Mild westerlies to dominate for a week, but is there a cold southerly coming next week?

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The early spring pattern is very much locked in across New Zealand with westerlies dominating, pushing temperatures above normal by day and by night over most parts of both islands.

Weather Video: NZ about to swing back to westerly winds for the next several days

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Monday kicks off with a northerly flow but a cold front crosses New Zealand Monday night and Tuesday morning with a cooler, windier, west to southwest flow on Tuesday nationwide.

The west to sou’west flow continues on Wednesday but by Thursday winds tilt milder nor’west ahead of another cold front.

Sunday's national forecast - A little cooler in the north, warmer in the south

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A large high covers New Zealand and while it does start to slip off the South Island today it will be replaced by warmer nor'westers. A cold morning for most of NZ but a warmer than average afternoon in the South Island. In the North Island a little cooler today with afternoon temperatures closer to normal for this time of year. 

Weather Video: Your weekend forecast and outlook for next week

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A large high is moving in across New Zealand this weekend and will bring settled weather to both islands.

There will be a few coastal showers around the north eastern North Island, from about Hawke’s Bay to Gisborne/East Cape, then again around northern Coromandel Peninsula, GBI and eastern Northland.

Settled weekend weather with milder than normal conditions on Saturday for many (+Maps)

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A large high pressure system will bring a period of settled weather to New Zealand this weekend, starting from today in many areas. Most places will be sunny and warmer than usual from Friday to Sunday, by several degrees by day.

No immediate end in sight for warmer than average weather across NZ (+3 Maps)

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Another mid-winters day and another day with above normal temperatures in most parts of New Zealand. The new westerly flow, which arrived yesterday from Australia, will bring even milder conditions to some regions in the week(s) ahead.

Weather Video: More mild weather coming, along with both a high and a low

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The warmer than average pattern continues over most parts of the country thanks to westerly quarter winds from Australia.

In the days ahead a large high from the Tasman Sea will cross New Zealand bringing mainly dry, calm, weather.

New Poll: Is an early start to spring a good or bad thing?

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While we're still technically in winter most people who are writing in to or our social media pages are telling us spring is most definitely here early this year - as we've seen in August over previous years, as far back as 2012.

A lot of people have written to us saying this is great news and they embrace a warmer August and earlier start to spring.

Weather Video: Windy westerlies are returning, warmer than average temperatures too

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The next surge of westerlies arrives over Tuesday and Wednesday and brings with it a few cold fronts and more wet weather to the east, but much warmer than average and mainly dry weather in the east.

NZ: Here come the westerlies - warmer than average for many once again (+4 Maps)

A cold front from the Tasman Sea is tracking towards the western side of New Zealand today after delivering a blast of wind and rain to southern Australia in recent days. The front will move onto the South Island and sweep the western side northwards to reach the North Island on Wednesday.

Heavy rainfall is expected in Westland from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning.