How NZ's media reacted to the ComCom decision to investigate NIWA and MetService

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Last week we broke the news that the NZ Commerce Commission has launched an anti-competitive investigation into both NIWA and MetService.

Your Weekend Weather in Maps! (+8)

They say pictures paint a thousand words so let's let the weather maps do the talking today as we break down the first weekend of October 2019.

Put simply, we have a cold front moving northwards up NZ on Saturday - reaching the upper North Island by the end of the day and then falling apart. Some may only get a few drizzly showers in the very north or north east.

VIDEO: High pressure and sub-tropical winds coming, but a cold front arrives first

Saturday sees a cold front moving up New Zealand with a cooler change behind it but this front falls apart as it moves into the very upper North Island.

On Sunday high pressure expands across the country although early morning cloud and maybe a few showers are possible in the very north of NZ.

VIDEO: Warmer Friday, Cold front Saturday, High pressure Sunday

We have a classic spring forecast with a warm end to what has been a bit of a cold week, but more cold is coming on Saturday as a cold front moves north up NZ.

By Sunday it breaks apart and high pressure rolls in.

Good news: A warmer end to the week. Bad news: Another cold front on Saturday

If you're sick of the cold you're going to love Friday's warmth, especially across the South Island where it's forecast to be several degrees above normal thanks to a west to north west flow.

Daytime highs could break the 20 degree mark in places that were single digits earlier this week and had nearby snow flurries. Spring is doing its thing!

October is the month with peak chaos - expect temperatures to bounce around!

The first half of October looks dominated by plenty of west to south west winds, this means a number of cooler than average nights are in the mix and the odd colder than average day.

However October is often the month with the most amount of weather chaos, so it's not surprising to be seeing such turbulence.

VIDEO: October kicks off with 3 cold fronts in 5 days

We have the latest on the next burst of wind and rain moving up the country ahead of a brief warming up phase around Friday in the south and Saturday in the north.

However, on Saturday Cold Front Number 3 arrives bringing yet again another colder south to south west change and a burst of rain and showers - reaching the upper North Island at night.

8, 10, 16, 8, 12, 16 - These are Southland's upcoming daytime highs

Southland is the last region in NZ to farewell Winter and this year it's taking longer than usual. Wintry bleak conditions have killed lambs and made farming difficult. The bitterly cold air hasn't really impacted other regions further north to the same degree with the hills and ranges of Otago sheltering many areas further north from the bleak conditions.

Thunderstorms cross Napier and Hastings with hail and dramatic clouds (Videos + Photos)

A band of intense thunderstorms tracked west to east across Hawke's Bay with some incredible shelf clouds appearing this afternoon.

The small but highly active front was tracking towards the sea and brought hail storms, thunder and possible squalls.

The thunderstorms and downpours affecting Hawke's Bay from about 3pm to 5pm.

VIDEO: Current weather pattern could last 2 more weeks + we talk politics

he NZ Commerce Commission has launched an official investigation into possible anticompetitive behaviour at NIWA and MetService, we touch on that briefly before taking a look at the forecast which looks, well, repetitive.

The weather pattern New Zealand has now looks set to be with us for at least the next two weeks.