Bahamas only answer to tiresome torrents

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Funny how a week ago I talked about turning weather negatives into positives, but seven cloudy and showery days later even I'm starting to get tired of this weather.

With the exception of Southland and Otago, many parts of New Zealand, especially the most populated holiday regions in the top half of the North Island, have seen rain, cloud and fairly mild temperatures. This doesn't feel like summer. Grass is growing at a phenomenal rate and I'm getting a bit tired of mowing the lawns.
But, with the theme of turning this crap weather into something positive, here are some cup-half-full tweets.
To the news that we're in for a couple more weeks of rainy weather, Auckland's Moe Lewin wrote: "That's ok, would rather that than it be sunny when I go back to work on Monday #feelingbetter."
Fellow Aucklander Zelda Wynn wrote: "Saves watering your garden, and not too hot for the butterflies."
Here's my favourite, from Clare Fletcher. If only we could all magically be able to do this: "Thx for letting me know.
Will stay in the Bahamas until it's over!"
So even the worst weather can be made positive. But let's face reality. The models show that the unsettled pattern is likely to continue well into January. Lows are coming at us from the north and southwest. This should mean most of New Zealand will see rain and showers off and on over the next couple of weeks - more good news for the dairy industry as grass will continue to grow at an incredible rate. Droughts look unlikely in any regions. But even if no rain falls between now and February there should be enough water to last several weeks. It's just northern Southland and Central Otago that are especially dry right now.
Many scientists and meteorologists don't consider summer starts until December 22, the solstice. By that logic we are only in the first few weeks - with about 10 more to go. Plenty of time for things to change. #feelingbetter
Photo/ Zelda Wynn
From WeatherWatch Head Analyst Philip Duncan


NZ summer

Why can't we all be straight... this weather is Crap!! NZ summers are alway's a mixed bag, but this is a write off!! let's stick will the reality here. At least in Aus the weather breaks and a hot change is bound to arrive what ever place you are.

And what about the west

And what about the west coast? Have you been there yet duncan? just because they had some rain in early dec, its very dry now with a lot of streams now dry.

I don't think rain should be

I don't think rain should be considered 'bad' weather in the first place!!

Otherwise half of your weather forecasts will be 'bad', not good fro you reputation, eh? ;-)


Do we have any data on how December compared to normal with regards to sunshine hours here in Auckland? I don't mind the rain so much (sounds nice on the roof), but the lack of bright light is quite a downer. Might have to buy one of those special lamps if this grey dreariness continues much longer!

It's especially dry in most

It's especially dry in most areas in Otago/Southland. Any benefit to the land from the little amounts that fell in December, is long gone.