Video: Weekend Weather + high pressure and downpours dominate until Friday next week

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Major rain on the West Coast is clearing today and the North Island will only get a bit of patchy overnight rain or showers as the weakening front clears New Zealand on Saturday morning.

Behind this is a lot of high pressure that will be centred on either side of New Zealand.

Update: Torrential rain and high heat, gives way to a drier, colder weather for some (+4 Maps)

If you're on the West Coast today flooding is the main concern. If you live in eastern NZ finding some cool shade is the main focus as temperatures surge closer to 30 degrees by late morning.

Weather Video: West Coast flooding risks on Thursday, big high for NZ this weekend/next week

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Torrential rain and thunderstorms are moving up the West Coast today bringing a risk of flooding It will be warmer than average for many regions in the east.

By Friday rain spills over into Marlborough and Canterbury and a weak front moves into the North Island later, clearing on Saturday morning.

Flooding risks for West Coast as 'torrential' rain forecast (+Maps)

A significant rain event is beginning today, peaking Thursday and easing Friday on the West Coast and rainfall totals are expected to exceed 200mm (and up to 300mm) over the next two days, prompting to advise locals and tourists to take extreme care in the region.

Video: Heavy rain, gusty winds + dry and hotter; the next few days ahead across NZ

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Another spring surge is moving up the country bringing gusty NW winds which have sub-tropical connections and boosting temperatures into the mid to late 20s for many, possibly even 30 for a few.

Hottest weather will be in the east of both islands although a colder change moves up the South Island’s eastern side on Friday.

Australia & NZ: Jet stream behind stormy weather

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A shift in the jet stream is responsible for a period of severe weather affecting multiple states and territories in Australia this week and some parts of New Zealand.

Video: NZ's weather forecast until Sunday + Melbourne Cup & US Midterm elections

A few things to focus on today and we’ll start over in Aussie with the Melbourne Cup this afternoon and the forecast looks interesting with the chance of late downpours even thunder around race time.

Sunday's national forecast

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A spring blast is affecting New Zealand but eases back a little today in some regions. 

Updated: Rain & Snow accumulation maps for the weekend

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An active spring blast is affecting New Zealand bringing heavy rain to the West Coast, strong to gale nor'westers to central and eastern districts and then later snow across the Southern Alps.

Video: Your weekend weather + the outlook until Friday next week

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We have a windy westerly blast moving in across New Zealand this weekend bringing strong to gale force nor’westers around the South Island and Cook Strait. Blustery conditions develop further north.

Rain will be heavy on the West Coast with heavy falls.