)


I cannot believe that warm

I cannot believe that warm Summer temps is the leading item on news today. One source tells us - "what you should know" Sick of it. it is Summer and it does get warm in Summer. We are told to prepare for more extreme heat due to climate change.utter bollocks - get used to having Summer for a change. Temps warmer than average since records began, when did records begin in comparison to millions of years of temps up and down. There are more important items of news to be reporting on instead of a nice run of Summer weather. Thats my rant sorry! Roll on Winter.

I cannot believe that warm

I think you are talking through a huge hole in your head. We didn't have a winter and spring was short lived, drying out to heat and drought. Summer official has been very unusual, with heat records falling around NZ, just as it has been around the rest of the globe.Many abnormal weather events have been occurring, NZ included. This is far from being a normal NZ summer. People have been admitted to hospital in the South Island, with one dying from heat. If you can't handle hearing about this on the news, then I suggest the heat has got to you as well, and probably done your head in. Climate Change is for real and it is time you got over it and stopped being such a dinosaur. People with your mentality make me sick.

You're quite right. While the

You're quite right. While the pollution we keep pumping into the air and sea etc, the weather events both here, and around the world, are all part of a natural cycle. Prime example, media keeps banging on about the rising sea levels, but if you look at history around the country of where the sea level used to be, it was much higher than where it currently sits - the cycle of course is changing, as it does naturally. Antarctica and the melting ice shelves is another example ... Antarctica, once upon a time, being quite the tropical rainforest. It's all cyclical. The only thing I agree with is that we need to stop being so wasteful and polluting. The rest is just nature doing her thing ... given how we've treated this earth, maybe we deserve what she has to throw back at us!

You rant is fine. You may

Your rant is fine "Roll on Winter" :) . You may find all this focus on heat came from NIWA which is now aggressively competing against MetService (and both use your tax dollars to do so). NIWA (A Government agency which is not our official forecaster) said today would reach 40C and may break records - in fact we were 5 degrees from the national record which is a long way off. However this is why there's been so much media coverage. The NZ Government is now officially looking into why NIWA is doing this - but they are fairly relaxed about it by saying they won't reach a decision until the end of the year despite an official Government report a year ago saying change should happen to improve accuracy.

Cheers :)