Updated: 4-day Rain & Snow Accumulation maps + temperature maps (x5)

A large area of low pressure is currently crossing New Zealand and will bring heavy downpours to the west and mild weather to the south and east until a colder change heads northwards later on Friday.

Video: Deep low brings allergy weather, also a windy weekend

Once NZ gets the windier westerlies at this time of year we also get an uptick in allergies as pollen (mostly from Pine trees at this stage) gets caught up in the wind.

We track the warmer than average airflow from the west until it changes cooler S to SW on Friday PM.

Big low moving in - we explain who has the rain, snow and sun (+5 Maps)

Another big low is moving into the New Zealand area and will directly affect our weather for the rest of this week.

The first of the rain or showers arrives tonight then intensifies further on Thursday with squalls, isolated thunderstorms and heavy downpours - mainly along the western coastline.

Another deep low engulfing NZ for Thursday and Friday, windy weekend for some

 Another week and another big low.

Hey New Zealand, a spring weather pattern is arriving

Despite the recent cold snaps NZ's weather pattern is shifting to a spring one and that means more chaos and changeable weather - also more sunlight and warmth.

VIDEO: Another big low coming, more rain and stormy seas

NZ has another deep low moving in this week bringing a burst of wind and rain then colder air.

It will drive in some big waves on the western side of both islands too with dangerous marine conditions for a time late this week.

The set up means the North Island and western South Island are in for much more rain in the days ahead.

Timeline: Deep low to cross NZ this week, followed by short cold snap (+4 Maps)

More rain, snow and some squally downpours are on the way then a short lived cold change as yet another deep low pressure system moves into the New Zealand area.

VIDEO: Another big low coming, more rain and squalls

More deep low pressure is about to influence NZ’s weather pattern this week bringing more rain, more wind and more squally showers off the Tasman Sea.

There may be a few isolated thunderstorms in the west and north later this week too as we transition from milder winds (that are about to develop) and the colder change on the way end of week.

NZ: Another big low coming this week, more rain coming too (+3 Maps)

NZ saw some big frosts over the past couple nights but now we're heading into a milder northerly flow for many places ahead of the next rain band and big low.

Sunday's national forecast

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A colder change moves over the North Island while a large high expands over the South Island and into the North Island. This will help clear rain and showers away from northern NZ as the day goes on.

The high also means much colder nights with some of the heaviest frosts of the year tonight in some South Island regions.