A look ahead to summer's last weekend

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The last few days of this summer may be more summer-like than most of this summer was.

This week could be rather unsettled across New Zealand.  But this weekend is looking like it could be dry and comfortable for most areas.

South Islanders may not find Saturday particularly nice.  That will change on Sunday.  But it looks like the weekend will start with showers, especially for the northern and southern thirds.

The North Island looks to be quiet and dry with only Auckland and Wellington seeing a passing shower or two.  However, chances are pretty small.

Sunday looks like a cracker of a day for both islands.  A huge ridge of high pressure will build in off the Tasman sea and keep things dry and settled.  There will be a few chances for passing showers about Auckland and Wellington.  But even these areas should be dry for most of Sunday.

Temperatures may not be real summer-like.  But they should be comfortable.  Highs for North Island residents should be in the low to mid 20's.  South Island residents will be a bit cooler with 20's possible in the north and east, as well as central Otago.  Teens expected elsewhere.

Highs on Sunday will be a bit cooler than that with temperatures expected to top out around 20 across much of the country.

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I don't think our weather of late in lower Northland is anything like summer. Feels more like the wet season of the tropics. Over the past two weeks with the days heating up with sun and high humidity then the showery afternoons it's getting to feel very tropical.
Is there any end in sight to this high humidity weather guys?

Yep the weekend from friday

Yep the weekend from friday with southwesterlies,they'll be Strong too.

I think Summers a month

I think Summers a month behind anyways..

Next weekend's forecast

You don't buy the latest GFS model run that has the high stalling in the Tasman and a deep low developing off the east coast, sending a cold southerly flow over much of the country? That would make for a truly horrible last few days of February.

Summer is not over

Why do you folks keep saying it is the last week of summer? The first 3 weeks of March do not feel like autumn north of Hamilton. Long live summer!

You're right that the weather

You're right that the weather may still feel like summer for a few weeks into Autumn - sometimes into April.  But officially summer ends in NZ on the last day of Feb.. that doesn't eman the summer weather does and is why many scientists recognise the Autumn equinox in the third week of March as the true ending of Summer.

- WW


It's only the media and other such sites that suggest summer ends on the last day of Feb. Lead the way; you don't have to be a scientist to know the temps follow the sun by six weeks.