Cook makes landfall, races south |

Cook makes landfall, races south

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FINAL LIVE UPDATE 12:52am Friday --- Ex-Cyclone Cook made landfall in Bay of Plenty around 7pm Thursday between Tauranga and Mt Maunganui and as of 12:50pm the Cook's rain bands were starting to track over Cook Strait with the centre of the low possibly on the Wairarapa eastern coastline.

Auckland has dodged a bullet as have other major centres in the west. Cook, further east, created wind gusts over 200km/h on White Island according to the Coast Guard.

It won't be until daylight that any reports of damage come in but so far the main issues has been powercuts across the North Island.

See extra updates on Facebook as Cook comes in this afternoon and evening - click/tap here.

The low is tracking south and the focus for severe weather is around the centre of this low as it heads towards the South Island overnight.


See our Rain Maps here to click through the next few days and get a better idea as to how this is looking.

The heaviest rain may only last 1 to 4 hours as this low comes through.

Cook will be fast moving, by midnight Thursday it may already be approaching the lower North Island.

By Friday morning Cook will be centred near Christchurch if current modelling stays true.  Downpours may be intense in SOUTH CANTERBURY and COASTAL OTAGO for a time on Friday morning.

There is some concern in DUNEDIN and COASTAL OTAGO from flooding - the downside (at this stage) with Cyclone Cook is that the low itself will likely slow down around the lower South Island and this could feed persistant rain into the area. We'll update in more detail tomorrow afternoon as the low moves in closer. The further south we forecast and the further ahead we forecast the less accuracy there is.  

Rain may ease in Northland and Auckland by evening.



Hi ther. We are staying in

Hi ther. We are staying in Auckland wanting to go for trip to Gisborne. Please let me know is it safe to drive down that area ..?

Hi there - from a weather

Hi there - from a weather point of view yes today is much safer with blue skies appearing in many eastern areas of the North Island. Please check NZTA Highways website before you set out though, in case any roads have been impacted overnight/this morning in the area (ie, slips, flooding).

Safe travels!


Thank you to Phillip and all the team at WW. You have done a fantastic job with presenting to the public all the information about ex cyclone Cook. As well as being informative for our general safety it has also been very interesting. I have been glued to your site! I live on the North Shore, and rather than feeling annoyed like a lot of people that we didn't get the extreme weather that we were warned about, I feel very thankful that we were prepared, and that we escaped the worst because of the storm's veering to the East. I hope people further south are coping well and managing to get some sleep. And you too :-)

Hi there, what a lovely

Hi there, what a lovely message. Thank you very much for the kind words. It's been a bit rough in some areas, we'll know during Friday morning just how bad, but it doesn't seem to have been as severe as it may have been which is great - and the worst of the winds are certainly out to sea thankfully. Still some rough weather over the next 18 hours as it heads south but hopefully not too many serious issues. ExCyclones behave differently to the usual storms we get, so even if they don't seem that extreme to some people they can very easily become destructive. Thankfully it's a long weekend for us - we can rest up before next week :)
Thank you
Phil D

re Dunedin

Hi guys, first of ty for your common sense approach much needed in this world. We are in Warrington just north of dunedin on the coast. Can you give me a heads up as to what to expect in the way of wind where we are.

Hi there, we're hopeful the

Hi there, we're hopeful the worst of the winds will be out at sea - but it may become a bit strong in the morning/during the day, but the centre of the low is also quite calm and that's likely to move in later. There are chances it may become rough but at this stage we're seeing some chances it may not be too bad. We're updating again in the early morning so keep an eye on our forecasts on Friday. Thanks for the message too :)

- WW

Queenstown to Invercargill

Hi, I'm driving from Queenstown to Invercargill tomorrow morning at around 10. Is that area affected? Thank you!

Hi there, you should be ok :)

Hi there, you should be ok :) Check latest NZTA highway conditions and local forecasts or rain radar but at this stage that area is a good distance away from the nasty stuff. Might be some rain about though. 

Drive well and have a good Easter, 

Affect on Christchurch?

We're planning on taking the TranzAlpine train from Greymouth to Christchurch on Friday afternoon. Does it look like it will be OK to do so? Any concerns? KiwiRail said they may cancel the TranzAlpine Express on Friday due to the storm.

Hi there, hard to say sorry -

Hi there, hard to say sorry - the rain may not be too major, or it may set in and be concerning. Or they may simply cancel the trip because it's too 50/50. Hopefully it will blow through by then though, some of the data suggests this, but we can't know what KiwiRail decide to do - fingers crosses it clears up by then and no issues on the line!

- Cheers, WW

Nelson nothing as yet.

Hi I'm in Nelson, I would like to know really how bad it's gonna be. My sis is really concerned and gone and bought heaps of water. I'm 31 weeks pregnant and not really to concerned. What I can get out of all the reports is we may get some heavy rain, but we are gonna get the tail end of it. I feel we aren't gonna get hit hard like up north. Please let me know.

Hey there Fizz, you're bang

Hey there Fizz, you're bang on basically! Some heavy rain about - could be some blustery conditions for a time (but possibly not as the low is a bit too far east). Centre of the low almost at Cook Strait (before midnight). By 3am it should be south of you and tracking away.  Have a good night and no it's unlikely to be as bad for you as up north.

Kind regards
Philip Duncan


Any latest updates on Edgecombe?

Hi Bryan - no, typically we

Hi Bryan - no, typically we tend to get more reports at daylight but our feeling is that damage and flooding isn't as bad as the storm really accelerated as it made landfall (which was great news). Power cuts in the area but so far we don't think the rain has been too bad in that area. 


Taupo winds?

In Taupo it feels like the gusts are getting stronger and more frequent, but civil defence just stood down. Are the winds picking up? I thought it was past Taupo now. In a caravan with awning so it's a bit scary..

Hi there - the worst winds

Hi there - the worst winds are around the centre of the low which has now tracked south of you (you'll be pleased to hear!). Winds should ease back somewhat next few hours.

Sleep well if you can!
- WW

driving to taupo

Hi I will be driving to Taupo friday morning. Any updates on the route because of cyclone cook will be highly appreciated. Many thanks.

Hi there, the storm has

Hi there, the storm has already passed through Taupo so check with NZTA before setting out.
Hopefully all will be ok weatherwise on the main highways but certainly check with NZTA

Cheers and all the best!

Hi, we're driving down to

Hi, we're driving down to Wellington tonight about 3am and planning to get to Wellington hopefully 2pm. Would it be safe for us to go, really need your advise if we should go or not

Hey there, depends on where

Hey there, depends on where you're heading from but from a WEATHER aspect it should be gradually improving around then. Check both rain radar and NZTA website before leaving, take care and have a safe trip!

- WW

WW - factual updates

Thank you for your factual updates. It's been stressful reading worst case scenario's all day. Quick question: Do you think the conditions will be terrible in the South Island tomorrow? I ask because I'm flying to Queenstown from Auckland tomorrow lunchtime and it looks like it's heading South!

Hi there - thanks for that.

Hi there - thanks for that. Hopefully tomorrow will be ok - while the low will be approaching the lower South Island later tomorrow we expect Queenstown won't be too rough - but low cloud may be a bigger issue. Check again with the airlines but fingers crossed you won't be affected.



this is bad im in Opotiki im a pensioner no family here its the most frightening situation ive been through im right by the river. the winds are very strong and very bad. to think we have another 5 hours of this is most scary keep safe everyone


Hi there, to the pensioner who is alone with no family. I will be family for you tonight. Stay inside, keep a torch and radio handy. Keep watching Facebook for updates. Its passed us in Auckland and is heading towards Wellington. The worst should be over for you..if not it soon will be.Best regards to you. Will try contacting you tomorrow to check you are okay. Your friend Sue xxx

Hi Suzanne - hang in there,

Hi Suzanne - hang in there, the storm will pass and we hope it will go through even faster than that. Hopefully the worst will be gone before midnight. If you need support we're here all evening - and if you're in distress please do call 111 without hesitation.

Kind regards
Philip Duncan

Your reply to Suzanne

Hi Philip what a comforting reply to Suzanne even though she has no family near I hope your reply gave her confidence and that she was not alone and numbers to call if in difficulty.

Thanks - here to help when we

Thanks - here to help when we can :o)

- WW

Hope for the good

Hi there i am living in North Shore, the weather is probably gettibg clear for now. As i have seen some clear sky in the Northcote central. More likely some clouds are keep moving through the shore but still there is a hope that things will be better and remain safe for everyone. Cheers Harry

Thanks for the update Harry,

Thanks for the update Harry, much appreciated. Seems to be clearing in northern areas now (still raining in the south/Hunua area.

Cheers, have a great long weekend

Cyclone Cook

Great updates Phil. Saw peak winds of 104 kts earlier at White Island on Coastguard App. The storm can sure pack a punch!

It's powerful alright -

It's powerful alright - that's why we get a little baffled by people who are annoyed it didn't hit them (well, except for weather enthusiasts/chasers!)


Thank you

Hi WW, Just a simple thank you for your legit and non-hyped reporting of this EX-Cyclone (Mainstream media still calling this a Cyclone). The world needs more serious and to-the-point reporting like this on all other topics of news. Keep doing what your doing. Steve

Hi there Steve, Thank you so

Hi there Steve,

Thank you so much, very kind. Technically it can be called a cyclone but it's certainly no longer a Tropical Cyclone, the tropical element has gone. We're doing our best to keep it focused on the facts, or opinion based on facts.

Appreciate the message

Waiuku weather

its 5.15pm and there is not a breath of wind in waiuku and only gentle rain

Auckland weather

Light drizzle here in South with no wind. Rain clouds are moving away. I came home at midday for nothing! Media needs to be more responsible on how they portray these sort of weather events. Forecasts for Auckland are completely wrong this time.

Hi there Auckland was

Hi there

Auckland was literally just on the edge of this thing so not far away the weather is a bit worse for wear, it's a hard one as had it moved slightly more to the west then everyone would be saying how rough the weather was. The way Phil has put it I believe is best though where he said this storm could make an impact to Auckland however as it's just on the edge there's a chance it may just turn out to be a showery / rainy day and not much more. But with a storm like this you have to present the possibilities of what may happen so people are ready.


To be fair you guys have been

To be fair you guys have been the standouts on reporting this and the OP is probably not talking about WW, and instead referring to nzherald, stuff and TVNZ which is where most people get their info from. There could/should have been a comment in the mainstream media like you just made about Auckland being on the 'edge' _before_ or at least during the approach when it became obvious it was slipping past. The references to Auckland potentially missing the bad weather were non-existent. The fact it has missed Auckland has still not been reported anywhere - check the front page of nzherald! This needs to be seen for what it is - A significant miss by the weather reporters in the media. If there is a follow up cyclone threat to Auckland then this will be remembered and many people will likely disregard the warnings. There is an opportunity in this day and age for highly accurate ultra short range reporting - instead of the low accuracy longer range reporting. i.e. report the stuff that has a 98% chance of occurring 60 minutes in advance - instead of old school reporting 50-50 stuff 8 hours in advance.

Hi there - a fantastic

Hi there - a fantastic comment to read through, thanks for the contribution. We hope to think we are leading the way in better weather reporting and we have almost no resources yet have still managed to have a standard which we believe is better for the public. We hope our site and products will continue to strongly set a standard that the public believe is acceptable.



We are visitors to New Zealand and having trouble getting reliable information about the impact Cook will have on Rotorua (we are staying very close to lake Rotorua). Most locals are not too worried about it, but we are not too far from the Coromandel Peninsula where they are expecting a lot of bad weather. I know it will drop once it hits land but what should we expect here? I'm grateful for this page as it seems to provide the best & commonsense information, thank you. We are due to drive to Auckland tomorrow & fly out Saturday. It looks like Auckland will miss Tge worst & im hopeful flights will be fine by Saturday. I'm a bit worried re road closures between Rotorua and Auckland but we are keeping an eye on these.

Hi there Whatever the impact

Hi there

Whatever the impact Cook will be having on Rotorua is happening right now so you'll be seeing it better then anyone else :D Winds may still pick up a bit more then easing away later this evening. There may still be downpours at times through till about mid evening then they will ease also.

Flights should be fine by Saturday.

Thanks for the kind words, hope the rest of your stay is a good albeit a wet one :)


We are at Matarangi on the

We are at Matarangi on the eastern side of the coromandel north of Whitianga. Persistent rain most of the day but not especially heavy. Windy but not excessively so, maybe 20 knots from south west. At this stage quite manageable. High tide not until 8.45 pm.

Great update Barrie - any

Great update Barrie - any issues with flooding in your area (can be a bit low lying around Whitianga and Matarangi). Glad the wind isn't so bad - and the low isn't going to get any closer than now we don't think so hopefully, apart from the heavy rain, not too much of an issue.



I would be surprised if any

I would be surprised if any flooding. Hasn't been enough rain. Has been much wetter than this on previous occasions.


I think that tasman low stole some of its rain as that low was wetter than you exspect


Rain has been heavy in Napier since noon.

Cheers for the update John.

Cheers for the update John. More coming in overnight too.

Maybe Auckland missed it!

I think we may have been spared on the North Shore as the ex cyclone moved south offshore huh. Here's hoping the CoroMandel do okay too. Thanks for reporting well - as others have said the hype an dhypwrbole almost makes it an event to look forward to which creates more mayhem really Jane

Hi Jane, yes it appears

Hi Jane, yes it appears Auckland has missed this storm - it's not clearing the area just yet but it's not showing signs of really getting worse in Auckland. We'll certainly update if anything changes.
Cheers for the kind words


Heavy rain has just started in Hamilton. It looks like we will be at the outer reaches of the storm at this stage. Wind just picking up but probably only 20kts Actually rain was heavier yesterday across the Hauraki Plains as I drove to Thames. Keep up the good work boys, the coverage is excellent Cheers Dave

Hi Dave, thank you for the

Hi Dave, thank you for the update - definitely some big rainfalls in the Waikato region but the wind has stayed away, even in Eastern Waikato which is great news. It may still change over the next few hours but the risks ease by this evening as the low starts to track further south.  Certainly a fair bit of flooding in the low lying farms around the Hauraki Plains and Thames Valley at the moment.