Sunday's national forecast - Quite a cold day for some, much warmer and wetter for others

A low in the Tasman Sea is bring a windy weekend to the south eastern side of Australia and now it's about to bring wet weather to parts of NZ, mostly the North Island.

Massive electrical storm over Tasman Sea stands out globally, weakens as moves into NZ

Updated 2:27am Sunday --- Thousands of lightning flashes lit up the Tasman Sea on Saturday night and on a global scale it stood out as one of the largest on earth.

Sunday: A nation of two halves as cold moves into south, big low returns to north

Sunday is a great example of spring - it will be cold in the South Island and lower North Island while a low with mild nor'westers affects the upper North Island.

VIDEO: Another big low coming for the North Island, a cold Sunday for the South Island

We have one low departing and another one coming. This weekend sees a fairly dry Saturday with winds easing but Sunday sees the return of another big low coming in to the North Island while the South Island deals with quite a cold southerly change.

Competing weather forecasts from two separate Govt agencies labelled 'absurd'

By Paul Gorman, Sunday Star Times --- Imagine Fire and Emergency New Zealand setting up a national police force. Or KiwiRail building its own state highway network across the country.

Can you spot what's unusual about this forecast rainfall map?!

More rain is coming to New Zealand but something a little unusual is showing up - can you spot what it is?

The wettest part of NZ is the one region that, over the coming five days, looks the driest. West Coasters will be loving this forecast as many other regions, in particular the North Island, get even more rain.

North Island: 2 more big lows possible next 10 days. South Island: Becoming cooler

A sub-tropical low has boosted temperatures and brought rain this week, now two more large lows may be on the way. says this change in the weather pattern (which started in August) appears to be beginning to balance the books after a much drier first half to 2019.

VIDEO: Classic Spring forecast for NZ this weekend - a lot of moving parts!

We have two lows with sub-tropical connections and two Southern Ocean southerlies - all between now and Monday!

Welcome to the chaos that is spring weather!

NZ's 'cold' changes keep needing quote marks around 'cold' (+4 Maps)

It's been so much warmer than average lately 'cold' changes simply reset our temperatures to normal. Due to windy westerlies, mild nor'westers and sub-tropical flows NZ has had a number of warmer than average days across 2019 and it's become so standard now that our cold changes are barely making a dent.

Temperatures to drop Friday to Monday, lift back up slowly next week (+3 Maps)

A sub-tropical low continues to affect NZ today bringing mild weather and more rain and northerlies, but cooler air is coming. As this low pulls away on Thursday it will help dredge up a colder southerly through until Saturday when it fades.

But it's another low this weekend that has an even colder tail to it.