Give us one or two words that describes your sky

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Saying its “sort of sunny” is a bit of a stretch for some areas.  In the Waikato, for example, the sun is having a terrible time punching holes in the low cloud cover.

In Auckland, nice patches of blue are showing up but don’t appear to be keen to stick around very long.

So tell us where you are and  what your sky conditions are like.  “Partly cloudy” doesn’t count.  Give us something creative, cheeky…even a bit silly.

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two words

bleak, Wet




The inevitable two shades of grey...dark and darkerer!!

two words

Kite-boarding weather in Taranaki

Hello from Waikanae

Its been a little bit "pick and mix" here on the gorgeous Kapiti Coast. But fine enough to do the lawn and catch up on washing!
I could sometimes describe the sky lately as "a bit of a smorgasbord"
Or on a more poetic note maybe "Clusters of Cumulus"
On a a horrible day I have been known to describe the day as "A Diaper Day" ie a bit wet and crappy!!

Grey cloud,white cloud very

Grey cloud,white cloud very patchy blue patches Maramarua

8/8 stratocumulus in

8/8 stratocumulus in auckland.Been 7/8 earlier.

Blowing but mild with blue

Blowing but mild with blue skies - Invercargill

Nothing but blue skies

Nothing but blue skies shinning on me; Mosgiel :-)