Australia: Unsettled spell for Perth, The Ashes likely to be affected

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The England cricket team may feel more at home, as conditions turn wet and very windy for the end of the third test.

A deep low pressure system will cause winds will pick up from the southwest through Sunday, gusting above 80km/h by the late-afternoon, around the time rain will commence. 

Rain will continue overnight, tending to become more showery by Monday afternoon as the system gradually clears, with widespread rainfall totals of 15-25mm expected. There is a good chance The Ashes will see some interruptions to play.

Temperatures will also tumble as the system directs a cool maritime airmass across the region, with the mercury struggling to make it into the low-20's on Sunday and Monday.

Conditions will become dry and increasingly warm through the remainder of the week, with daytime temperatures comfortably reaching the low-30's by Thursday.

- Graeme Brittain, Weatherzone