Heavy rain and heavy snow coming - we have the latest numbers (+5 Maps)

A late Autumn storm is going to produce heavy rain and heavy snow in the days ahead - but some will stay mostly dry.

The bulk of the rain in the days ahead will be on the West Coast with over 300mm possible by the weekend, on top of what has already fallen.

By late Thursday and across Friday this will turn as snow above 400m in the South Island and snow falls on Friday and Saturday over the North Island. All ski fields get snow by late week or the weekend.

Not everyone has rain though, as you can see in the first map below showing rainfall totals between now and midnight Saturday. The areas circled are mostly dry.

RAINFALL ACCUMULATION - Noon Tuesday May 28 to Midnight Saturday June 1:

- WeatherWatch.co.nz


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why is the west coast and the eastern bay getting all this rain in the past the heavy rain use to be well spread but not this season and you could add NP and wellington to the mix