Heavy frosts this weekend for some, colder Sunday for many regions

Heavy frosts down to -8C are in the forecast with potentially some of the heaviest of the year tonight and tomorrow night thanks to a cold southerly followed by a large high.

The big high will lock in the cold air tonight over the South Island then much of the country on Sunday night.

Cold southerly to snake its way up NZ this weekend (+3 Maps)

A few low level snow flurries in the forecast for the lower South Island today is a reminder we have cold change moving up NZ this weekend.

No video today, so instead we have 9 Weather Maps!

Another cold front is coming with rain and snow. While fairly dry conditions remain over the North Island today the next area of rain starts to affect the western South Island. The westerly flow brings moderate to heavy rain/mountain snow and helps lift temperatures in the east for a time.

Polar southerly coming in again this weekend, snow to low levels for a time (+5 Maps)

Today and Friday are warmer than average in a number of regions but it's ahead of another polar change arriving Friday night in Southland and spreading up the South Island over Saturday.

Later on Saturday it moves into the North Island with a cold Sunday on the way for some areas, especially those in the east.

More rain and snow coming - 3 Day Accumulation Maps (x2)

Make the most of the dry weather today because the rain clouds are building up again. Rain returns to the West Coast on Friday and spreads into Southland later with a cold southerly.

VIDEO: Your Weekend outlook and a look at next week’s weather

We have some warmer weather on the way but it’s ahead of a cold Saturday southerly moving up the South Island while a low pressure system forms around the country this weekend too.

VIDEO: Calmer, milder, weather before weekend rain and cold air returns

We have a calming down in our weather but we have a bit of a windy Wednesday (with showers) firstly, then this evening the winds finally die down with a cold night ahead.

Cold night tonight, frosts for some, warms up a little tomorrow night though (+3 Maps)

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An enormous area of low pressure which began last Friday in the Tasman Sea is only today starting to slip off our shores, with a cold night tonight to boot.

The south west flow today will drop temperatures and tonight, as those winds finally ease, many regions will go below average. 

Enormous low pressure system engulfs NZ, final cold change then it all clears

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As exclusively forecast a week ago a number of big lows have merged to create one enormous belt of low pressure which has covered the entire New Zealand area.

Now a storm in the Southern Ocean is helping send off this big low with one final act - an Antarctic southerly for some places. 

Colder southerly on the way, more rain coming this weekend

We have a polar southerly on the way for the next 24 hours before things do finally warm up, calm down and dry out in a number of places.

However by Friday rain returns to the West Coast and this weekend we see more rain pushing over the North Island with another colder change behind it. More snow for the ski fields is a positive.