Some rain on the way for dry regions + Updated forecast rainfall map

NZ is in between high pressure systems this week and on Tuesday a low will pull down sub-tropical fuelled rain over dry upper North Island regions.

December & Summer climate outlook for NZ (+8 Maps) has issued its first ever seasonal forecast thanks to IBM and it paints a picture of continuation of our current weather pattern.

*Please note this was originally published November 27*

VIDEO: Rain relief for some northerners next week + Your weekend weather

We have rain clouds building next week with a chance of rain in both islands, especially on Tuesday as a low moves through pulling down sub-tropical rain ahead of it.

It’s good news for dry parts of northern and eastern NZ in particular.

Purple Rain - our rain maps show some relief possible for dry northern NZ

Northern NZ is in a rainfall deficit - by that we mean not only are many places below where they should be annually, but lately they've been drier and warmer than average too. 

For holidaymakers this bodes well for a great summer ahead, but for those who rely on rainwater it's adding an extra layer of stress before the holiday season kicks in.

VIDEO: A low next week may bring some heavy rain to NZ

We have some rain in both islands over the next couple of days but most regions are dry. As we head into the weekend we have afternoon downpours and a few showers around.

Early next sub-tropical winds may help develop a low pressure system right over NZ and this could lead to some areas of heavy rain around Tuesday.

Rainfall maps for Thursday, Friday & Five Days accumulation (+3 Maps)

Patchy ongoing light to moderate rain over the north eastern North Island will linger through Thursday. Some isolated heavy spells are possible over Hawkes Bay and Gisborne but mostly light.

Most places warming up in the days & nights ahead (+4 Maps)

Warmer than average days and nights are creeping back across the country with sub-tropical winds expected for some by the weekend.

Right now North Islanders have a southerly quarter low with the eastern side (Hawke's Bay for example), most exposed to the cooler winds. This will keep your temperatures down for a couple of days before the westerlies, then nor'westers, return again.

VIDEO: Dry areas drying out again but a rainmaker possible next week

Wet areas are drying out this week but so too are dry areas as NZ sits in between weather systems. We have a weak high to our west and a weak low to our north.

'I'm struggling breathing' - Sydney air turns 'hazardous' today as fires worsen (+4 Maps)

It's becoming more than a nightmare, it's becoming reality in Sydney that the bushfires are affecting the health of Australians.

With light winds in the region smoke and air pollution is only building and today air pollution levels in Australia's largest city hit the highest level possible "hazardous", according to AQICN.

Before & after photos (x6) show White Island eruption captured by GNS cameras

At 2:10pm the volcano images at GeoNet show sunny blue skies over White Island. The violent eruption was a minute later at 2:11pm. The next image update 10 minutes later at 2:20pm shows the dramatic difference.

You can view GeoNet's Volcano Cameras here.