Weather Video: Your weekend forecast + tracking the several tropical lows now forming

The weekend looks fairly settled in most of the main centres but some of the rural areas may be impacted by showers, like eastern Northland, East Cape and the West Coast.

Two large tropical lows will drift past East Cape on Sunday and Monday bringing some rain or shower activity.

Nelson: Some showers coming, but the 30 degree heat is returning too (+7 day Forecast Rainfall Map)

Updated 6:11pm Saturday --- There is a little bit of positive news for the Nelson region - some showers are coming. This Monday night a cold front is expected to sweep up the West Coast and over the South Island bringing cooler weather behind it for a time and a burst of rain.

Parts of NZ increasingly need rain - here's the 7 & 14 day total rainfall outlooks (+Maps)

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With a big increase in tropical rainmakers developing to our north New Zealand has some fresh chances of getting rain in the coming weeks.

Large parts of New Zealand are now much drier than normal, this includes much of the upper and western North Island, the upper South Island and some parts of the eastern South Island.

Humid weather coming to NZ as tropics spread south towards us

We have a significant change in our weather pattern and it kicks off today. Here's what it means for New Zealand.

Weather Video: Easterlies arrive in the north, tropics about to influence NZ’s weather

There is a big weather pattern change occurring in the NZ area and it’s all to do with the highs dropping south and the tropics expanding to our north.

Waitangi Day - Colder than normal for many after warmer than usual start to week (+4 Maps)

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For many New Zealanders in the east this Waitangi Day will be colder than normal with temperatures down several degrees in some places thanks to a southerly change on the way - except for Waitangi itself which will be warmer than usual.

Weather Video: Cold Waitangi Day for some + a special 14 day NZ rainfall forecast

Wednesday is Waitangi Day and the forecast will be colder and cloudier for a number of main regions and about half of the country from the south right up the eastern coastline to about northern Hawke’s Bay.

These southern and eastern facing regions in both islands look much cooler with some several degrees below average.

Cliff Collapse at Cape Kidnappers that injured 2 now being investigated by GeoNet

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Landslides are one of the geohazards that GeoNet monitors and last week our landslide team responded to a cliff collapse event at Cape Kidnappers that injured two people. The cliff collapse occurred on Wednesday 23 January in the early afternoon on the coastal cliffs between Clifton and Cape Kidnappers on the Hawke’s Bay coastline.

Tropical trouble: We track the tropical lows & how much rain is [not] coming over the next 14 days (+4 Maps)

The tropics are about to switch up a gear with a number of big lows developing, including a possible tropical cyclone in our backyard but also a bubble of high pressure keeping some of this rain away from NZ itself. 

Weather Video: Waitangi Day cool down for many + Tropical trouble brewing

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Monday and Tuesday will be hot and sunny across many parts of the country but a cool down is coming - for Waitangi Day.

Around half of the country will be colder than normal on Wednesday, mostly in the east of both islands up to about northern Hawke’s Bay. Beyond that it’s either normal or warmer than normal.