Weather Video: Cyclone Oma forms near Vanuatu + A couple cold fronts for southern NZ

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We have a new tropical cyclone today north of New Zealand around Vanuatu. Cyclone Oma was named by the Fiji Met Service and will linger for a number of days around Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

Giant tropical rainmaker set to tease NZ for weeks with frustratingly close heavy rain (+Rain Maps)

As of Tuesday there are three tropical lows the Fiji Met Service says all have cyclone potential. By Friday or the weekend all will have merged into one super low north of New Zealand with rainfall totals at sea of over 400mm in the two weeks ahead, but here in New Zealand very little wet stuff is forecast.

Nelson Fire: Dry, hot, weather ahead (+3 Local Rainfall Maps)

The hot, dry, weather in Nelson looks set to continue with basically no rain in sight for 10 days and highs inland reaching the late 20s and early 30s in the days ahead.

Weather Video: Tropical rainmakers so close yet so far away as NZ seriously dries out - the latest

There are at least 3 tropical areas of concern today north of NZ and while these will all merge into one very large low this weekend the high pressure system in the NZ area may keep it away…for now.
In a frustrating forecast for many who need rain this giant tropical rain maker will lie very close to northern NZ not just for a few days, but possibly for the rest of

Weather Video: Tropical low the size of Australia this week, what it means for NZ

We had Cyclone Neil over the weekend near Tonga now two other lows north of New Zealand have cyclone potential but are likely to merge this week to create one big super low, possibly as large as Australia.

Tropical storms north of NZ to merge this week to create one low the size of Australia

It's stormy north of New Zealand with at least 4 low pressure systems, one of which was a tropical cyclone briefly over the weekend (named Neil) and two more storms which may reach cyclone status in the days ahead too.

10 day Rainfall Accumulation Map shows big dry locked in for some as major rain flirts nearby (+3 Maps)

NZ is fast drying out and the big dry is now becoming much more concerning for some with long range forecasts suggesting little to no rain may be coming for those who need it the most over the next 10 days.

Forget the tropics, the Southern Ocean has two South Island cool downs this week (+4 Maps)

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The South Island isn't much affected by the tropical developments this week with at least two cold fronts on the way bringing West Coast rain, east coast showers and two big temperature drops.

Cyclone Neil forms, poses direct threat to Tonga today, another bigger storm possible days later (+3 Maps)

Tropical Cyclone Neil has formed east of Fiji and will track southwards towards Tonga, caught up in a large area of tropical unrest that will remain north of New Zealand for possibly the rest of February, producing further lows and cyclones.

Tropical Storm and cyclone threat significantly increasing north of NZ next 14 days (+4 Maps)

Ideal conditions in the tropics is now creating large areas of low pressure with storm and cyclone potential in at least two areas over the coming 10 days.