Australia: Finally, some rain for the bushfires and drought regions (+6 Maps)

Rain clouds are building around the Australian bushfires and drought zones for Thursday, Friday and possibly the weekend too.

As high pressure dominates New Zealand bringing mainly dry weather there, the same high is bringing a humid north to north east flow into eastern Australia. It's this humid air flow which is likely to generate downpours then more widespread rain for a time. 

It looks to be best chance of rain in a number of months for the area but this set up doesn't bring significant relief to all affected areas, some may only have a few showers or drizzle patches which won't amount to a lot. Others may get 50mm+ in more localised areas.

RAIN ACCUMULATION MAPS (From 1pm Weds 15th to this Sunday Night)
GFS (American modelling)

ECMWF (European modelling)

IBM modelling (7 days)



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what a bout here we had the driest year in 12 years last year with the driest spring and autmn in that time too...

Not in Auckland

Not at all in Auckland,been wet right to the end of October and had a few days here and there of showers.