Cyclone Yasi: Amazing photos coming through of damage

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Amazing photos of damage are coming through in the wake of Intense Tropical Cyclone Yasi which hit Queensland on Wednesday.

The photos have come in to ABC News.

We've reposted one of them, but to see the full gallery please click the image below.

Tully home hit hard


Absolutely incredible. Really

Absolutely incredible. Really goes to show just how right the authorities and media were to be so cautious about this storm. It's truly amazing that there haven't been any fatalities from this, full credit to Australian authorities/government in that regard.

Bet it doesn't feel like a 'dodged bullet' for people living in towns like Tully and Mission Beach... Obviously could have been worse (higher storm surge, Yasi making a direct hit on Cairns or Townsville), but for those whose homes have been completely demolished it's probably little consolation at this moment.