How is your Saturday? Soggy or sunny?

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Rain continues to spread across the North Island today.  The majority of it is falling across Northland, Auckland, the Waikato and now moving into Taranaki.  Very few places on the North Island will escape the rain today.

There was even some rain this morning across the central South Island thanks to a weak little boundary.  Most of that, however, has fallen apart.

Sunday is looking very wet for the North Island.  The South Island is still looking fairly dry with the exception of Canterbury and Marlborough.  A few showers are possible in these areas tomorrow.  But I don't think the day will be a total washout.

So, how are things where you are today?  Are your plans getting rained out?  What are you doing to keep busy if you are stuck indoors?  We will re-publish some of your comments a little later this afternoon.

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Sunny beach day in Taranaki. Looks like is a change is on the way by this evening, but so far no rain. Glorious sunset.

rain on Waiheke

Well i am not complaining i live on Waiheke the rain is filling my tank and giving my veggie garden a good watering

Weather forecasting

Hi Phil, I remember you saying in about October that this summer was going to be a really hot and sunny one. Not wishing to rub it in, but what went wrong?

Just need to be down south

Just need to be down south :)

We usually get some dodgy

We usually get some dodgy weather at this time of year, just wait until March and April when things tend to settle down.
Very pleasent in Wellington at the moment, overcast and light winds, great weather for my 30km bike ride earlier.

Steady rain now in Pukekohe.

Steady rain now in Pukekohe. Drizzle this morning. Deteriated all day


Its overcast, warm and hardly any wind at all.. nice.. the pool is warm and thats where I am heading.. No rain here in Feilding

Soggy Mount

Here at the Mount it is pis... precipitating down at the moment. I'm getting sick of it!

Warm, cloudy, no rain as of

Warm, cloudy, no rain as of 2.00pm Waipukurau

Wet and Messy in Kerikeri

It has been raining non-stop since about dawn today (Saturday, 7Jan). The rain slants in on a 45-degree angle from the SE, pushed along by rude gusts of wind. Most Miserable, with little chance of change. Apparently.
Yes, plans are getting rained out. Plans have been rubbished for a circle of friends to gather around a small campfire on Monday eve and welcome the first full moon of 2012.
What are we doing to "keep busy" now that we're stuck indoors? Pouting and sighing until midday, and now attempting to change tack and do something else. Change the tone. Accept the reality.
We're over it! Where is summer??

Todays Weather, Whangarei

Totally wet wet & wet Phil, feeling for the model stream engine enthusiasts as the local Heritage Park, some beautiful hand made live steam locos there from all over NZ and overseas as well.
1st time event in NZ, what a pity weather is this way. They were planning on big crowds with engine rides galore.
Maybe tomorrow will be better.

sunny as in invercargill

sunny as in invercargill where was that rain that was forecasted lol


After a glorious day yesterday at Mangawhai today is non-stop rain since early this morning. What a difference a day makes. Confined to the converted container on the section watching movies. Been in nz 10 years and this is the worst Xmas holiday weather I can remember. Back to work on Monday. Not looking great for the rest of jan I hear.