New Maps paint more 3D picture of Wednesday's brief polar change (+4 Maps)

As forecasters that specialise in communicating the weather we always want to find maps that visually 'pop' - like these new ones from

PHOTOS (7): Large jagged hail peppers parts of Auckland and Taranaki has received several photos tonight of large jagged hail from thunderstorms that have tracked off the Tasman Sea and into Auckland. Earlier today it occured in Taranaki.

The squally weather is being produced by an enormous area of low pressure all over and around NZ.

Antarctic winds to brush NZ, dropping temperatures, some brief low snow (+2 Maps)

A big storm well south of the country is working with other lows to dredge up an Antarctic southerly on Tuesday that see some snow to low levels in the south and a brief nationwide temperature drop.

VIDEO: Enormous low pressure covers NZ, colder air next then dry

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We have a huge complex area of low pressure cover much of the Tasman Sea, all of New Zealand and the skies south and east of us.

Low pressure brings unstable weather so heavy downpours, squalls and thunderstorms will continue on Monday along the western and northern North Island with gusty winds at times.

Low pressure engulfs NZ, colder air coming but first more downpours & T-storms (+8 Maps)

Today's weather improves for some but we're not finished yet with these complex low pressure systems, now the colder air is about to arrive.

Pine pollen appears! A sign spring is arriving ... along with allergies

In northern NZ in particular one of the classic signs of spring arriving is falling pine pollen - which yesterday on a windy Sunday finally happened.

More rain, some snow, as large low pressure covers NZ (+4 Maps)

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A very large low pressure system covers NZ with mild weather in the north and colder conditions in the south.

Sunday's national forecast - A lot of moving parts to today's weather

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A deepening large low in the Tasman Sea continues to push over New Zealand bringing rain, showers and isolated thunderstorms to the western North Island and more snow for the Southern Alps (although less than yesterday).

Rain, Snow, Swell & Temp maps as big lows move in to NZ (+14 Maps)

For the next three days, low pressure systems will approach and pass across NZ.

VIDEO: Heavy rain and snow for parts of NZ this weekend, colder winds next week

A surge of heavy rain and snow will be crossing the country this weekend as a deepening large low moves in. Winds will pick up from the NW over the North Island on Sunday with more rain, mostly in the west.