Australia: Tropical Cyclone Wallace likely to reach severe Cat 3 offshore from WA

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Tropical Cyclone Wallace has formed off the coast from Western Australia and while it does threaten the same area hit by Cyclone Veronica a few weeks ago the latest data is looking more positive for the Pilbara.

The latest guidance trusts shows the storm growing out at sea and reaching severe category 3 status over the next few days.

It's likely to get very close to main centres hit by Cyclone Veronica, like Karratha and Port Headland but at this stage it may unravel out at sea. Still, rain could cause more problems in the normally arid state. It's likely to be closest to these main centres around Tuesday and Wednesday.

BELOW: Tracking by BoM (Bureau of Meteorology, Australian Government).

ABOVE - GFS (America) for Tuesday.
BELOW - ECMWF (Europe) for Tuesday.