Weather Video: Here come the warmer, windier, westerlies

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A surge of strong westerlies is tracking south of Australia and coming directly in towards New Zealand from this Tuesday onwards, lasting over a week and bringing warmer than average weather to both islands.

Damaging winds possible along Australia's southern coastline, weakens but reaches NZ this Tues/Weds

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A considerably large low covers the Southern Ocean south of Australia and will bring strong winds across southern coastal Australia for the next few days ahead. The main front system moves through Sunday morning and Monday, then weakens somewhat as it crosses the Tasman Sea towards New Zealand on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sunday's national forecast

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A band of rain with nor'easters lies over East Cape and will spread westwards towards Waikato today and southwards towards the upper South Island tonight.

Updated: 48 hour Rainfall Accumulation Map for New Zealand

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An almost stationary front, located on the fringe of a strong high pressure system to NZ's east, is staying along the eastern coastline of the country. It's bringing rainy weather over the eastern North Island, and possibly periods of heavy rain off and on there from Saturday to Monday. Dry and drizzly spells are in the mix too.

Australia / NZ: Rain returns amid favourable Southern Annular Mode (SAM)

A flurry of cold fronts will sweep across southern Australia during the next week, causing multiple bouts of rain, thunderstorms, damaging winds and snow.

While this type of weather is typical in southern Australia during winter, there has been a lack of rain-bearing system during the first two months of the season.

Weather Video: Your Weekend weather and outlook for next week

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There is a lot to unpack in the video this weekend with a number of large highs and lows around New Zealand leading to strong winds and heavy rain for some this weekend - but also large areas of calm and dry in the mix too.

Monday: Aussie's big cool down but NZ still mainly milder than average (+2 Maps)

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Updated 10:44am --- Australia's run of warmer than average weather is about to briefly stop, but New Zealand has more warmer than average weather on the way.

Weather Video: Wet weather for some this weekend, windy westerlies next week for many

An area of low pressure (fairly weak) will affect New Zealand this weekend bringing some heavy rain, plenty of cloudy areas, but also dry spells thanks to our mountains and ranges.

By next week winds swing northerly then westerly - with plenty of westerlies blowing across next week once again.

3 day Rainfall Accumulation Map + 2 day Snow Accumulation Map

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An area of low pressure will slowly slide up the western side of New Zealand over the next day or two before falling apart and merging with another system north east of Gisborne this weekend. 

This set up, which is a little unusual, creates heavy rain in both the south western side of NZ and the north eastern corner. 

Rainfall accumulation map + more warmer than average weather (+2 Maps)

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A small low is developing in the southern Tasman Sea and frontal rain will sweep the western side of the South Island today and into Thursday and then in to the North Island across Thursday evening and night.  Locally heavy rain is expected during the passage of the front on the West Coast and Tasman areas on Thursday afternoon.