Video: High moving in, but new low coming

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Settled weather is going to return and the warm will too as the week goes on. The high will bring a few frosts but a westerly wind will also form over the South Island as the week goes on. By this weekend a deepening – and large – low will be forming near Tasmania and could start to affect NZ as early as Sunday, then spreading over NZ next week.


ha! That's the problem with

ha! That's the problem with something you record in the morning! Still, got to almost the 16th hour before the first real shower hit - been very sunny until now, that's very different to a day of 'showers'.  Winds have tilted a little more west late afternoon - that means a slight risk this evening for a shower.  But this shower (at 3:30pm) is just one big one on its own, sun returns after.  But yes - fair point :) I''ll eat 20% of my words, sound fair?


Just haapened to watch your

Just haapened to watch your video as that shower past.... and boy did the skies darken!!

However, at least you were not predicting a 6C high for Auckland like the Herald did this morning!! 0.o