NZ Passengers warned of delays: Britain snow storm

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Passengers flying from Auckland to Europe are being warned flights leaving this evening may terminate in Asia or America.

Heavy snow has grounded numerous flights in London and other European cities.

Air New Zealand says flight NZ 2 to London via Los Angeles will depart as scheduled at 11pm.

Flight NZ 39 to London via Hong Kong will also depart as planned at 11.55PM.

Droughts over when they've only just begun?

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Droughts have this month been declared in Northland, Waikato and Ruapehu but with heavy rain for some in these regions this past week - and more on the way today and the coming week - it's possible the droughts may be over before they even set in.

Severe Thunderstorm risk for North Island continues

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UPDATED - 5:30pm

Hot, humid, conditions will today see an increased risk of thunderstorms over the North Island reports with MetService today increasing the risk of thunderstorms to include Severe thunderstorms.  A new map has been provided (see below).

Humidity levels are extreme in Auckland with 95% humidity and 23 degrees creating a 'feels like' temperature of 29.

Hot and Humid weekend on the way

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The weekend is packed with all types of weather this weekend, from thunderstorms and rain to sun, heat and high humidity.

A large high east of New Zealand will energise a stream of tropical air straight from the New Caledonia area, so high humidity is predicted for many parts of New Zealand, but especially the upper North Island.

Rain falls over dusty farms - and more is coming

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It's what North Island farmers have been desperately wanting - rain back in the forecasts. After what was the driest spring on record for parts of Northland and Auckland "solid" rain fell across a number of places on Tuesday and now says more is on the way.

How much rain will fall today?

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It's by no means a drought breaker for most but rain has fallen in a number of dry areas, including Northland, Auckland and Waikato.

This evening the rain continues to fall in some parts of eastern Northland but only a few drizzle patches and light showers remain elsewhere.

Weather rates highly for New Zealanders: Google

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Google has released their top searches of 2010 and it comes as no surprise to that "weather" is again in the top ten.

The "weather" ranking is in 8th place in New Zealand, beating "Yahoo!" and "Bebo".   It also beats other top contenders such as "news", "sport" and even "sex".

Short lived high pushing in today

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A short lived anticyclone is today pushing in across the nation according to

The high will do a few things in its short visit though. 

Firstly it will cut off the cold southerly flow that has hammered temperatures in the South Island and lower North Island. 

Quake means higher insurance premiums

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Premiums expected to go up for the next year or two due to payouts for the Canterbury Earthquake

The Insurance Council says the total claims payout this year is likely to be around $5 billion; $3 billion of that is due to the Canterbury earthquake.

Rare total eclipse of the Moon coming

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New Zealanders will get the rare opportunity to observe a total lunar eclipse in their skies on Tuesday 21st December.

The eclipse will begin before moonrise in New Zealand, so in Auckland it will rise in partial eclipse. Further south the Moon will rise in total eclipse, while the lower South Island will see only the tail-end of the eclipse.