Your Fieldays Forecast for 2019 (+4 Maps)

If you're heading to Fieldays at Mystery Creek here's the latest forecast. While not perfect there is nothing stormy either so dress for cloudy weather at times and perhaps a few showers.

Photo: Sniper in the Southern Snow - NZ Army

A couple of cold snaps in recent weeks have brought snow to inland areas, like the Tekapo Military Training area in New Zealand's South Island.

This great photo sent in to @WeatherWatchNZ on Twitter Monday afternoon is from the NZ Army.

It's too warm for this time of year, more warmer than average weather for Mon/Tue (+Maps)

New Zealand has had two southerly blasts in 10 days and both only briefly brought in temperatures below normal. There's a lack of frost and now both Monday and Tuesday are kicking off warmer than average nationwide.

High pressure just north of New Zealand is to blame, it's pulling in a light westerly flow out of Australia and across NZ. Hardly wintry.

VIDEO: The week’s weather + Mystery Creek forecast for Fieldays

We have your detailed forecast until Saturday plus if you’re attending the Fieldays in Waikato we have a favour to ask you, as well as giving you the latest forecast through to Saturday there.
We also kick off this week on a warmer than average change once again, this despite a windy colder southerly on Saturday.
No major winter blasts are

Recent rainfall returns soil moisture levels to normal for many (+Soil, Rain & Snow maps)

While annual rainfall is below where it should be, soil moisture levels are now slowly returning to normal across many parts of New Zealand.

As forecast way back in late March, the big dry this year would likely come to a gradual end as more and more showery weather came in - in other words, death by paper cuts for the drought.

Sunday's national forecast

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Today the weather calms down across many parts of the country as high pressure grows.

North Island:
Might be a few very early light showers in the east from East Cape to Wairarapa otherwise a dry day with light winds or winds from the SW easing.
Highs: 12 to 18

VIDEO: Windy Saturday, calmer Sunday, next week is a mixed bag

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We have a surge of south westerlies blowing across New Zealand over the next 24 to 36 hours but these winds fade out on Saturday night and by Sunday many regions will be calm.

Early next week kicks off with high pressure but mid week a low in the Southern Ocean will send up some rain and showers for Tuesday/Wednesday.

Cooler Friday turns warmer Saturday then colder Saturday night (+4 Maps)

There may be a southerly change spreading over the country today but many regions are still around average for early June, showing you how much warmer than usual conditions have been so far this year.

NZ: Windy Saturday, calm Sunday (+2 Maps)

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A burst of windy sou'westers are about to cover New Zealand making for a windier Saturday, but on Sunday a large high moves in with winds fading fast in many areas.

Take a look at the two infographics below - they look quite different. Notice the lack of wind barbs on the Sunday map as high pressure (with a fair bit of western cloud attached to it) moves in.

Windy, colder weather moving in (+3 Maps)

A surge of southerlies is moving up the South Island today and will cross the North Island on Friday. The cold front will drop temperatures again and bring a burst of rain, snow and even hail.

Friday and Saturday look windy in a number of regions as the south west flow crosses the country.

Even today the winds will be a little blustery in some places.