WeatherWatch launches new site:

In 2019 launched a new website and it's the biggest weather data dump in NZ history:

The new website gives people all over the country the power of weather data, allowing for a much clearer and deeper understanding of incoming weather trends and patterns, particularly useful for farmers, gardeners, market growers, surfers, pilots...and of course, every day weather nerds!

We've included trends for dew-point, which helps with fog forecasting (and yes city/town folk, you can use our new Fog Forecaster in the main centres too if you're about to fly somewhere!). We also have air pressure trends, rainfall figures, frost forecasting and much more - and it's all incredibly granular and specific to where you live. is still in beta testing and we’re fine tuning the accuracy of some of our new products but we want your feedback on how you find it. Please note, loading times for some - due to the incredible amount of data we are making available - may be a little slow first time you visit (10 seconds to load). We're aiming to make a second round of improvements to the site in the first half of 2020, which should speed things up further.

"This is a biggest shift in New Zealand based forecasting services since first launched over a decade ago" says WeatherWatch CEO and head forecaster Philip Duncan. "It's about bringing international standards into NZ seeing as our own Government forecasters refuse to openly share data that all taxpayers are forced to fund. This new rural website helps move the country forward as more weather data available means more smart decisions can be made which is always better for our people and economy" says Duncan.

For now the new rural weather service is entirely free and in time there may be paid services to remove advertising and open up extra benefits, including real time lightning strikes in your area and one day even local high res rain radar. We're also working on an app version of the website, which we hope to have available later this year. also has data powered by IBM's Watson Supercomputer, which in our most remote parts of the country auto-learns from mistakes, meaning each season the forecast data gets even more accurate for your very local area.

Check it out, have a play, bookmark it, get hooked on it - and give us your feedback!!

*This press release was originally published in August 2019.


Monthly subscription option to remove the ads?

Oh wow, you want to spend

Oh wow, you want to spend money with us! We love! :) Yes, in time ....give us a few more months to upgrade proprly :)

- Cheers


Rural Weather

I get a "not found" page and that is using the article links.

Hi there, it appears an

Hi there, it appears an overwhelming people this evening have gone on to the site and it's overloaded our expectations...both a good and a bad thing! Sorry about this, it's a fault with the server - we're working with our provider now to get it back up as soon as possible. 

Probably a few teething problems as we start off, there's a huge amount of data and this is something never done before in New Zealand.

Check back again tomorrow if you're not a fan of staying up a bit later. Apologies but thanks heaps for your interest.


WW Team :) 

Ta ta MetService, we don't want you

This is more than excellent, and when WeatherWatch gets radar, we can ditch the greedy capitalist MetService once and for all. WELL DONE Phil and team and a big thank you.

Please enable https

Please enable https, not just http. :)

That will be happening. :) -

That will be happening. :)

- WW

New website

Um..hi to new site didn't a 404 error..

Hi Dan, the site is working -

Hi Dan, the site is working - it may have been due to a sudden surge in traffic when you logged in. It's working fine at the moment.



New website

Tried again..still getting a 404..what could I be doing wrong please..

Hi there, a 404 error means

Hi there, a 404 error means you likely have a typo in the website/URL address. Try clicking on the Rural Weather links in the story above it should auto take you there. Let us know how you get on.



New website

Used your hyperlinks in the's not happening..

Rural weather locations

Great idea, like the layout, but unfortunately it doesnt recognise Marlborough, Kaikoura or Blenheim - instead it sends me info on Westport.

Hi Jill,

Hi Jill, has every most Google Map location in the country, so once you start typing a place name wait a second for the drop downs to appear then select. Not only do we have all the places you've mentioned but even suburbs with them. The green button to the right of the search bar can also detect your current location without typing - but let us know if that's not working, or sending you somewhere else.

Cheers and good luck!

- WW