How NZ's media reacted to the ComCom decision to investigate NIWA and MetService

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Last week we broke the news that the NZ Commerce Commission has launched an anti-competitive investigation into both NIWA and MetService.

New Zealand's national media covered the story well so we wanted to share with you the stories and interviews on the matter.

We appreciate the interest in this story and thank these news outlets for covering it.



It's quite disgusting that

It's quite disgusting that the tax paying is funding two weather organisations, who in return, poorly serve those same tax payers and who seem to be more focused on making money. In these times of weather extremes, the people of New Zealand should be able to have confidence that their forecasters will keep them very well informed on a regular basis throughout the day during extreme events. I have not found this so with Metservice unfortunately. Thank goodness for Weather Watch who do. Well done Phil for staying with the issue of NIWA and Metservice, and their practices.

NIWI & Metservice Investigation

This can only be good news for the tax payer, and not so good for the politicians that allowed this conflict of interest and money grabbing scheme to continue. Appears as if Pork Barrel Politics is doing well in NZ, our leaders are up for sale to the highest bidders, both corporate and political. Keep up the good work Weather Watch. LH