Cold southerly to snake its way up NZ this weekend (+3 Maps)

A few low level snow flurries in the forecast for the lower South Island today is a reminder we have cold change moving up NZ this weekend.

As the southerly tries to head up the North Island overnight Saturday and on Sunday a high pressure system will come in fast behind it - get ready, we have some big South Island frosts coming this weekend - but the incoming high will also cause the southerly to 'snake' up the country and will twist over the North Island more as a sou'easter on Sunday.

South east winds can make for sunny and/or dry weather in the west but wet and/or wintry in the east. 

Check your local 10 day forecast from WeatherWatch (with hourly temperatures) to track how cold it gets at your place this weekend - both day and night! Frosts are most likely in the South Island and may be some of the heaviest we've seen so far this year.

Here's a general guide showing the incoming southerly change, thanks to our friends at




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